Falcata – sword from Next Island

Falcata - sword from Next Island

The Falcata sword is a free edged weapon, the best long blade for a beginner in the EU world. Rarely a Unlimited sword has Durability – Good, i.e. it has reduced wear and tear.


Swords with Durability lower than good (average, mediocre) wear quickly and require frequent repairs. Which is inconvenient, you have to visit Repair Terminal often, taking a break from hunting animals.

Given that Melee weapon swings Strength, which is the fastest way to increase Health Falcata becomes a must-have sword for a newbie.

Unlimited, repairable at Repair Terminal, well they give it away without asking for anything in return.

How to get to Ancient Greece

The best way to get Falcata is to arrive on the planet Next Island and get to the second location on Ancient Greece.

Before entering Ancient Greece, open the airport Orpheus’ Way, to avoid 2 times walk.

[Next Island, 136524, 866598, 137, Orpheus’ Way]

Enter Ancient Greece via teleporter in Orpheus’ Cave, behind the waterfall.

[Next Island, 136178, 87223, 101, Orpheus’ Cave]

From the drop down menu, select Ancient Greece.

Complete the required quests to obtain the sword

Once in Ancient Greece, complete the quest chain.

“Meeting the Gods”. Talk to Creon, Archon of Thebes.

[Ancient Greece, 36310, 20683, 180, arc Creon]

After talking with him we get a sword.

The second quest from Creon does not give prizes, but if you do, it closes the chain of quests “Looking at distant pasts”.