Entropia Pocket

Entropia Pocket

Accounts in Entropia Universe are secured by default with a username and password. Anyone who knows your username (e-mail address) and password can access your account (log in to the game or the website).

You can reset your account password (set a new one) if you gain access to the corresponding email. And thus gain full access to the account via e-mail.

Login and password may not be enough to secure your account reliably.

What is Entropia Pocket

Entropia Pocket is a special application for smartphones (and tablets) running Android or iOS that allows you to connect two-factor authentication (2FA) to your account.

Once 2FA is enabled, you’ll need a special code generated by this app in addition to your username and password to log in to the game (or your personal account on the website).

Without your smartphone with this application you will not be able to enter the game or have full access to your personal account on the official website, even if you know your username and password.

How to activate 2FA in Entropia Universe

First you need to download and install the Entropia Pocket app on your smartphone. After that go to your Entropia Universe website and in the menu Account – Account Security – Activate 2 Factor Security, click on the green button “Add Entropia Pocket to Your Account”.

This will open the Entropia Pocket activation page. There will be links to the Android and iOS versions of the application as well as a QR code to initialize the application.

IMPORTANT: On this page (below the QR code), the block with the one-time recovery code will be highlighted in yellow (the five characters in bold in the line “Your One Time Entropia Pocket Recovery Code is:”). You should write it down and keep it in a safe place. You’ll need this code to restore access to your account in case you lose your smartphone.

Next, you have to launch the application on the smartphone and give it permission to access the smartphone’s camera and photos. On the INITIALIZATION screen, tap the yellow “SCAN INITIALIZATION QR-CODE” button at the bottom. Then point your camera at the computer screen and scan the QR code in your personal cabinet. If the scan is successful, the message “QR-code scan successful” will appear in the app.

The app will display a six digit code and a circular timer. The code will change when the timer expires. This code will need to be entered on the 2FA activation page (with a QR code) in the “Activate Entropia Pocket” box at the very bottom.

Once you have entered the code from the Entropia Pocket application you should see the following message in your personal cabinet:

Entropia Pocket

Below that, on a yellow background, you will be reminded to write the restore code. Don’t forget to write it down!

How to use Entropia Pocket

Once you have installed the application, activated 2FA in your personal cabinet and linked your smartphone, you simply launch the application each time you log into the game or access the Entropia Universe website and enter the code from the application.

The six-digit code from the app will be requested after you enter your username and password.

What to do if you lose your smartphone

If you lose your smartphone with the Entropia Pocket app installed, you will need to log in to your personal profile on the website using your username and password. When prompted for the 2FA code, click on the cross in the circle (to the right just above the inscription “- 2 Factor Authentication Required -“. Your access to My Account will be limited (you won’t get access to My Account), but this will be enough to go to Account Security – Activate 2 Factor Security and there disable 2FA using your previously written recovery code.

You will then be able to reactivate 2FA and link the Entropia Pocket app to another smartphone.