Ancient Greece Shares – investing in Planet Next Island

Ancient Greece Shares – allows the owner to profit from the revenues of the Ancient Greece location.

The starting price of the offering was 10 PED. Dividend payment of 0.01 PED – weekly if location earns a good income.

Use of shares

When free PEDs are available and at the same time there is no player in the world of Entropia Universe. (For example, a player decides to play World of Tanks or Warcraft). The player can buy shares of Ancient Greece, which will accrue dividends. When the player returns to the EU world, he can transfer the earned income to the PED card, even without playing the game.

However, the player must take into account that there will be a fee for buying and selling. The dividend payment may be delayed. There is some risk in buying this security.

How to purchase Ancient Greece Shares

To purchase, or at least view the current price, press the I button or the Inventory call icon.
In the top tab, select PED card and right-click – select menu item PED Flow centre. You will see the Entropia exchange window with a list of securities.

PED Flow center

Select Ancient Greece and click the Buy button. The market for the offered shares will be displayed.

Entropia exchange

If you want to invest in Ancient Greece, you make a purchase. This is not an investment recommendation, be careful when purchasing securities.

AGS stack

  • The button Buy – to buy.
  • Transfer – to transfer accrued dividends to PED card.
  • Sell – sell existing shares.