Freedom Dance

Freedom Dance is a form of moving meditation aiming to free your body, mind and soul. Using breath and movements, we connect to the space and allow energy to move your body. You definitely need to leave your mind out of the room.

Inspired by other conscious dances like 5 Rhythm, Ecstatic dance, Temple dance, etc, Freedom Dance adopt a free flow "structure". We will start by having some guidelines and agreements, and that is only to ensure a safe space for everyone. After which, we will connect to our breath and the space before we will let our body guide us in a mass "dance" and lastly, a closure for the evening. Often, there will be messages or healing at the end before we end the session.

But because its a free flow "structure" and different group comes in with different energy,  sessions and experience may differ slightly.

** You are invited to bring your own musical instruments! **

Please sign up as there are limited slots to ensure comfort and safety.

In the event where we need to cap the participants, priority will be given to people who signed up.
But slots will be given at 8.15pm to anyone who is there, and door closes at 8.30pm.

If you have further questions, please email connect @

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Who are you?

I am a spiritual rebel, holistic coach, intuitive healer. My journey and purpose here is to rebel with you, create experiences and breakthrough by combining divine energy and human effort. Because one way is no better than another and there is no one best way.

Why are you doing this since you have no dance background?

I was in Bali and I went for my first 5 rhythm and ecstatic dance. I felt a kind of liberation I experienced in one of a training I attended. It was liberating, and I felt real and connected with myself. There are moments where I am fully in the moment.. I jumped onto the stage, went into the center of the circle.. All of which I probably would not have done given my character.

Well, I do have dance background.. if dropping out of dance lesson is counted. :p I was enrolled into dance because I said I wanted to learn it. But I dropped out because it was not comfortable for me. I have no idea why. And I am glad I did, because I realised my body can dance by itself without learning.

The only reason is to replicate the great experience and create the space for more people to experience that liberating feeling.

Do I have to pay? If yes, how much?
This is a free will exchange. The range of similar event is from $35 - $60. We are keeping it as a free will exchange so that everyone have a chance to experience it regardless however much amount they are able to contribute at this point in time. Please contribute the amount that you are comfortable with. This is a spiritual journey, not a starving journey.
How will the evening flow?
Inspired by ecstatic dance and 5 rhythm dance, we will start by having some guidelines and agreements, and that is only to ensure a safe space for everyone. Afterwhich, we will let our body guide us in a mass "dance" and lastly, a closure for the evening.
What kind of dance is this?

Your style. There is no fixed moves or style, allow your body to guide you.

What is this dance for?

I do not know. Let your body to tell you what it is. Whether it is a connection with your body, to communicate femininity, embracing a part of you.. It is entirely up to you what you want this dance to be for.

Is it strenuous? Do I need to dance for 2 hours straight?

It depends on what your body have to say. This session may be as gentle or as strenuous. We may pause for intervals, but if your body says to rest, then you rest.

Do I need to be flexible?

Nope, not at all. You do what your body tells you to.

Is there a age range suitable for this?

There should not be a age range. But to create the space, it would be preferred to be at least 18 years old and above to understand the context. There is no limit of age.

What should I wear or bring?

Wear comfortable clothings to move in. We will be barefooted for feet. Bring a water bottle and any medication prescribed by doctors.

Who do I tell my stories to?

Anyone and/or everyone. We will all be ‘sharing’ our stories together. So there is no specific audience.

I will be late, can I still make it?

Doors close at 8.15 pm and we will start with intro. This is a way for us to create the safe space, to not just anyone to come and go.