Do I need a good pc to run this game?

I have a hp laptop and it can’t quite run Ark: Survival Evolved (although I just tried running the game and had no idea how to change the settings so it could run, i also did not know my pc had gaming mode).

I don’t know the specs or anything and I wouldn’t be able to understand any of the requirements lol.

All I know is it is a windows 10 HP laptop with a lot of storage + gaming mode and it’s not slow or anything.

If I can’t run Ark then I would assume I can’t run Entropia Universe? I could play ark but it was very slow and laggy. Maybe on minimum settings?


System requirements:
Ram: 256kb should be fine
Graphics card: an integrated one on a motherboard or better
Sound card: yes
Operating system: one made anytime after 1982
Cpu: preferable to have one

10 years ago the game was a bit demanding of modern PCs when they switched the graphics over to CryEngine, but I would think if your system was built in the last 10 years, you shouldn’t have too much problem as long as you’re better than the minimum system requirements.

It didnt run on my old macbook. intel integrated graphics 4gb ram and an i5 dual core.

It did run on a dell laptop with mobile graphics, 6gb ram and an i7 (but didnt run all that well).

Game is quite demanding for its age. Older PCs might have some issues to run it smooth.

Anyone else telling u “nah it runs on potatos”. must have a weird definition of a potato PC.

Curreently im using a fairly old PC i bought second hand for very cheap. its an i5-2400cpu /3.1GHz,16gb ram 1866mhz ddr kingston hyperx, geforce GTX680 (2gb). so its a fairly old machine but for a game like entropia it should be fine..well it can handle it in medium and game still doesnt run supersmooth most of the times, which prolly is serversided i dunno.

It won’t run on a mac because macs are not supported

Try running it on Medium graphics. It seems to run well even on my i3 laptop from 2014.

I used to run EU just fine for years on a first gen I7, 6GB ram and a radeon 7770. No idea how that compares to your laptop, but it’s a data point nonetheless.

I ran this game and recorded it for youtube on a 2015 Dell Inspiron for like 3 years. Anything that runs windows 8 or better probably will do the job.