Locked account after buying starter pack?

Anyone have any insight into locked accounts?

I was playing earlier tonight and after about 3 days of playing decided I liked the game enough to buy the gold starter pack. The transaction looks like it went through on my card and account. However, I was logged into the game when I bought it and it immediately gave me a pop up about my log in status and logged me out. When I went to log back in, it said my account was locked. Does anyone have any insight into what might be going on?


Sounds like it may have been flagged as suspicious. I would contact support and just have proof of ID on hand because they’ll likely ask for it.

Did the name you gave entropia match the name on your credit card? I made the mistake of using my online pseudo when i first signed up and surprise surprise ‘Bahb Silunt’ is not what my ID or credit card read.