New Moon Creation

New Moon Creation  is a new age practice. It combines healing, meditation as well as practical tips for participants to bring it out of the room. The aim is to incorporate spiritual practice into lives, to work on tangible results and not just a feel good factor.

New moon is a symbolic portal for new beginning. It is a time to rest, and also set intentions for what we want to create.. it is a time to plant new seed, develop, cultivate and manifest.

In this session, you will be guided to relax, slow down and look within to your deepest truest desires. It will be about committing yourself to your vision, and being open to receiving guidance, healing, support from the divine.

We will not be just tapping on the divine energy, you will leave with your personal plans to work together with the divine.


Come create your experiences and breakthroughs!

Exchange: Any amount
Recommended exchange: $33

Please sign up as there are limited slots.

Address will be sent to you after sign up.

Door closes at 10.05 am.

If you have further questions, please email connect @

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I'm confused. What is meditate + reset?

This session is meditation + reset your intention for the next month. You will be given guided questions to support you to transfer and get clarity for things in your life. You also have an option to be facilitated. But all is a free will and you will not be force to do anything you do not wish to.

What if I just want to meditate?

You may chose to just meditate. You will not be force to do anything that you are not comfortable with. Even if you proceed with the activity, you may also stop at any point in time.

What is recommended exchange?
Recommended exchange is a dollar value that we set for this session. However we do believe that sometimes, the amount may not be the most comfortable for some people. So it is recommended, but do feel free to contribute the amount you are comfortable without compromising your necessity.
Does that mean the whole group will know about my life?

No. Unless you wish to share. It is not needed to share with the group what are your plans, unless you wish to.

Why are you so strict with the time?

Lateness is slowly becoming our culture. We will usually have some buffer time but our stand is that we do not want to disrespect the time of those who make it a point to be on time.