Ammunition and fuel in the car ran out, the initial weapon was erased, what should I do?

Almost all, what a new member receives at the very beginning and when completing the initial missions, which are for the most part educational, sooner or later becomes worthless.

In this case, such a participant asks a well-founded question: what to do next?

Where to get oil for a car, where to get more ammunition or weapons, and t.P. Since the Entropia Universe project — this is a project, where almost everything costs real money, don’t count on, that one of the rich and successful participants will share their money with you. He therefore became rich, that he did not waste his money and knows the price well for them.

Like in real life, Entropia Universe is considered indecent to beg money or objects. Entropia Universe itself will not give you anything else, if all free missions are completed. The time has come for you to make a decision. If you like the world of Entropia Universe, then you should make a small deposit and continue to have fun, or, as an option, buy starter pack.

But, if you study the materials of this site, you will understand, what can be entertained here, only paying your expenses with real money. For, to continue to use the services for free, you have to understand the Entropia Universe business model, become one of her cogs, and further, perhaps, one of its successful participants. For this you need money.

You can get money in two ways — engage in rather dull and tedious cost-free activities or deposit a certain amount to start your business. Which path do you choose — you decide.

Anyway, all, what you have erased or used up, can be bought at auction or directly from other participants. Remember, that you can get very little from Entropia Universe and only at the very beginning.