How much can you earn?

The answer to this question mainly depends on, how much do you know about Entropia Universe, and how much money do you want to invest in it.

If your knowledge is deep, then in almost every activity, which means hunting, resource search or production, you can earn 50-100 dollars a month or more with investments up to $500. If there is no knowledge at all, it’s very difficult to make money in Entropia Universe, and even investing more than 3-5 thousand dollars in vigorous activity (hunting, resource search or production) will not provide you with an acceptable amount of earnings per month.

Without knowledge, you can quickly learn how to only trade on hand or at auction, but your working capital for trading must be significant. To start a successful trade, and taking into account your possible mistakes at the initial stage, we think the optimal deposit amount is from 500 to 1000 dollars. Investments in stocks must be really big, so that income is substantial. for instance, to get passive income of $ 100 per month, about 3,000 shares of Arkadia Underground Deed needed to be acquired, and this is a very significant investment.

If your plan is, to earn without investment, then at first your earnings will not even cover the cost of electricity, computer consumed. You will have to collect Vibrant Sweat for a long time first, or pick fruit, to accumulate any significant funds for starting an active business or for trading.

We do not deny, that you can go this route and succeed, but the first few months of such activity, you will not be able to achieve significant success or make good money, what can disappoint and demotivate you. However, in the end, let’s say, in a year or two, with some patience, you can reach a monthly income of 100 or more dollars per month.

We hasten to dispel the error: If you think, what is simple «play», i.e. spend your time on the Entropia Universe project — this is a sufficient condition for, for someone to pay you money, then you are wrong.

For reference: some participants withdraw from Entropia Universe up to 100-150 thousand dollars a year.