How to measure decay?

Almost all items, that the character uses in the Entropia Universe, have decay.
Decay — this is the amount, on which there is a decrease in the value of the item for one use.

This material describes the methodology, letting you know the exact decay of items, to shares of PEC.

Shown here, how can you find out the actual decay data of the T-105 transformer after processing 1 Force Nexus and 1 Vibrant Sweat in 100 ME. In addition to the T-105, items with a very low TT value will be required. The example below will use 1000 bottles of Sweat. You can also use fruit, or common dung, but because, that many Entropia Universe members use fruit, this decay measurement method is sometimes called «fruit method».

TT value 1000 bottles of suite is 0,01 PED, or 0.00001 PED for each bottle of Sweat.

Find a trading terminal, click Sell and drag the T-105 to the window. As below, it matters TT 8,70 PED. note, what’s the actual TT value is higher, since the terminal does not display a third or more decimal places, and total decimal places 5.

To find out the current value of TT, add sweat bottles to the window, until he starts showing 8,71 PED. In this way, you can find the point, in which the value will vary from 8,70 to 8,71 PED, after adding just one bottle of sweat.

It can be done, adding bottle by bottle, until the value changes, or you can start right away with 500 bottles. If the value does not change, add another 250 bottles, before changing the value. When changing the value, remove the bottles, which you just added and put back only half the number of bottles. Halve the number of added bottles, until you get 1 bottle.

Below, You can see, that 986 bottles of sweat — this is the amount, so that the amount changes by 8,71 PED.

therefore: T-105 + 986 = 8,71000 PED T-105 + 0,00986 = 8,71000 PED T-105 = 8,70014 PED

Once you have received the actual TT value T-105, use it, to clarify decay 1 Force Nexus and 1 Vibrant Sweat in 100 IU. Then, using exactly the same technique, which we used above, define a new TT transformer value.

As the picture below, then the new TT transformer value:

T-105 + 6 = 8,70000 PED T-105 + 0,00006 = 8,70000 PED T-105 = 8,69994 PED

In this way, decay from recycling: 8,70014 PED — 8,69994 = 0.00002 PED or 0.002 PEC

As you see, this method is quite suitable for obtaining the actual decay value of up to 5 decimal places. You can apply this method to other items, such, like weapons or armor.