I wrote a Support Case, but there is no answer, what should I do?

Entropia Universe support doesn’t respond to all requests equally fast. Your request may be a priority, and may concern issues, which support quickly can not or does not want to solve.

therefore, if you have not received a response from support within one to two days (and even weeks), this is not a reason, to start bombarding cases with all support sections. There are known cases of bans for this behavior.

If your question is a priority, and this concerns financial issues, questions about Entropia Universe login issues or insults from other members, or cases of cheating, then you can count, that you will receive an answer to the question within 1-3 business days.

If your question is about bugs, mistakes, processes inside the Entropia Universe, or something not very significant for most participants, sometimes you can wait for an answer for a week, month, or even six months (Yes Yes, we are not joking!).

So be patient and wait for an answer to your Support Case. He will not remain completely unanswered.