Island Shirt (C) Blueprint – scheme for crafting the Next Island

Island Shirt (C) Blueprint - scheme for crafting the Next Island

Island Shirt (C) Blueprint is a free crafting scheme for the Island Shirt, full TT price 1.2 PED. Island Shirt (C) Blueprint is given as a prize for completing the Beachside Fashion quest.

To obtain this Blueprint, you must first approach NPC Sara Murray.

[Next Island, 137069, 83348, 137, Sara Murray NPC ]

Talk, scroll everywhere yes, yes or similar… She will direct to NPC Miranda the quest Talk to Miranda. Upon approaching Miranda, talk to her.

[Next Island, 137334, 83293, 137, Miranda NPC ]

NPC Miranda will also give you a task to bring 20 pc of Wool, for which there will also be a reward.

Go back to Sarah, answer her question and get the Island Shirt (C) Blueprint from her.

Ingredients for Island Shirt C crafting

Lesser Elysia 2 pieces, TT price for 1 piece – 8 pec. This ingredient is also a product of the crafting. For the production of must acquire, or wait until a drop at the time of crafting, blueprint – Lesser Elysia Blueprint. Which requires ingredients (Vibrant Sweat, Lysterium Ingot). Vibrant Sweat is a nationally popular loot from the sweating, Lysterium – also a nationally popular stone, it is found underground and refined from found stone on mining.

Refined Hematite Crystal 8 pieces, TT price for 1 piece – 1 pec. Produced and refined from Hematite Crystal. This material is a loot from animals (Yellow Pappo, Arges, Steropes Cyclops, Brown Papoo, Petit Yellow Papoo) on the planet Next Iceland.

Ingredients may be found at auction or bought via the trade chats.

Once you have enough ingredients you can try to make a shirt. Go to the craft machine, insert the blueprint (chosen from the list).