How would you invest 15k?

Let’s say you are a new player and you have 15k ped, what would you buy and how much would you keep as bankroll?

Withdrawing and running away is not an option.


AUDs for sure – and keep some for what you like doing.

If you actually want to play, look at getting low end UL gear that fits your skill level. L items are a money sink. Likely wouldn’t cost more than a few K PED if your fairly low.

Otherwise deeds if you just want the money to sit and have no intention of playing.

Do you want to earn money or have fun?

Earn money – buy deeds, come back once a year to collect the gains.
Have fun – buy low level equipment. Repair/get ammo/ replace broken equipment.

Depending on the level of mobs you attack and other factors, 1500 Peds can last you anywhere between a week to 2 years.

If you aren’t going to actually play it would be better to use Robinhood and buy SPY.

If you are going to play, buy some CLDs and AUDs. And get some armor and a good laser carbine.

Deeds if you don’t plan to play the actual game and only plan to log in once in a while and collect the payouts. Converting your assets into deeds also good if DO play the game but have to take a long break from it,

Otherwise, the money would make a good bankroll, letting you play longer without having to sell anything at prices you don’t like, or/and play at other planets than Calypso that lack proper market and only warp to Caly once in some weeks to sell the loot.

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