Guide – Passing the mentor without a deposit

In EU, updates are introduced on a weekly basis. There have been over 100 since the guide was written, I can’t go around all the planets checking every quest every time. Please be understanding.

The first thing to do is to find a mentor. It is highly desirable that he is on the same planet, or knows it well, as well as communicating in the same language as you.
Right-click on the screen – System – Mentor register, a list of mentors will appear. Not sure who you should apply to? Search by number of graduates and grade.

Once you have found a mentor, you need to go through the training missions. If they have already been passed, start doing quests with a reward of ammo. Mobs will get stronger each time, so do them exactly in the sequence below.

It’s recommended to start on Monria (to get one free teleporter from it to Calypso and one back, as well as a lifetime free flight on Mothership, twice a week. Also a beginner’s support program on Monria, allowing you to sell Vibrant Sweat for 2 peds/1000). Either on Calypso or Arcadia.

Finishing mentoring is better on Toulan, because instead of useless machine will give 2 parts of the armor Adjusted Pixie, and Toulan armor (Rifi ME) is fairly rare in EU, has a slightly higher markup than others for mentoring and is quite attractive in appearance 🙂

  1. Before you go shooting at everything, make sure the weapon is suitable for the skills. Open weapon options (double click on it in the inventory). Click on the magnifying glass sign on the bottom left, scroll down. See the numbers with a slash ( / ).
    On the right are weapon stats, on the left are avatar stats. The left digits must be equal to the right! If they are less – it’s not a weapon on skills. They can shoot, but it is extremely expensive, it’s better to take a weapon lower level.
    At the bottom (a lot of windows with locks). We are not interested in it yet.
  2. Give up the quest Colonist Jumpsuit immediately! It is extremely unprofitable and useless! It’s no better than Mission Galactica, so give it up too.
  3. In the EU, we get skills when the mobs hit us, and for the death of an avatar do not lose anything, so the first aid kit and armor to the end of the mentor is not needed at all, but if they will give a reward armor, choose gloves. They have the highest markup, so it’s advantageous to take them.Do not use themselves, but simply put up for auction for 7 days, with redemption at the maximum markup market and with a starting bid of +0.6 PED.
  4. Ammo, in case of shooting in the air, is not spent (exception –
    PVP zones, flamethrowers and grenade launchers).
  5. V.Shrapnel is converted to ammo at a rate of 100 to 101, so NEVER sell it.
  6. Trade Terminal (TT) to sell only ammunition and wiped limit (see item 8) items. Everything else must be sold at a mark-up to other players.
  7. All EU limit items have an (L) at the end of their name. If it does not exist – it is an unlim. However, the unlim needs to be constantly repaired in Repair Terminal, so it is not a fact that this item is more profitable.
  8. If you have lost transport – press “B”, confirm and take the transport from the Storage Facility.
    Damaged or broken transport can be placed in Camp Icarus (Calypso) and it will be repaired for free by other players. The wiped out vehicle is not dumped, but used as a bag or sold to other entropians for the same purpose. The cost is small, but still better than nothing 🙂
  9. In order to open the teleporter, it is necessary to stand on it. Don’t forget to do this in new places.
  10. Clothing wears off only if you take it off. You can run around in one suit for 10 years and it will not wear out if you do not take it off. The same goes for rings.
  11. Minimal cost if to kill the mob with 7 – 10 (rarely 12) shots. Otherwise he has time to heal, or overshoot if he misses. So we match the weapon for the mob.
  12. Mobs (except those that live in space) do not attack the flying transport, if you have one, you can put and hide during the hunt to restore HP.The least fuel-consuming is the Sleipnir, the fastest is the Quad-Wing. There’s no cap on fuel in any vehicle, so you can max out at least 100500M PEDs.
  13. The Quad-Wing and Sleipnir are suitable for space travel, but you must purchase a Thruster (L). Also, it’s a good idea to have the repair tool (RK-5, for example) and the welding wire, because space is plowed by pirates who will take you down and get all the loot from the Materials and Mined Resources sections, except for the Daily Token, which is not handed over.
    Without the repair tools you can only be repaired by other players, or you’ll have to use the paid teleport to the planet or hitch a ride.
  14. Skillbust (SB) – random buff, you get during the hunt any mobs, while it works, the skills grow faster, or the weapon is less worn out. On Calypso SB – a rarity, and even purely symbolic. On Arcadia, on the contrary – turned on very often, the growth is very significant, thanks to which pumping skills (and hence the passage of mentorship) much faster and cheaper.
  15. Letters (M) and (F), indicates that the thing male or female, respectively, and the small letter (C), that the item can be textured and / or paint.
  16. Sweating – collecting Vibrant Sweat from animals, using the VSE Mk 1 tool. One of the few activities that allow you to earn in EU without investment. Good for beginners, but I do not recommend it. It is more profitable to sweep in groups.The Interact button will save many beginners.