How can I make money?

What every Entropia Universe member wants to do, or, as it is also called, colonist? The answer to this question is simple: he wants to make money. Much money.

But as in real life, in Entropia Universe, all participants are left to their own devices. Nobody forces or forces to do anything. Nobody really explains anything to anyone. And in particular, nobody explains anything to the new EU members. Each participant finds or invents a lesson for his own liking and is engaged in it.

Hope, you should already understand, what is entropia universe — this is a very large trading platform. therefore, if you have no desire or ability to trade, then you will not be able to get something significant from the EU. After all, the ability to sell the extracted is more important, than the fact of mining anything. Consider the options, what to do.

If the money-hungry Entropia Universe member does not feel like doing something for the rest of the participants, or doesn’t want to trade at all, he can only become a passive investor. Such a participant must make a deposit, for the entire amount of the deposit to buy shares, and receive income, daily or once a week. Such a participant’s activity will be identical to placing a bank deposit in real life. With that difference, what if in the future such a participant decides to return all his funds, he will first have to sell all his shares to other entropia members.

After that, he must make an application for the withdrawal of proceeds and accumulated interest, and then expect the arrival of money as much as 2.5 months.

If you counted, that such investment activity is not very pleasing to you, Yes, and interest, received from such investments, not very big for you, then yes, there are other options.

Most interesting options are by no means the wrong activity, which is usually offered to everyone, who comes to Entropia Universe. And opposite, to that activity, which allows you to make money on other EU members. At the same time, participation in the core business is not required, taxed by all possible EU taxes, and you only need to carry out trading operations with those items and resources, that were mined by other participants, or, which is also acceptable, provide other participants with services.

Simplest activity, which the participant can do, not willing to personally participate in any resource extraction, not in the hunt, nor in production — this is the activity of mass purchase and further resale of resources and items, bypassing the auction.

Despite, that due to recent changes in Entropia Universe owners’ strategies, markups for many resources and items have decreased, and making money this way has become harder, this activity still has potential. It is especially noticeable on the planets, which are far from the main shopping center — planet Calypso.

Consider the actions of the buyer: he is almost always online, monitors the trading channels of its planet, and also regularly advertises in the same trading channels with an offer to buy resource stacks, or objects useful on this planet, which he considers profitable for resale right here.

Why is such an activity profitable?? Because buying all these items from other participants, bypassing the auction, he makes it cheaper, than with existing auction margins and taxes.

Sellers, which are usually beginner participants with insufficient capital, may resent the low purchase prices from such a buyer, but in the end some part of the beginners will come to the buyer and sell their pebbles or loot, because he understands — there will be more tax losses at the auction, and handing it all over to the trading terminal is also not very profitable, because the taxes of the Entropia Universe need to be somehow compensated.

The buyer then forms stacks from 25 to 75 from the resources he has formed (100) PED, and sells them at the highest possible prices at auction, or, which is even better, directly to manufacturers. In this way, the money from such a buyer will work almost completely outside the Entropia Universe tax system. With a significant amount of available funds, the buyer can earn quite large amounts.

The difference in the markup of some resources can be up to 10-20 on different planets%, which means, there is always room for money.

Similar activity, but held at auction, consists in analyzing changes in the prices of resources and items at different time periods. for instance, due to the seasonal characteristics of the Entropia Universe, as well as specific planetary events, the balance of supply and demand for resources and items is changing, and because of this, prices are changing, and sometimes quite substantially.

Having studied the market, can play on this difference, buy resources and items during the maximum offer period, and sell during the period of maximum demand. Such an activity can give the participant even greater profit, than profit, which the buyer receives. Long fluctuations in the market can reach values ​​up to 30-40%, which ultimately will give such a participant a big profit, than the buyer in the short term. But the funds for such activities will need a little more.

By, who do not like to trade resources and items, we can advise you to do real estate or stocks. It should be noted, that these two types of business are united by only one, namely low tax on lots. Auction tax on property rights or rights to receive payments cannot be more than 10 PED, whereas in the case of resources and items, it can easily reach 20-50-70 PED, and this difference also creates some room for maneuver.

Property Entropia Universe, and these are apartments and shops, in good demand at the auction, and if the participant is persistent enough, then the purposeful purchase and resale of real estate can bring good profits. You can even just buy apartments, furnish them with furniture and sell profitably!

In the case of stocks of any of the three types, the situation is a bit more confusing. Stocks may rise and fall, although lately their exclusively stable growth has been outlined, which allows you to invest in them and subsequently sell them at higher prices.

However, there is a tendency to change stock prices depending on the news of developers, decrease and increase payments or developers release updates, significantly affect profitability.

You can do popular deals, which we call «proprietary deals». You invest seed capital in one or more items, which then you start to offer for sale more expensive, what did you buy it, or for an exchange with a bias in the price. Your item should be rare and interest participants. In exchange for it, other participants may offer you money and/or items they have. The most profitable deals with items, as when committed, the participant, wishing to receive your rare item, may give away your rare item a little cheaper, than he would have sold it at auction, and then such a deal will bring profit to you, not him, because he wants an item, which you have, and you should always count, is it worth the deal, to do it. Participant, who wants something, always in a less advantageous position, and it is he who has to make concessions, which means to bring you money. Members, engaged in this type of trade, often sell or change items through the Planet Calypso forum.

Some of you may like to invest in your own store. The store can be used by you to trade anything, and at any price, at the discretion of the owner. Here are two diametrically opposite examples of organizing such a business: have a store, consumables, whose owner offers them at lower prices, than auction prices. Such stores always have enough customers, who are happy to save on consumables. And there is a store, which trades are relatively rare, and sometimes even useless objects, but with extra charge, going far beyond common sense. And for that, to earn 1000 PED, the first store owner needs to make 500 sales, with these 500 sales he will receive a profit of 1000 PED for example per month. To the owner of the second store — just one or two sales are enough, because he believes, that there is always a fool, who will pay him, because he wants it. The owners of these two stores are right both. This is what happens.

You can provide services to other Entropia Universe members. for instance, medical services, at the same time you have to invest in skills and a good expensive pharmacy, and work as a doctor in conjunction with a hunter participant.

Generally, the service sector is also quite wide, to choose a business for you, but any service activity will take a lot of your time. Services can be completely diverse, this and painting/texturing objects, and hairdressing/plastic surgeon. Field of hairdresser/surgeon, truth, recently fell into decay.

It is possible to provide transport services, transporting participants from planet to planet, and charge for it. If you have enough money, can I buy Vega Class Privateer or Mothership, and organize an interplanetary transport service, as scheduled, and for personal orders.

All of these activities are very indirectly connected with the Entropia Universe tax system, but in case, if you only do, what is written above, you basically make money, and pay taxes much less, than those participants, who are engaged in core activities, such as hunting, production or extraction of resources.

Yes, surprises in the form of receiving any valuable objects from the Entropia Universe system are not typical for the types of activities we have listed, but they are easier to predict and assess prospects. With proper planning, the above activities will quickly lead to significant capital, which you can how to deduce, use in other activities, for example in production. Moreover, actually get, that the whole Entropia Universe is doing business, on which you charge your, let small taxes, and collect them from all participants.

In this way, the main task of any participant in the Entropia Universe is to, so that:

  • find ways to compensate the EU tax system at the expense of other participants or reduce taxes, either do not pay them at all
  • find a type of activity or set of activities, which provides a steady income
  • regularly withdraw funds to a bank account

We do not think, that any enterprising and thinking person will find it difficult to implement their plans or come up with ways to earn money. Basic rule here, like any business: «Bought cheaper — sold more»!

Remember one thing, since Entropia Universe — this is a marketplace, from the very beginning, you should first think about trading, and not about problems or difficulties in carrying out core activities, such as hunting, resource extraction or production.