Free (or nearly free) 190 Combat Token

I offer you a one-off free (or nearly free) for an average of 7.5 ped.

Photo: Combat Token
Combat Token

At the end of this trial you will have 190 Combat Token on hand.These can be sold at auction, but it’s better to sell them by hand as you won’t be paying auction tax. At the moment the marcup on them is about 350-400%, and it happens more.

  1. Your task is to get to the island and open the Naval Station Triton teleporter [Calypso, 40415, 58716, 131, Waypoint]. How you get there is irrelevant. The easiest and most unassisted way is described below.
    At Port Atlantis [61418, 75217, 142], you will get new teleporters by talking to the technician. We are interested in Treasure Island Castle [37070, 53610, 101]. As you can see on the map, we’re almost at Naval Station Triton [40415, 58716, 131]. You only have to go to Treasure island Northern Shores [40254, 55512, 101] and swim across the isthmus. Even if you die somewhere along the way, but not far from where we want to go, you’ll be transported there automatically.
  2. So, good job you’re there. Open the teleporter at the base by clicking on it twice. Now we are interested in 3 NPS, they are: Captain Eric Thompson, Geologist P.B. Jay, Corporal Mac Dillon.
    Talk to each of them. Take the suggested tasks. Walk to the pier (it is nearby) After returning to the base you will be given 10 combat tokens.

    Note: By the way, the dock is a fat man in red coveralls, he will transport you for free to a nearby island [54176, 58008, 132] (and if the other island press T, you will be thrown to Fort Victoria, do not forget to open TA). This action is not relevant to this guide.

  3. Captain Eric Thompson asks you to find a lost ship. It’s simple, there will be a marker on the radar and on the map. We go to the edge of the coast, avoiding a meeting with mobs.Find the ship and return (can just press T as you find the ship, you perekinet right to the base) Return, get 20 kombat tokens. A Captain Eric Thompson gives a new task, to collect water from the pump in the middle of the island, yes it is difficult and with the first time you are unlikely to be able to get. If you make it (press T, you’ll open a new TP, which will come in handy in the future), you’ll get another 30 combat tokens when you return.
  4. Geologist P.B. Jay asks you to explore the island’s resources.To do this, he suggests you find any 20 deposits on the island. We buy TT finder and 2-3 ped probs (you can use a universal ammo from Gauntlet ). We run along the coast, rounding the mobs and throwing probs. On completion, go back (press T) and get the Geologist kombat tokens. Speaking to him again, he gives us a task to check the towers. Here will be difficult, as one of the towers is located on a ledge of rock, and approach it is not possible, be sure to fly transport (look for someone you know). Or beforehand fly to the planet Rocktropia and get a free helicopter there. After verification come back and get another 20 combat tokens.
  5. Corporal Mac Dillon gives a mission to kill 100 mobs on the island. A very difficult task. You don’t have to beat the mobs on the island, you can beat them elsewhere. Teleport to Port Atlantis and there proceed to the coordinates [61240, 76160] there is a pit, and it is a special area for wave event. Mobs appear in waves, we are interested in 2 types of mobs Sabakuma, young and mature. Kill mobs (enough rifle Bukin), as they finish, restart Event by leaving the area and going back into it. Mobs are counted by the task. After doing so, we press T and teleport back to Corporal Mac Dillon, saying we killed 100 mobs and he gives you 60 combat tokens!
  6. After that, Corporal Mac Dillon will send you to the other end of the island, to a place called Jamesons Reach [35395, 60125, 249]. There you will find Major Jacobus. And get another 10 combat tokens. Alas, the next task for the killing of 40 mobs with 600 HP. So put it off until a better time.

In the end you should be on hand 190 kombat tokens.