Is there a step-by-step guide to making money?

There is no such instruction. And if it existed, it would quickly become worthless.

Because, Firstly, Entropia Universe changes very often, and all guides and guides, which were written a few years ago, may already be inaccurate.

Secondly, since you can earn money in Entropia Universe only on other participants, then the earnings according to the instructions would depreciate, since everyone would start making money like that.

Simple ways to make money, where you can earn real pennies are always in the public domain. This is a collection of suites, fruit picking and so on.

More complicated ways, combining several steps, including several areas of activity (let’s call it process chains), invented and found by the participants themselves, and these chains are kept secret, so that other participants do not become competitors in similar activities.

therefore, If you are looking for easy and easy ways to earn money according to the instructions in the Entropia Universe, then they are not. Or tiny earnings.