How to withdraw money?

Withdraw funds at Entropia Universe

Not a secret, that most players, who are registered in the Entropia Universe want to learn how to make money in this project.

To do this, you need to thoroughly study the game and come up with your own earnings scheme. And if this scheme is based on real economic interaction between players, then MindArk will print your PED to you without any problems, converted to dollars, to your bank account (minus commission of course).

so, let that stage go, when you, having studied the materials on the game and using all his inventiveness and quick wit, were able to come up with a method of earning and successfully implemented this method. You have treasured 1000 PED in your account (minimum amount to withdraw). What’s next?

Then you go into your personal account and apply for a withdrawal of funds.

Withdraw funds at Entropia Universe
Specify the necessary information, using the details for interbank transfers, which you can find out from your bank and the amount to withdraw.

If everything is done correctly, then you will get a message saying, that your withdrawal request is registered in the system. A letter will also be sent to your mail. A request for withdrawal will be displayed in your account.

Then you just have to be patient and wait for the MindArk decision on your application. They will check if all transactions you have completed, which led you to this amount in the account, were committed within the rules of the system and did you practice any forbidden game actions.

An application for withdrawal is considered within 3 months. Maybe faster. It all depends on, when your application will be considered by those. MindArk staff. All applications are checked manually, so even if you had a cunning plan, how to trick the system and it worked for you, then nobody cares, until you want to turn your peds into real dollars.

If the check is passed, then you will receive a letter in the mail. It means, that the money has already been sent to you and the further terms for its receipt depend solely on your bank.

If you are still not registered in EU, just look at the game, it’s time to register, by clicking on this link. The game is free, but rewards for quick wits and resourcefulness with real money. Who knows, maybe it’s your entrepreneur’s talent that will be fully revealed here.