Can I play without attachments?

At Entropia Universe, the majority of participants are focused on making a profit.

In this review we will look at, what can be the economy of cost-free activity in the EU.

To cost-free, that is, tax-free activities at Entropia Universe include: collection of vibrant sweat, collecting stones, fruit and common dung, or, not completely costless, oil gathering near oil derricks (beer barrels at Rocktropia, or Nava on Toulan).

All these resources, which participants collect, not investing in the game, demanded and used in production.

For example, Vibrant Sweat is used in Welding Wire manufacturing, Mind Essence, portable repair terminals (L) and portable TT (L), and still required when manufacturing a significant amount of a wide variety of items in the Entropia Universe, and even to summon the most serious monster Hussk you will need as many as 500 thousand bottles of Vibrant Sweat.

Found fruits can be processed at Nutrio Bar, used to feed participants’ pets. Also fruit used in gardening, they can be processed into seeds.

Common Dung used to produce Energized Fertilizer fertilizers, and these fertilizers are already used by land owners to increase the population and mobility of mobs. Common Dung is also used to process instance keys on the planet Arcadia.

And finally, stones can be used to make textures, which can later be used for texturing various objects.

As you see, cost-effective results are pretty much in demand at Entropia Universe, and any of the participants can engage in such activities, without investing a cent of real money in Entropia Universe.

You ask: what’s the catch? And the catch is, that such activity in its pure form does not bring significant income. For example, in 1 hour, an ordinary participant can collect about 500 bottles of Vibrant Sweat, and at a current value of 1.5 PED for 1000 bottles collected can be sold only for 0.75 PED, which is equivalent to 7.5 cents.

When collecting fruits and stones, the frequency and quantity of found varies, but even if taken as a fact,, that on average you can find about 50-100 fruits per hour, then at a cost of 15 PED per 1000 pieces, your income may be approximately 0.75-1.5 PED.

Moreover, the cost of Vibrant Sweat and fruit is very low, and it makes no sense to hand them over to the trading terminal, the amount received from the TT terminal will be scanty. Found must be sold to other participants, who need these resources, in a private trading session at established purchasing prices, or process it yourself, having demand, e.g. in Nutrio Bar or Mind Essence.

When processing and further selling the same Nutrio Bar, you will already face Entropia Universe taxation, which will be expressed in the wear of the device for processing (Refiner), as well as purchase Sweetstuff c extra charge from other participants or at auction. After processing, the value of the CT of the device for processing will decrease, this will be your expense, i.e. refining tax. Participants include their extraction costs in the margin on Sweetstuff, i.e. taxes, which they partially shift to you, since you pay the requested price, which means EU taxes included in this price.

When selling goods received as a result of processing not with hands in a private trade session, and at auction, You will be forced to pay the auction fee, which will also reduce your income. Selling Nutrio Bar, you will be forced to include all these costs in the final price of the goods.

This we tried to show, that even cost-free activities are very closely related to costly activities, and if you want to engage in completely cost-free activities, having real-time time limits, sooner or later you have to pay taxes and engage in EU activities costly.

In its pure form, cost-free activity may look like this: Party Collects Vibrant Sweat, the stones, fruits, Common dung or oil and sells it all to the hands of other bidders.

In this case, he does not pay any taxes at Entropia Universe. But in this case, the average income per hour for such a participant will be less than 1 PED, because such a participant will spend part of his time, spent in the EU to implement the resources he collected. In this way, you can make sure, that cost-free activity cannot bring significant profit and it is likely to sooner or later turn into taxable activity due to the desire of any participant to increase their income.

Some participants, However, may develop further, still not included in taxable activities. Having accumulated initial capital, e.g. 1000-2000 PED, they can become traders, i.e. merchants. A trader buys various items and resources from other participants for hours, and then resells them to another member at prices, exceeding purchasing. Since such activity may well occur only in private trading sessions, then these participants still don’t pay taxes on activity. Some street traders at Entropia Universe — very rich, in terms of EU, people. Patience and perseverance helped them rise from zero to thousands of dollars in balance.

However, for the implementation of cost-free activities, how to collect free resources, so for street trading directly with other participants you need to have a significant amount of free time, which not every EU member can afford. This natural restriction makes it impossible for so many participants to engage only in non-charge and tax-free activities in the Entropia Universe.

Finally, we want to mention the collection of oil (Crude Oil) on oil rigs (Oil Rig) or beer barrels (Motorhead Keg) on rocktropia, or Nava on the planet Toulan. This activity can only be called cost-free. Oil rigs, significant amounts of oil are controlled by experienced participants, ready for oil to kill any competitor, which means that the novice participant has almost nothing to do there. If you think, that we are ready to compete for the right to receive oil from the main towers, then this activity will require costs in the form of expenses for the defense of the oil rig, t.e. for serious equipment, as well as skills. Amount, spent on all this, in any case it will be very significant. Tower, small oil, such as a tower in Orthos, also controlled by experienced participants, which regulate the production of oil by beginners, from which the queue is formed.

Attribute Thresholds Exist, in which a novice participant can claim a place in this queue, to exclude the receipt of oil by two or more characters, owned by one person. Attributes, allowing to stand in line, can only be obtained after, how do you spend money hunting in the Entropia Universe, which means one way or another pay for leveling your character. Therefore, we call this activity conditionally cost-free.