Do I need to join the Society?

Some time ago, Society performed several tasks. The first and main task — it is an opportunity for communication between participants in the Entropia Universe.

After changing the interface and introducing communication channels, the number of which is limited only by the number of words, which can be used to name them, this function was actually taken away from the Society.

Second task, which is still relevant — selection of like-minded people, nice to chat with in a closed social channel, interact in business or business, and share information about their theories or practices, without fear of being ridiculed, overheard, humiliated or insulted (how can it be, but by the way, and happens on a public channel).

Yes, closed channels partly solve this problem, but people more easily accept the idea of ​​Society, rather than channels. Society may also have items in common, cash desk and joint events.

Third task — advertising or political. Some members willingly join the strongest or most numerous Society, for the sake of, so that «be under the banner» famous in the Entropia Universe people.

It gives a feeling of strength, standing behind, whatever she expresses herself, in aggression, recognition by the EU community, loud name, people with a reputation, consisting of the Society or even the general negative reputation of the Society, since Entropia Universe has a Society, which cause pathological hatred in some participants.

In other words, in that case Society — this is pathos, which usually costs nothing, unless of course you are a famous person, who founded it or participated in its exaltation.

Society actively pursues politics, aimed at waging psychological wars with a rival Society, the root causes of which are such things, like megalomania, denouncing the words or actions of individual members of a rival Society, or even just envy.

This policy is inherently destructive, expressed as active insults, slander, mutual trolling and other nasty things. New members, joining the Society, located in «state of war», believe in the word old-timers, and join the hostilities, led by this society, despite, that they personally have no reason to conduct hostilities.

And the last challenge for the Society, which can only be used by the strongest and most equipped members of the Entropia Universe — this is land grab (Land Grab in Land Area on Calypso) and earning daily income from this land. The income from the seized land is distributed evenly among all members of the Society.

Do you personally need Society? We do not know the exact answer to this question.

In our opinion, now society — it’s just an increased level of trust between entropia universe members. therefore, joining the despised significant number of members of the Entropia Universe Society, you risk including your reputation in the entire Entropia Universe community.

You can also potentially risk money, if the Society has a practice of mutual lending of items or a public bank of items, joint activities, or general cash desk.

If you do not know for sure, why do you need Society, it’s better not to immediately enter the first one, limited to study participants. For the first time this may be quite enough. Further, sorted out, you can create your own society, inviting those, with whom will you be comfortable spending time, share information or do business at Entropia Universe.