Auction in Entropia Universe is the main transaction tool.

We don’t know, what percentage of transactions goes through the auction, but we assume, that the proportion of transactions at auction is at least 70-80% of total sales in the Entropia Universe, maybe, even more. Therefore, we can say with confidence, that the auction is the main trading tool of the Entropia Universe. Certainly, using the auction, Entropia Universe member gets an advantage in putting his lot on public display. However, there are disadvantages of the auction. We immediately want to note the advantages and disadvantages of the auction.


  1. Your item is being auctioned, access to which can be made from any planet Entropia Universe, while the lot will be visible to the maximum number of EU members.
  2. The buyer has the opportunity to compare your proposed price per lot with other similar lots.
  3. The transportation system allows you to deliver the purchased lot to any of the Entropia Universe planets, without forcing the seller and the buyer to meet to complete the transaction.


  1. Auction Services Paid, auction sales tax is charged at the time of placement of the lot and is not refunded to the participant in case of, if the exposed lot was not purchased.
  2. The minimum increment of the price change per lot is 1 PED, which makes it unprofitable or unprofitable to put up for auction small lots with a slight margin.
  3. There is a limit on 30 simultaneously exposed lots by one participant.
  4. There is a limit on the maximum time for setting a lot, maximum 7 days.

Despite the flaws, and considering the benefits of the auction, he is very popular, as for any participant, lead business at Entropia Universe, this tool is very important. However, this tool should be used very carefully and carefully, your mistakes can easily lead to the loss of your money, and no one will return them to you.

let’s consider, how to use this extremely convenient tool.

Is it all possible to sell?

Answer to this question — no, Not all.

There are items, which are not intended for sale at auction, but at the same time they can be sold by hand in a trading session between players, and there are items, which can not be sold even with hands. As an example, what can not be sold at auction, you can bring for example a carbine for a beginner player Sollomate Opalo, Vibrant Sweat, or, eg, rather rare item Generic Transformer. However, these items can be sold to other participants in a private trade session.

Some items, received as a gift from MindArk or partner planets, received in loot at special events or for missions, You can’t sell at all. When trying to sell such an item, You will receive a message saying, that the item cannot be sold.

Where to find an auction?

Auction can be found in service centers, in the squares, in buildings, outposts and t.P. Usually an auction can be found near the teleport. Auction may look different on different planets. It can be an NPC character auctioneer or auction terminal. Regardless, what the auction looks like, like a terminal, or as an NPC character, the auction displays one of the orange dots on the radar. For, to open an auction, you should go to the auctioneer or the terminal and double-click on it with the left mouse button.


The auction interface is pretty simple. Only at first he can scare a little. On the left are item categories. In the center and on the right in a large window are actually lots.

In the main category of Estates are shares, ownership rights (dida).

In the main category Items, everything else is located, t.e. materials, resources, weapons, armor and t.P.

By default, after the auction opens, you see lots, whose time ends or is about to end. The auction has a fairly wide selection and sorting capabilities.

Using the navigation through the list of categories, you can quite simply select the section you need, to display only those items, which are of interest to you.

If category navigation doesn’t suit you, you can immediately find the item or items you are interested in, by entering its full English name, or part of this name (from 3 characters) to the search bar, which is located on the left above the lots, and click the Refresh button, lower right. As a result of this action, you will receive a list of all items, currently sold at auction, the name of which contains the word you entered.

In addition to manually searching by category and searching by name, it is possible to sort lots by the following parameters:

  1. In count. To sort by quantity, click on the column heading Quantity.
  2. By value of TT. To sort by CT, click on the column header Value.
  3. By initial or current rate. The Bid column header is used for this.
  4. By markup. Markup column heading is used for sorting.
  5. At redemption price (Buyout). Use the Buyout header to sort.
  6. By the number of bets, used header bids.
  7. By time, remaining until the end of the auction, Time Left Header.
  8. By creation time, Created header.

When you repeatedly click on any of the listed headers, sorting the fields of the entire column changes and is displayed either sorted in descending order, either sort ascending.

Lots are sorted by Buyout header in descending order from top to bottom
Lots are sorted by Buyout header in descending order from top to bottom

You can only select lots with a buyback price set by sellers, if you tick the Buyout Only box.

It’s comfortable, if you need to buy goods immediately, and you can hide the lots, who have not set a buyback price. After ticking, click the Refresh button.

Over the lots, to the right of the Buyout Only filter are three more filters, this is a gender filter (there are 3 options — any gender, for men and for women). This filter is used to conveniently sort clothes and armor.

Next is the filter, allowing you to sort lots into only limit or only anlim, all lots are displayed at auction by default.

Last filter (rightmost) — planet selector. It allows you to choose the planet moon or a special place, auction you plan to view. When choosing another planet, not that, where is your character, additional restrictions appear:

  • You will not be able to put your lot for sale at the auction of another planet.
  • When buying a lot from another planet, you will have to fly after him through Space or use the paid services of the EU transport system for delivery.

Using the history of markup

Each item in Entropia Universe, except some, which cannot be sold at auction, There is a sales history recorded in the database. For, to watch her, need to open, eg, your inventory and right-click on any item, bought by you at auction.

In the menu that opens, select the item Market Value. After selecting this item, This item’s sales information window will open, and all margins on it, paid by buyers at different times.

Schedule, which you see, reflects oil sales for the week.
Schedule, which you see, reflects oil sales for the week.

This is very useful information. She talks about, how many similar items were sold at auction at different time periods, how the margin changed, as well as you get the opportunity to see, what is the current price of modified (wiped) version, eg, weapons or armor.

The green line of the graph shows only the margin for each of the sales of the carabiner. You can pay attention, that the margin jumps pretty much from sale to sale. This is due, primarily, two factors.

First factor — the information provided on the history of the markup shows absolutely all sales at auction on all the planets Entropia Universe. Must remember, what’s on Calypso, where the supply of goods traditionally exceeds demand, the markup of almost any item will always be lower due to the very high competition of sellers. On the other hand, on the planet Toulan, where there are few participants, sellers usually put goods more expensive, than on Calypso, and party, wanting to buy a lot soon, overpays the seller extra money, so as not to pay for the transportation of the purchased lot. Of course, any buyer has the opportunity to purchase these weapons on the planet Calypso, where prices will definitely be lower, but in case, if a purchase is made at a Calypso auction from the planet Toulan, the participant is forced to pay additional transportation, which will amount to 2 PED, with delivery of goods in 12 hours, or 6 PED for immediate delivery. Wanting to take advantage of the purchase immediately, many participants pay a larger amount per lot on the planet, on which they are.

Second factor — Tier Rate. If Tier Rate is not that important for low-level weapons, then for more serious weapons or armor Tier Rate matters. Because Tier Rate values ​​determine, through which (about) the period of time the item can be modified to install special enhancers in it (Enhancer), which are, being installed, improve item stats. These two factors mainly determine the variation in the value of the margin on an item.

There is still analytical information in the chart: blue line, which shows sales, pink line, which gives an idea of ​​upward and downward sales trends, as well as you can see the average markup, if you turn on the red line on the chart, by clicking on the button with the image of the red line in the lower right.

All information provided is quite valuable for analysis and planning (forecasting) your sales.

Directly below the graph, you can choose to display the sales statistics of the item of the modified version, from Tier 1 to Tier 10.

Want to notice, that markup history is not affected and margins are not included:

  • private sales in a private session
  • sales in stores
  • sales at Shop Keeper, eg, installed in the apartment of the participants

Buying a lot

let’s consider, how is a lot buying at auction. Suppose, we want to buy an amplifier for mining, Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L). TT Cost at Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L), if it has full TT value and has not been used before, is 100 PED. By opening an auction on the planet Cyrene, where is our character, and using the search, we make sure, that no one on this planet now offers such amplifiers.

Our next step will be viewing lots on other planets, primarily on Calypso and Arkadia, as the most active and most populated, using the planet selector. First, let’s see the lots on Arkadia, selecting her in the planetary selector, and then sorting all the lots by the Buyout title, ascending margins.
On the planet Arkadia we are offered to buy this amplifier for 106 PED, since the margin on the buyback price is 106%. Since it will also have to be transported, then this in total is already obtained at least 108 PED.

Let’s say, that there are similar amplifiers available on Calypso, but they are Light series, their TT value is 2 times less, which means they will last 2 times less time, than Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L), and transporting two amplifiers costs will be at least 4 PED. It will turn out, that even with a margin on Light in 104% no difference meanwhile, whether to take Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L) on Arkadia for 106 PED + 2 PED per transportation, or 2 pieces of Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light (L) for 52+52 PED, and then pay twice for 2 PED for shipping these amplifiers with Calypso. Therefore, we will purchase Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L) on the planet Arkadia. For, to buy a lot, you need to double-click the left mouse button on the selected line with the lot.

There is a lot of useful information in the window of the lot itself. Here is the name of the seller, starting rate, buyback price, auction start time and time, remaining until the end of the auction. Starting bid and buyback prices are different, this indicates, that the seller is not sure, whether the lot will be sold at a buyback price, and in the worst case, expects to sell it closer to the end of the auction at least at the initial bid, if suddenly no one wants to buy this lot for 106 PED. Yes, it would be nice to buy this lot for 105 PED, but if you bet 105 PED now, then you have to wait as long as 3 days and 20 hours, until the auction ends. Money will be frozen at stake, and it’s impossible to cancel it, because the bet cannot be canceled until, until someone interrupts her. Besides, this item can be bought at a buyback price by another participant before the auction ends, which means, not excluded option, that we won’t get an amplifier, and we get only money, spent on bet, but, of course, in full, i.e. 105 PED. therefore, we will decide to buy this amplifier at a buyback price.

Also, you should always pay attention to, how much will it cost to transport your chosen item. The cost of transportation depends on the weight of the item, and for some lots it can be dozens of PEDs even for regular delivery. be careful, if you are betting from another planet. For our Level 2 Finder Amplifier (L) Transport Cost is 2 PED for 12-hour delivery, or 6 PED for instant delivery. We try to always use standard delivery for 2 PED, if you are forced to use it and there is no way to buy something on your planet. But if you want everything at once and quickly, you can pay for express delivery, it’s your business and your money. You will receive the purchase immediately.

For, to place a bet and buy an amplifier at a buyback price, you need to change the price with the arrows under the lot to 106 PED. To bid above the buyback price will not give you an auction. If you don’t have enough money, to place a bet, the auction will not let you do it at all.

After that, how did you put the selected price, click accept. A secondary confirmation window will appear, which arises only in the case of, if the lot is purchased on another planet.

Confirming your desire to buy a lot on the planet Arkadia, we get another confirmation window, after which the lot will either be sent for delivery, will either be moved to your inventory, if you buy a lot on the same planet, where are you at. This secondary confirmation is the only one, if the lot is purchased at the auction of the same planet, where are you at.

After confirming the bet by pressing the Ok button, the lot is considered purchased, and you cannot return it back in accordance with the rule «All transactions in the EU are final».

In our case, after the purchase, there was a transition to the dialogue on delivery, and for lots, auctioned planets, where is your character, pressing the Ok button in the secondary confirmation dialog will cause an information message about, that the lot has been successfully moved to in your inventory, where can you find him. Let’s see now, What delivery services does the Entropia Universe transport system offer?.

Default option — pickup. For, to pick up the lot, you have to go on an unsafe space trip to the planet Arkadia, which, tailored to your purchase, guaranteed to cost you more, than standard delivery. Therefore, we do not consider the option of self-delivery here.

Second option — regular delivery, for 2 PED. Lot will be delivered to planetary storage, but 12 hours after purchase.

You can get the purchased lot immediately, but you have to pay for express delivery already as much as 6 PED.

If you did not buy the lot at a buyback price, but just bet on him, then after, how will your bid be last, that is, another participant will not interrupt her, and the auction will end, your purchase will not move to your inventory or storage. She will fall into a special section of the auction, which is called Won.

For, to get a purchase from the Won section, you need to select a lot in the Won list and click the Retrieve button at the bottom of the auction interface.

After clicking on the Retrieve button, the purchase will either be moved to your inventory, or, if an attempt to get a purchase is made from another planet, after clicking on the Retrieve button, the exact same dialogue with delivery will appear, as we described above.

Lot Sale

Selling a lot differs from buying, that you have to solve important issues for yourself:

  • For what amount do you want to sell the item?
  • Do I need to set a buyback price in general?
  • Do I need to set the starting price and buyback price different?
  • How long to put the lot? On 1, 2, 3, or maybe for all 7 days?
  • Whether to sell for orders?
  • What planet to sell? On your own or on Calypso?
  • Is it worth it to sell now? Isn’t it better to wait?

Entropia Universe auctioning is traditionally harder, than buying. Not because, what is technically difficult to do, but because, that for sale you need to have a minimum amount of knowledge about the real value of, what are you going to sell. Trying not to mess with all this, some new entropia Universe members donate their entire loot to the trading terminal, counting on returns from the Entropia Universe itself, but she is inexorable. EU tax system will gradually bring the balance of any member to zero, if «he plays with TT». therefore, before handing over anything to the trading terminal, you should count, how much will you lose on this operation. Our opinion, it’s even better to turn in your loot to resellers, than to the trading terminal.

Before tackling the description of the most fairly simple procedure for setting a lot, we will try to answer those questions, which we set at the beginning of the paragraph.

Amount, for which you will sell the item, should be as high as possible. To sell an item as expensive as possible, certain conditions must be met. If you do not sell resources, but for example, weapons, or armor, or first aid kit, carefully study the history of markup from this subject, and especially its latest sales. Most items in the modern EU are characterized by a decrease in markups relative to the period 2009-2013, due to significant changes in EU owners’ strategies. If you do not know, for what amount can an item be sold, and the history of markup tells you nothing, you should contact the communication channels or at the Planet Calypso Forum, and consult with other participants, so as not to miscalculate. Of course, this needs to be done only if, if this item is not sold everywhere, and there’s too little data in his sales history. In all other cases, it will be easier to figure it out yourself. Usually an item or resource is quite simple to sell at a premium, indicated in the weekly or monthly history of the values ​​of its markup.

for instance, for the Ozpyn LR S1X1 carbine already considered by us, current margin, with which it can be implemented, will be 9 or 10 ped. Only competitors can prevent this, but with some patience, your item will also be sold.

To the question, set a buyback price, we will respond positively. Many bidders are viewing an auction, focusing on buyback prices, because they often need any item right away, not later. And if upon purchase, in our opinion, you should not rush yourself, when selling, you need to leave the opportunity to hurry up for everyone else, and as a result get a little extra money from the hurry participants. In this case, you will have to set the starting price below, than the buyback price, but not much lower, than the average weekly margin. There are other factors to consider, affecting your sale, for example, the presence of similar items at auction. If they are, then your offer should be more profitable, than the offer of a competitor. Moreover, it may be cheaper at the starting price, but more expensive (or similar) at buyback price, if your auction ends later, than a competitor’s auction. Competitor’s lot will already be purchased, and your lot, which will no longer have competing offers, may sell more. It can play against you, if you do not want to buy a lot, lot will be returned not sold, and the tax has already been paid. But here the choice is determined by you, and you should be guided by the acquired knowledge and your experience in each case.

A couple of rules when setting:

  1. Do not bid multiple identical items at auction, if you are not sure, that they will be sold right away. Competitors are not asleep and as a result you can not sell a single item, and taxes for everything will be paid by you when placing lots.
  2. If you sell resources, then do not put huge amounts of resources with a minimum margin. This is mistake. Your lot will not interest most EU members, because many of them just don’t have the money to buy this lot, and they don’t need that amount. Your lot may be of interest only to resellers, or serious business businessmen, and so on such a sale you will lose money. The best lot size with resources in EU — it’s 25-75 PED, which you set at a buyback price is a little more expensive, than weekly average markup.

Term, on which the lot is placed, may also vary in each case. For the case of items, such as weapons, armor, appliances and t.P. the term can be any, but best of all, if the auction ends on Saturday night or Sunday night, because during this period the activity of all participants in the Entropia Universe increases, and your item is almost guaranteed to be bought, Unless of course you have wondered a very high price on it. If you auction loot stacks or resources, turn your eyes to the volume of weekly and monthly implementation. If the sales volume is small and comparable to your lot — bet immediately for a week. If the sales volume is large, then best, if you put the lot for 1-3 days, with an initial price below the average markup, but at the price of ransom — above average markup. So you almost guarantee yourself a relatively quick sale of the lot if not at a high price, then for the price, slightly lower than the current markup.

Manufacturers and resellers often place orders, or purchase orders for various items and resources. We do not recommend that you sell your resources at auction, filling out these orders, for two reasons, and the first one — low prices. Orders are usually placed in order to lower the price of participants, and for many participants this results in serious losses. And given, that the auction tax upon delivery of loot to the order pays the seller anyway, then, filling orders, you lose even more. The second reason is, what you may not notice, that the order has already automatically placed a bet on some lot, ending earlier, than that lot, which you put. As a result, the order may not pick up your lot immediately. Track which order made what bet — perhaps. But this will require you to study rates on existing lots of other participants. Yes, of course, your resource will still be sold, but you have to wait, while someone buys it.

In Entropia Universe, choosing a planet to trade is much more important, than choosing a planet to start activity. The center of commerce in the Entropia Universe is the planet Calypso, like the oldest planet, and as the planet with the largest population. You can start activities on the planet Arkadia, but then you are surprised to find, that it’s impossible to sell anything quickly. This can seriously complicate and hinder your activities. On the other hand, concentrating on business in a specific area, you can discover, that some things on less populated planets are much easier and easier to sell, than on Calypso. Therefore, choosing a planet to trade is not the same, that the choice of a planet for pumping or conducting costly or costless activities. Many Entropia Universe members live on the same planet, and sales do at Calypso. But there are those, who does the opposite and thrives.

Almost every item and resource in the Entropia Universe has periods, when it’s hard to sell, but there are periods, when he goes like hot cakes. For, to understand, when is it better to sell an item or resource, need to analyze the history of its sales, compare this story with ongoing and future events, seasons and many more other factors, and it will become clear to you, that at different times different items in Entropia Universe can be sold with different margins, which opens up unlimited possibilities for playing on price increases and decreases.

Now let’s look at, how to sell items in the Entropia Universe.

Items and resources can be auctioned in any quantity (on the stack), at the discretion of the EU member.

But let Space Thruster act as an item for sale (L), this is a non-stackable item.

To start, we should determine, what offers are currently at auction. Find an auctioneer, open an auction, and in the search bar we write space thruster.

After examining the auction, revealed, that there are two pages of lots of Space Thruster (L). This is approximately 30 lots, which reduces the likelihood of selling our lot. But not all is lost. In this case, we proceed as follows: we will be forced to put a buyback price of 160%, or 8 PED, because no one will take more expensive. But since if you put this lot at the same price as your competitors, the probability of buying your Space Thruster is small, it’s just necessary to set the auction term to 1 day, and starting price lower, than the price of competitors, i.e. 7 PED. If in 24 hours the lot will not be bought at the buyback price, then he is 99.9% will be sold at a starting price, because your auction will end before competing auctions. This will give us a real-world example of using a shortened auction period in conjunction with different starting prices and buyback prices.

so, let’s get started:

Press the Sell key.

In a black window with the inscription «Place your item here» need to drag item (in our case Space Thruster), holding it with the left mouse button.

Pay attention to the Auction Fee field — this is the minimum tax for any item, which you can auction. If you set a margin in the Opening Bid field for less, than the tax amount in the column Auction Fee — you just give money Entropia Universe. Markup should always be greater, than the amount of tax.

In the Auction days field, you need to set the number of days using the arrows. Since we decided to put Space Thruster on 1 day, then there is no need to change the value.

In the Opening Bid field, set the value to 7 PED, while the Markup value changes, and becomes equal to 140%.

For, to include buyback price (By the way, many call this price in abbreviation simply BO or BO), need to rearrange the Buyout field value to Yes. Markup field will change again, and displays 140 instead of%/no buyout value 140%/140%.

Now it remains to set the Buyout field to 8 PED. A value of 140 should appear in the Markup field%/160%. It’s just that, what was planned by us.

You probably noticed, that it is impossible to establish a mark-up not only in PED, but also at PEC. This is true, minimum increment for setting margins at auction 1 PED, which makes it unprofitable to place small lots at an auction with a small TT value and a small margin, because auction tax in this case «will eat» all profit, or a high margin when the price increases by 1 more PED will make the lot not sold.

If the Space Thruster sells for 7 PED, then we don’t pay anything for the sale. If the item is purchased at a buyback price, then in addition to these 0.59 PED, additional tax will be charged on the sale. Space Thruster sales tax for 8 PED is 0.64 PED, and the difference is 0.05 PED — this is that amount, which will be debited in case of sale of this lot at buyback price. Nonsense, you say, but not really. It seems nonsense only at such a low cost of the lot. In fact, the tax can be quite significant, and reach dozens of PEDs per lot, with a large markup.

The maximum tax value is less than 100 PED (including a million PED too). The only exception is the Estates section — all lots, which are placed in this section have a maximum tax value of 10 PED.

If the lot will not be sold at all, tax of 0.59 PED no one will return!
so, everything is hosted and installed, and it remains only to click the Accept button.

A secondary warning window will appear, which will briefly display information, which we have already informed you. After clicking on the Ok button, the tax will be deducted from your balance on the PED card and the lot will be placed at auction. In case of lack of funds on the PED card, you will receive an information message about this.

Lot, auctioned, when viewing the auction, it is marked with a special symbol with an exclamation mark. This lot can be selected and removed using the Remove button, while there were no bets on him. After that, how at least one bet was made on the put lot, it will be impossible to remove it.

Also, the put lot is displayed in the general list of lots of the participant, which can be seen, by clicking the My Offers button. Any lot can be opened and viewed, but it cannot be edited. The only thing, what can you do to change the terms of sale for a lot without bids, this is to remove the lot using the Remove button and set it again. Tax amount, paid on first sale attempt, will be lost.

Important Notice! After that, how the auction was won by another bidder, it will not be possible to return, because in Entropia Universe all transactions are final.