Fruit Processing Board at Nutrio Bar

fruit gathering

Fruit can be processed at Nutrio Bar, which are used for feeding pets.

For processing you need to have a refiner T-104, Imperium Resource Refiner B1 or T-105. For fruit processing you will need Sweetstuff.

Better to purchase a significant amount of Sweetstuff, from 100 PED TT, to save on extra charge.

Process economics

1000 processing costs+1000 when using Imperium Resource Refiner B1 — 0,22 PED.

Margin on Sweetstuff (if you buy at 100 PED) — 107%, then 10 PED will cost you 10,7 PED.

Total: Fruits + Sweetstuff + processing cost = 10,1 PED Nutrio Bar = 10,92 PED. How much is the lot + your expenses.

Nutrio Bar in the amount of 10+ PED is possible to sell at a premium of 220%. It’s not worth selling cheaper, it will be a loss. Auction tax calculation shows, what if you sold a 10-ped stack for 220%, then the auction tax will be 1.10 PED.

After selling Nutrio Bar on hand you will receive 20.90 PED. We calculate the price of fruits and get: 20,90-10,92 = 9,98 PED.

Similar, as for Mind Essence, to reduce margins from psychologically significant 220% at 219.+% add a few units of Nutrio Bar to the lot (from 1 to 10) and put up for auction.