Auction Limit

Why is there a limit to how many items you can list at auction, so for the last 3 months I have been on Ark doing the smuggler missions and any loot with a historic MU of over 105% (Anything lower goes to TT or terminal).

So tonight I got a warp to calypso to sell my ill gotten gains (As to be fair you can’t sell most things on Ark Auction) and after listing quite a few items I am now stuck to waiting for things to sell before I can list more, why is this a thing?

I have 30+ scopes, some quite nice weapons as well as tons of wool, cloth and nanites and robot loot with nice MU.

It does not make sense I am trying to complete the Smuggler missions on Ark but now I am stuck not playing just waiting for auctions to sell so I can add a new one and eventually fly back to Ark to continue.

I just want to clarify I am not complaining about Ark or trade in general just the item limit (After all MA get $$ of all auctions)

The auction limit was imposed years back, i believe the stated purpose was to limit resellers…of course the low limit imposed also limits normal auction activity. I’d love to see the limit raised or even removed, there wasn’t a limit at all before.