Just re-joined, got 35 PED. What can I do?

As above. Just reactivated my account that I haven’t used since 2007.

Edit – I’ve also got 5.18k BLP Pack energy cells, 62.2k weapon cells, 400 explosive projectiles as well as a Sollomate Opalo and a Sollomate Kiwio Mk 2 (L).


I also recently reactivated an account from 2007. You will see that the game changed a lot and in my opinion for the better.

There are many more missions and the game in general feels more like an MMO now.

The other major change is that when you kill mobs you now get shrapnel which can be converted to ammo from your inventory.

With 35 ped you can hunt punies for quite a while. hunting punies i think that would last maybe about 10 hours cycling thought it.

Hunt exosaurs in North Swamp Camp (North of Port Atlantis). They drop blazar fragments that have very, very high markup.

Maybe grab a Terratech and start cutting wood while you relearn the game. It’s pretty new and something different.

Entropia Universe Terratech tool