Explosive Projectiles

Want to win a lot of money at Entropia Universe? It’s possible!

Attention! The authors of the material do not bear any responsibility for the actions of participants in the Entropia Universe, committed using techniques, described below, since with long-term use it is likely to lead to very significant loss of funds.

We present this technique to get acquainted with the capabilities of the Entropia Universe system and the tactics of gambling, large returns which can be regularly observed in the Global channel. Consider that, that there really are participants, which tore very big wins (as in the video below), but there are very few of them, orders of magnitude less, than those, who lost all their money. You must understand this, before you act in a similar way.

Make a reservation right away, what is the maximum possible gain (in the case of using this technique, such a significant return will be correctly called that way) at the cost of trying to produce 2 PED (0.20 USD) is approximately 16,000 PED or $ 1,600, and at the cost of trying to produce 20 PED (2 USD) – approximately 160,000 PED, or 16 thousand dollars.


At the beginning of 2015, several new production drawings were introduced at Entropia Universe. In these drawings, intended for the production of cartridges for grenade launchers and rocket launchers, Explosive Projectiles, only one used, material introduced simultaneously with these drawings – Nanocube.

Nanocube can be purchased at the trading terminal without any restrictions, that is, this material does not depend on the gaming activity of other EU members.

This innovation entailed a strong decline in activity in all professions of the Entropia Universe, despite, what by the method, about which we started the story, activities have been carried out before, but before the introduction of Explosive Projectiles Blueprint, it was heavily dependent on the activities of other EU members, what partly helped the EU economy and the, who mined these resources.

With the introduction of Nanocube, the demand for many materials for old drawings has fallen, because gambling EU members switched to new blueprints, abandoning almost all the old, which could give a similar result.

Why old drawings were abandoned? Because for materials and resources, used in old drawings, EU gambler required to pay extra charge to those members, who got these resources. And that means, each production attempt was more expensive than the cost of materials and included taxes, paid by resource providers.

Explosive Projectiles Drawings “left overboard” Many Entropia Universe Gambling Resource Providers. With the introduction of Nanocube, developers eliminated the markup for drawing material.

How it works?

Acting according to the methodology, you “provoke” Entropia Universe system and change the standard return algorithm to the increased return algorithm, but at the same time reducing the number of successful production attempts according to your drawing.

Without going into details, explain easier: increased returns algorithm works in much the same way, like a slot machine, in which all participants throw coins, while setting the level of delivery to the maximum. However, a lot of your attempts will be unsuccessful, and successful attempts will be with return, enlarged at least 8 times.

At some point in time, as a result of the combined efforts of all participants, currently in force, as well as attempts by participants, previous, the EU system gives a significant part of the funds accumulated in the loot pool to any one participant or can divide this return into several participants. The issued amount in this case may exceed the cost of an attempt to produce as 50, 300 times, and a maximum of 8000 times, at the settings specified in our methodology.

And if you make production attempts worth 20 PED, then the size of your maximum return can be 160,000 PED. Wherein, given the possible spread of 10-20%, then the amount of return can reach even 200,000 PED.

Of course, the system gives such jackpots very rarely, and to get such a win, significant turnover needed, and with 100 production attempts, you are unlikely to get anything like this, although a chance, of course, you have. And almost every Entropia Universe member has a chance to get such a significant gain of 15-20 thousand dollars, using the Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV drawing.

There are ways to achieve similar results in other professions, for example in the profession of a miner. But in the mining profession, you will need to fill in much more skills, purchase a larger set of equipment, and you also have to pay markup to manufacturers for the amplifiers you purchase.

In the case of Explosive Projectiles Markup, you do not pay. Besides, in the case of mining activities, the character cannot stand still, and you have to manage it all the time, what you may not like.

Video, which shows, how exactly does the process, and also in which a large jackpot was received, you can see below (return on $ 16,253 is at 2:43)

What is needed for this style of play?

You will need Entropia Universe account, if you don’t have it yet. You can create new account.

When registering, you should very carefully follow our instructions, and indicate your real data, because it depends, can you withdraw your winnings, if you get it, from Entropia Universe.

Planet Calypso is best for you, as, being on Calypso, You will be able to sell the resulting chips and drop-down drawings as quickly as possible.

If you plan to start crafting as soon as possible after registration, don’t take initial missions from mr.Yoshida, as this will delay you in the learning area, but still we do not recommend you to refuse them, as you gain valuable experience, exploring the Entropia Universe interface.

After that, how did you get to the planet Calypso, you will need to find an auction . Auctions are usually located in service centers, including an auction can be found on the planet Calypso in Camp Icarus on the second floor of a building near the teleport. To make purchases you need to make a deposit. How to make a deposit.

What you need to buy at auction

Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV Drawing (production attempt costs $ 2) or Explosive Projectiles Blueprint III (production attempt costs 20 US cents).

Which one to buy, you decide, because the determining factor here will be, how much money are you going to play. It is advisable to buy any of these drawings, so that its cost (auction value column) was at least 0.75 PED, best to find a drawing with a cost of 1 PED. Do not buy drawings at a cost of 0.01 PED, despite, that they are sold cheaper. This will reduce your chances of a big jackpot and significantly increase losses.

Skills for the Mechanical Engineer profession to level 20 (for Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV) or level 15 (for Explosive Projectiles Blueprint III). How many skills will need to be acquired and the procedure for their filling will be described below.

Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV Lot Example, which is worth buying (Value column has a value of 1.00).
Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV Lot Example, which is worth buying (Value column has a value of 1.00).

What you need to buy in the trading terminal

  • Pay-Inc Implant Inserter (in the Medical section)

    Pay-Inc Implant Inserter
    Pay-Inc Implant Inserter
  • Nanocube, at least 200 production attempts or more attempts. Here we must make an important reservation, that 200 attempts – it is very small, will be better, if you can make 1-3 thousand attempts.


For successful use of drawings, you need to fill in the skills first, since the absolute beginner is not able to effectively use these drawings.

Skills, of course, you can pump yourself and not pay for chips, but the pumping process is quite lengthy and will greatly delay the start of your gambling.

To use Explosive Projectiles Blueprint III drawing effectively, you need to reach level 15 in the Mechanical Engineer profession. You need to reach level 20 in the Mechaincal Engineer profession for the Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV drawing.

Professional character levels can be checked, pressing the on-screen button with a star. Inside the section of manufacturing professions (anvil icon) you will need to raise the professional level of Mechanical Engineer.

For, to reach level 15 from scratch, you will need to buy at least two chips with skills. You will need Engineering Skill Implant with TT cost (Value) 18 PED or more, what will cost you in the amount of 350 PED, and chip Manufacture Mechanical Equipment Skill Implant with TT worth 15 PED or more, what will cost you 470 PED or more.

For, to reach level 20 from scratch, you will also need to buy two chips with skills, Engineering Skill Implant with CTs costing 40 PED or more, what will cost you from 850 PED, and chip Manufacture Mechanical Equipment Skill Implant with TT value of 27 PED or more, what will cost you 870 PED or more. This will be included in the amount of your required initial costs.

Skill chips can be found in the Skill Implants section of the auction, but the easiest way is to use the search, for example, entering the word Engineering in the field at the top left above the lots and clicking the Refresh button (right under the lots).

You will get only the search results you need. It is recommended to sort the results by the Buyout field, why you need to left-click on the header of this auction column, and then select lots with a minimum value %. Buy the required number of skills, opening each lot, bring arrows to indicate the price of the price of the lot to the value of Buyout, and after that click Accept. After buying chips, start pouring skills. If there were no chips with the indicated TT value at the auction, You can buy two or more chips with a lower value, but since the skills in Entropia Universe have non-linear growth, you will have to control your level in the right profession after pouring each chip.

Pouring purchased skills

Open inventory (I key on the keyboard). Open the Mindforce section, this is the bottom section. In the section you will see Pay-Inc Implant Inserter and the chips you purchased.

To fill the chip in the character you will need to select any of the chips with the left mouse button, and then, without letting her go, drag the chip onto the Pay-Inc Implant Inserter, located in inventory, and release the left mouse button. The chip will be installed in Inserter.

After that, right-click on the Pay-Inc Implant Inserter with the chip installed, and select Equip from the drop-down menu. Character picks up Inserter. Now, when you right-click on any empty spot on the screen (no objects) you can select the topmost item from the drop-down menu, Use Tool. Select this item. A dialog box will appear, informing you about, what are you going to fill the skill in your character. Confirm all your intentions, and the skill will be successfully filled in the character. Repeat this process with all the chips, which you have. Remember, that to install the next chip in your inventory you need to select the Unequip Tool command for Inserter.

Pour all the skills and check the character’s professional levels. You must be at least 14-15 levels of Mechanical Engineer to use the Explosive Projectiles Blueprint III drawing and at least 19-20 to use the Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV drawing.

If you bought several chips of each kind, since there wasn’t one at the auction, matching your TT value, then you should do so: First fill in one of the Engineering chips, then one of the Manufacture Mechanical Equipment chips. Take a look, what level did you get. Then fill in the second Engineering chip and the second Manufacture Mechanical Equipment. Control the resulting level. If the level after pouring was not enough, buy one or more small chips and fill them too, until the character reaches level 15 or 20, respectively.

Pay-Inc Implant Inserter, after completing the procedure for filling skills, you can transfer it to the trading terminal, you don’t need it yet.

After that, how did you do all these procedures, you should go search for Construction Machine. Visit all available teleporters or discover new ones, and find this car in any of the service centers or buildings. She looks like this, as pictured below.

Construction Machine
Construction Machine

Activate the machine, double-clicking on it with the left mouse button. You will see your drawing. Select it with the left mouse button and go to the CONSTRUCT tab. On the CONSTRUCT tab, you need to move the engine there from the Quantity position to the Condition position, so that the Sucess Rate indicator decreases and turns from green to orange-red, as in the picture below, and then you can set the desired number of attempts (in the example it costs 200) and click the Construct button. If you do not want to make 200 attempts automatically, then you can do every click, by directly pressing the CONSTRUCT button with the left mouse button, as the Entropia Universe member did in the video above.

The maximum possible number of production attempts can be set depending on, how much have you bought nanocube.

For 200 production attempts from an Explosive Projectiles Blueprint III drawing, you’ll need to buy a Nanocube for at least 400 PED. For 200 production attempts from Explosive Projectiles Blueprint IV, need to buy at least 4000 PED Nanocube.

If the production attempt was successful, then you get, besides Explosive Projectiles, sawdust (Metal Residue), gems (in case of large returns), and, perhaps, blueprints. When trying to manufacture, close to successful, you will get nanocube and sawdust.

What to do with all this? To whom or where to sell? Explosive Projectiles themselves and almost all gems can be turned over to the trading terminal, not forgetting however to check their markup, it concerns stones. Sawdust willingly bought at auction, but at pretty low prices, with markup up to 101%. We recommend all auction drawings to be sold at auction.

How do you see, process costs such “games” comparable to winnings. By itself, as a result of such a game, you may expect serious disappointment and very, very significant losses. Therefore, we do not recommend getting carried away in this way, who do not have the necessary amount of funds or not enough excitement, to survive their significant loss.

But in the Entropia Universe, happy coincidences are still possible, so, if you believe in something, what are you lucky – try! And it’s better not to do it on credit!

Last thing, but a very important point. If you really will be so lucky, and pick a significant jackpot, then remember, that the withdrawal period from Entropia Universe is approximately 2.5 months.

Good luck, if you decide to act on this technique! And of course, stop on time!