How to fix a car?

The car goes bad. When moving, you can run over stones, crash into trees, or mobs can bite her. This causes damage to the machine.

There are two types of damage in the car — reversible and irreversible.

Reversible — this is when the Structural Integrity parameter deteriorates and decreases (open machine properties, right-clicking on it and choosing Item Info, you will see this parameter in the same section, where the nominal value in PED is indicated, or her TT).

After that, how the Structural Integrity parameter reached zero, the machine turns into a twisted piece of metal. However, it can be repaired.

To fix, you can use the free help of other players, just by putting the car in any crowded area (e.g. Camp Icarus on Calypso or Celeste Outpost on Arkadia). Sooner or later, someone will see her and fix it. No money to pay for it, it will be enough just to say “thank you”.

The second option is a bit more complicated and requires money. For self-repair, you will need to visit the auction (Find Auctioneer or Auction Terminal). At the auction you will need to buy two things — Vehicle RK-5(L) and welding wire (Welding Wire — the smallest possible amount, which you can find). RK-5 — this is a repair device for a car, well Welding Wire — solder wire.

Having Welding Wire in the inventory and activating RK-5 by car, you fix it yourself. The cost of the RK-5 ranges from 9 to 11 PED (depends on market price fluctuations), Welding Wire price is highly dependent on volume. Machines may have permanent damage, this is when a car’s TT decreases. TT on most machines cannot be repaired.

After that, how the machine’s TT reached 0.00, it becomes unusable and is subject to delivery to the trading terminal.