I got to an outpost surrounded by strong mobs, you can’t get out on foot, there is no flying transport, what to do

We suppose, that a similar situation most likely happened at Calypso, as soon as there are besieged outposts.

Decision for money: buy any flying transport. Fit Quad-Wing Interceptor (L), Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L), Gungnir Mk1 (C,L), DragonFly Helicopter (L), Imperium Spec Lancer (L), Lancer V1 (L).

You will also need to buy Oil (50-300 units), for, to refuel vehicles. After that, such problems will stop worrying you.

You can also buy a teleportation chip and insert an implant to use it, but transport, in our opinion, will be cheaper.

If there is no money, then you should ask for help, to get pulled out. You need to connect to any channel, where there may be those who want to help you.

There is a resource of society Calypso Resque Team, where you can ask for help. To enter the CRT channel, type in the chat line /j #crt . Be ready to give your coordinates.

To get your coordinates you need to type in the chat /pos