How to earn?

Would like to earn money in Entropia Universe? The article discusses several ways, letting you make money, as well as, what absolutely can not be done.

surely, Entropia Universe has nothing to do without money and seed capital. In principle, it’s real to rise from scratch, but very boring and long. In fact, the only way to get up from scratch is sweating or picking fruit, and the subsequent trade in all small things to put together the initial capital. However, if you are persistent, patient and ready for a long time to get yourself the initial capital Sweating, fruit picking and small trading, it’s your right. All the money, which you received in legal ways, possibly withdraw from Entropia Universe, even if you haven’t deposited anything.

Business Tools

How much do you need funds, for, to start earning? A definite answer to this question cannot be given. More funds at your disposal, all the better. More money – more profit. However, there are limits, related to demand or market dynamics in the EU.

If you are not going to play in the high-risk market of expensive items with a huge margin of tens or hundreds of thousands of PED, which depends on market and community trends, as well as demand for these items, and on their number in the Entropia Universe, your maximum amount for operations may be 10 thousand dollars, and minimal – 100 dollars.

You need to consider, that with average earnings levels of 3-10% in EU, with 100 dollars you will have the opportunity to earn say just 3-5 dollars, and very limited scope of operations, due to the number of possible transactions at the same time, while with a 10,000 budget you can plan your operations globally, holding some goods and selling others, as more suitable, taking into account market dynamics. Generally, we will leave this question to your discretion, but with an investment of 300-1000 dollars, your income may be 10-20 dollars a week or more.


The shops

Most Accessible Entropia Universe Entrant, surprisingly, and what few people think about – this is resale of goods from stores. Contrary to popular belief about overpriced, store owners put the goods in it a little cheaper, what it is sold at auction. Why it happens? The fact, what is the master, exhibiting goods in a store, pays nothing for putting up a product for sale. The tax rate is calculated on top of the price of the goods. Tax payment, and in a smaller size, than at auction, occurs at the time of purchase of goods by the buyer. The shopkeeper will get that price, which he set for the subject, and the buyer — will pay both price and tax. And since the tax in the store is almost 2 times lower, than progressive auction tax, master, if he is not a huckster, has the ability to put a price lower, than at auction, while earning more, and completely without the risk of pointless paying the auction tax, if the item is not sold. As a result, prices are lower in most stores, than at auction. Not at all, but in most.

There are shops on all planets. It is highly advisable to make an opinion about them. You will be required to track the dynamics of changes in prices in the market for goods, presented in stores, and in case of price increase in the market by 5-10% or more, run to the store, buy goods and quickly put them up for auction. The store owner is usually physically unable to clearly track all market fluctuations and this circumstance plays into your hands. Working this way, you will have to regularly go around the stores and monitor the replenishment or change in the range of them, but then you can extract a steady income.

Auction Monitoring and Instant Buying

This is one way to make money, sitting at auction. Your task will be to monitor the newly created lots and their immediate redemption, in case of setting the lot below market prices. To do this, set up an auction (sort the auction by Created lot creation field, to 00:00 displayed at the very top), and once every 10-30 seconds, click the Refresh button, to always see the newly created lots.

This method has some disadvantages. Firstly, you have to be very good at pricing. Decision making by other participants, doing the same, often happens instantly. Second factor – you need a significant amount of funds on your balance sheet to redeem everything, what do you want to resell in the future.

After that, how did you redeem items, you interested, and allowing them to resell profitably, you can start selling them, and then counting profits.

Purchase of goods on the street and street trading

Using this method, you will have to stand in the places where newcomers gather and buy relatively lucid loot from them, possibly suite and minerals at discount prices, to resell at high prices already at auction, when these accumulated penny amounts add up to something more.

Import and export

If you start to analyze auctions of different planets, then find, that the same objects or resources on different planets are sold at different prices. for instance, Megane Bullion Ore May Cost Calypso 135%, and on Arcadia 125%, due to, that the demand for Calypso is higher, and not every buyer is willing to pay a transport fee. You can make some money on that, to transport Arkadia low-priced resources to Calypso, and sell them there more expensive.

Keep in mind, materials transported by the Quad-Wing Interceptor through outer space can be selected by pirates, therefore, such operations are best done, using maserships as a transport and flying offline. Naturally, calculation of your profit should include transportation costs.

Analyze, what exactly is missing on another planet, and trade!

Rental services

Rent — it is the provision of things for use on bail. However there is a risk, that he who takes things will not return them to you, EULA does not oblige him to do this. Requires items, for which another participant will be willing to pay. Usually, fee is charged for 1 week of using the thing. You can invest in rare and valuable items and provide them for rent.

Broker services

You can offer their members, who do not want to sell, but willing to give a small percentage of the commission to you, for the successful and quick sale of their goods or things. The difficulty usually lies in finding those who want to. English — required.

Advertising (does not require seed capital)

You can advertise services, or advertise to the store, and get a small fee for this from the store owner/service provider. English — required. Usually participants use these services, recently opened a store or started to provide services.