Is it possible to sell or buy PED or things for money, bypassing a sale in the EU and depositing / withdrawing money through a bank?

Answer — Yes. EULA has no direct prohibition on selling virtual items for regular money in the real world.

Therefore, formally, there is no prohibition, although MindArk has made it clear several times, that they do not approve of trading PED and things.

But if from the point of view of the seller of PED or things, everything looks great (he sells PED and leaves the EU), if you do not consider the possibility of, that the seller will not receive money in the real world from an unscrupulous buyer, it’s different with purchased PEDs in the game.

If you buy PED for real money, it may well turn out like this, that these PEDs were collected from 500 other characters, created by one member and subsequently merged into 1 character, thrown for the sake of withdrawing all these funds, or obtained by fraud.

Usually, such things may not be detected right away, but when you try to further withdraw your purchased PED in the usual way (to bank account), you may run into, that withdrawal may be refused, or your account may be blocked.

therefore, buying PED in the game, always think about the consequences, you make a decision based on, from whom do you buy PED. It is highly discouraged to buy PED from those, who leaves the EU.

They have nothing to lose!