Deposit entropia universe

To get started, we want to give an exhaustive concept of deposit in the Entropia Universe.

We noticed, what many beginner participants think, what is deposit in EU — it is the same, what donat in games, similar to Entropia Universe project, and in this regard, when communicating, this causes bewilderment among more experienced participants.

What it is?

In fact, this is not so.

Donut — this is the term, which means sacrifice or gift. This term has nothing to do with entering Entropia Universe real money, as the money entered into the project by the EU member is not a gift to the developers and owners of Entropia Universe. Here, another term applies and applies — deposit, since all the money you transferred, less commissions of intermediate banks, of course, and some limitations, can be withdrawn back to your bank account.

In this way, for end users Entropia Universe is a lending institution, accepting money for storage, and allowing them to be used as part of the internal activities of the Entropia Universe.

Actually EU account — it is an analogue of the bank account of your company or individual entrepreneur. Those cases, when some EU members are chaotic, uncontrolled and stupid activities, as a result of which money simply disappears, unable to bear the load of the EU tax system, are only a consequence of their own mistakes. Such users themselves turn their deposit into donat, but from this the essence does not change.

Entropia Universe deposit can be used for enrichment or for entertainment, and from the choice of the participant to 100% depends, what will his activities ultimately lead to. When, if an EU member chooses entertainment as his activity, EU tax system will reduce the final balance in its account in proportion to the volume of activities carried out by such a participant, and money, deposited in the EU will be just a fee for entertainment, provided by Entropia Universe.

Opposite, if an EU member wants to increase funds, deposited by him in the EU, he must find how to compensate the EU tax system, so is the way to make extra profit from that activity, which he does. All is possible, although making a profit is not so easy, as it seems at first glance, and profit itself will not be made, as in any business.

By making a small deposit in order, to meet the Entropia Universe, you must be aware, that most likely he will be a acquaintance fee, and will be irretrievably lost during your training. therefore, making a first deposit, follow the rule — «never transfer more to Entropia Universe, what are you willing to allow yourself to lose».

Deposit Methods

For, to make a deposit, you need to go to the https page://

Choose Login and Make a Deposit from the menu on the left.

Bank card

You will see a list of all possible deposit methods. The easiest way is to use a debit deposit/credit card. It is recommended for use, as the most proven and reliable way. This method of deposit causes the least questions and problems when checking withdrawal requests by Entropia Universe security service.

Limitations: you cannot deposit more than $ 100 monthly, if you do not carry out the verification procedure of your card. The procedure is simple and requires the introduction of a transaction code to MindArk from the bank statement of your card, which can be obtained at the client bank or directly at the bank.

After passing the verification procedure, the possible amount of the monthly deposit increases to $ 3,000. To further increase this amount, you need to contact support.

Problems: There have been cases of double deductions by bank cards, therefore, you should not use cards with a constant large balance in the current account or you should use a card with 3D-Secure technology, requiring a one-time password for any transaction. Duplicate issues successfully resolved by technical support. There may also be cases of delays in payments for technical reasons, they are very quickly solved by technical support.


Entropia Universe accepts payments through PayPal. However, given a significantly larger number of fraudulent activities, related to this payment system, we do not recommend using it when depositing in the EU.

Why? In case of withdrawal of money in the future, you will undergo a more serious test, and its result may be unpredictable. In our opinion, MindArk is highly suspicious of all payment systems, if they are not banks.

Direct Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer allows you to send the required amount by payment order from your bank. You must have a foreign currency account, from which you will have to make a payment. The processing time for your payment until it is credited to your account balance will be significant, up to 2-3 days, but allow you to send a large amount, than you are able to credit using a bank card.

Other payment systems are less convenient, therefore we do not consider them.