Is it possible to “unwind” without any investments at all?

The answer to your question — «Yes».

Another thing, that promotion without investment is a long and tedious business. If you are willing to spend your time, earning at first about 3-10 rubles per hour (we assume, what is electricity, consumed by your computer, will cost about the same amount), then you can pick up the retinue or find fruit. It’s a long thing, but in the end, after a fairly long time, you will gain 50-100 dollars, sufficient for trading, and then various activities.

In this case, you will not have the opportunity to engage in any other activity (hunting, resource search, production) pretty long, since almost all of your time will be devoted to making money to start.

The average time for such a promotion can be from a couple of months to six months to a year, depending on your online, Of course, some can accomplish this feat in a few weeks.

The choice is yours.