Is it possible to sell a character?

Entropia Universe character cannot be sold. This is prohibited by the rules.

Entropia Universe account cannot be sold in the same way, and the account also cannot be inherited. Account tied to a specific person, and character too.

Despite, that there is a shadow practice of selling accounts between participants, such a sale entails a very high probability of a ban from MindArk, because the buyer will not be able to legally change the owner’s data to his own without presenting documents (passports and t.P.), and changing the registration data to another person is not provided for by the rules.

Problems in case of illegal sale are almost inevitable. Possible and legal way of selling and closing a character:

  1. Sell ​​assets.
  2. Merge skills.
  3. Sell ​​skills.
  4. Withdraw funds.
  5. Contact support to close your account.