Collecting boards for armour. Planet Cyrene

The planet is very small, but there’s so much on it that it’s mind boggling… Lots of quests, Daily Tokens, challanges and stuff…

I tried to figure it out on my own and it didn’t work… Turned to the guides and got even more confused… But digging a lot of information I still managed to find something to start with…And of course it wouldn’t fit into one article…

And now we’ll take apart the quests, for the passage of which we get to pay for the armor! Of course in the process you can also take side quests and Daily Tokens, but to avoid confusion – I’ll break it down in order! Well, let’s get started!

These boards look like this:

Imperium Armor Plating I
Imperium Armor Plating I

Each of them can be installed in one of the armour elements, which improves its characteristics.

So, all quests to get these items are hunted by various mobs, most of which can be done by a beginner:

  • /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138783, 77095, 113, Helping Harwell] NPC Private Harwell
  • /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138780, 77712, 111, L.T. ‘s Viewing Pleasure] NPC L.T. Locky
  • /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138127, 76330, 110, Guy’s Mission] NPC Gardener Guy
  • /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138113, 76695, 101, Scary Hackfin] NPC Long John Silvers
  • /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138337, 77219, 108, Help The Cap’n] NPC Captain Doan
  • /wp [Planet Cyrene, 138785, 77098, 113, Dr. Nikolos Bug Problem] NPC Dr. Nikolo

The toughest mob here is Empis Wasp with 850 HP and very fast regeneration. In second place is the Imperium Scout with 1100 HP, but less regeneration.

It’s impossible for a beginner to pass, but if you really want to, after you buy a more or less normal gun, you can ask someone to heal you and help you kill the mobs!

Can not collect all the cards, but would like to? Don’t feel bad, there is another mission that is updated every day:

  • /wp [Planet Cyrene, 135903, 80902, 132, Collecting Data: Renegade Hazard Zone Mechs] NPC Exasperated Collector Nat

The mob here is not the hardest – Renegade Hazard Mech, you can find 5Lvl, but even to kill it you’ll need a weapon with 20-25 damage per second. And also about 100 ped ammo. Personally, I got 65 ped loot and 15 ped shrapnel from 100 ped ammo…