How the Loot 2.0 system works

How the Loot 2.0 system works

In June 2017 with patch 15.15.0 MA changed the distribution scheme of loot when hunting. Subsequently, the new loot distribution scheme was called Loot 2.0.

Prior to this, the scheme worked, which can be called Loot 1.0. A characteristic feature of this circuit was that, what for, to get as much valuable loot as possible you had to focus on just one parameter, namely damage per pec. That is, on that, how much damage do you deal mob with 1 pec cost. The cost includes the price of cartridges, weapon wear, armor wear, first-aid kits, amp and all that, what did you generally spend to do this same damage?.

Before the introduction of Loot 2.0 players maxed this parameter by hook or by crook. Critical Damage Used, appropriate pills were used, and for weapons the only essential characteristic, which determined its price in the market — so-called eco weapons.

The eco indicator determined how economical the weapon is and how balanced and effective its ammunition consumption figures are, shot damage and wear. For those types of weapons, who had a high eco rate, players were ready to give crazy money and numbers in 2000-5000 PED for such a gun did not bother anyone. Also, big money cost and rings increase the chance of dealing critical damage.

At some point, the developers decided, that this system does not suit them very much, since it is not friendly to new players. After all, agree, what a newbie, who just registered in the game is unlikely to be ready to dump 500 bucks for a virtual gun, but he will understand quite quickly, that without such a gun he’s nothing special to do here and will abandon this whole undertaking, accordingly for MindArk it is nothing more than lost profit.

In addition, the Loot 1 system.0 over time has been thoroughly studied by players, moreover, information about how it works began to appear on the official forum of the game. And if about, what you need to strive to maximize damage while minimizing costs knew so, then information about «loot waves», which leaked to the masses, endangered the profitability of the entire project for developers.

Loot waves

What are loot waves? Over time, players realized that the distribution of valuable loot does not occur constantly, but distributed in time in the form of waves. I.e, if you got a delicious loot from a certain mob, then most likely soon you will not get anything from him.

Accordingly, smart people did this: they determined when a loot wave begins, fired mobs to the end of this wave, and when the wave began to decline, stopped their activity. Then after a while they again caught the wave, collected the distribution of the most valuable loot and again ceased activity. Respectively, those who grind nonstop continuously received everything else with a lower cost.

Such a scheme has become too predictable over time, was unfriendly to new players and did not encourage grind (non-stop gaming activity). All this led to the introduction of the Loot 2 system.0, which dramatically changed the rules of the game, nullifying the worked out schemes of the old-timers of the game and actually devaluing many models of equipment and weapons.

It was funny to watch how after the introduction of the Loot 2 scheme.0 offers for the sale of rare cannons with a high eco-rate just poured into the trade channel, which earlier or it was impossible to buy or could be bought only for some space money. At the same time, they were sold at very attractive prices from the point of view of a player in the Loot 1 system.0, but at completely inadequate prices from the point of view of the player in the Loot 2 system.0. The seller’s bid was, that the majority have not yet had time to calculate and figure out what’s what, whereas they [sellers] tried to, almost on the verge of despair, recapture previously invested funds in this weapon, which turned out to be not completely useless, but totally not worth that kind of money.

How the Loot 2 system works.0

To date, it is not yet fully understood how the Loot 2 system works.0. More precisely, there is official information from the developers, which more or less gives an idea of ​​what affects the distribution of loot, but confirmed information about, how to achieve maximum efficiency when hunting from players yet. Most likely she will not be, since Loot 2.0 was a good lesson for fans «firing circuits» and now players are more likely to be more restrained in disseminating information, so as not to provoke the onset of Loot 3.0 or something like that.

And yet even from that information, which developers have provided, we can form a definite idea about the Loot 2 system.0.

  • Loot 2 system.0 when distributing loot she began to take into account those costs, that the player suffered while killing a mob, i.e. cartridge consumption, armor wear, arms, first aid kits and t.d.
  • The so-called Hunting bonus pool has been introduced. If you have already tried to hunt in the Entropia Universe, they could notice, that when you get loot, you along with the standard small amount of Shrapnel immediately added a rather large amount. This is Shrapnel from the Hunting bonus pool. Hunting bonus pool is formed from auction commissions from damage caused by players with weapons, which does not match their skills (when money goes nowhere) and from other similar sources.
  • The weapon efficiency parameter has become more relevant. If before, nobody paid much attention to him, more focusing on eco weapons, which was determined using the third-party Weapon Compare service on the Entropia Wiki, now, according to the developers, the efficiency parameter is up to 7% from those factors that affect the delivery of loot.
  • Skills began to influence the calculation of loot. Luther profession appeared, when each level of the profession increases the percentage of return in loot on TT by 0.07%. Accordingly, the maximum level of development of the Luther profession increases the return in loot by 7%.
  • Loot waves have been abolished.
  • Weapon cells and BLP packs in loot have been replaced by Shrapnel. According to the developers, such a solution is more universal.
  • Loot 2 system.0 began to promote knowledge of the game. When the loot issue is optimally affected (according to skills) matched weapons, mob to damage ratio, time to kill, the presence or absence of overkill and other factors.
  • The armor has been substantially reworked. Before the introduction of Loot 2.0, even if the armor absorbed the damage taken, you still got 1.0 damage. Armor can now absorb all damage, and the wear of the armor began to linearly depend on the absorbed damage (previously there was a nonlinear dependence). A profession for armor was also announced, when unlimited armor absorbs all damage even when there is wear, whereas now the absorption of damage for unlimited armor depends on the degree of wear.
  • The concept of optimal loot was introduced, when a game rewards you for killing mobs, which correspond to the damage of your weapon and the level of skill development by increasing the amount of useful loot relative to shrapnel. The lower the cost of killing a mob, the higher the proportion of optimal loot relative to shrapnel. Accordingly, the more shrapnel in your loot, the greater the chance that you are doing something wrong.
  • Whether loot is interrupted during combat during treatment. The less you interrupt for treatment and the lower the cost of your treatment, all the better.
  • Developers declared, what the loot 2 system.0 on average gives a return of 95% by TT. That is, for 100 PED invested by a player in wild weapons and armor, cartridges, treatment, amplifiers and t.d. 95 PED in loot returns. Accordingly, the main task of the player is to ensure maximum hunting efficiency to obtain optimal loot and find a way to compensate for these 5% in markup loot when selling it. However, it is worth paying attention to, that this percentage begins to work fully only at relatively high speeds, since statistical information, given by the developers applies to those players, which scroll from 100 PED and higher.
  • The developers have been officially announced, that the basic mechanics of loot 1.0, which directly affected the hunting efficiency of the Loot 1 system.0 has lost its relevance, since in the Loot 2 system.0 the cost of loot is formed on the basis of the costs of its receipt. However, critical damage has not completely lost its relevance, since they affect the proportions of optimal loot.

In general, this is basic information, Hunter needs to know about Loot 2.0 Pay attention, what if you read any topics on the forums, dedicated to Entropia Universe, dated earlier than June 2017, then with high probability, the information presented there will not be relevant at the moment, since the mechanics relevant to the Loot 1 system are described.0, which are not relevant for the Loot 2 system.0