Map of Monria

The map of Monria consists of one sector. Not even the entire area is accessible, as the accessible area consists of 3 craters and a cave.

A special feature of the cave is that it is not possible to use vehicles. Monria is the only place where you can move from the surface to the space station for free. It is also possible to travel to the planet Calypso for 7 peds.

There are 11 teleporters on the map of Monria (listed below in recommended order of opening).

map of monria

Initially there are 5 teleporters open:

  1. Cave 1 Teleporter – located in a cave.
  2. Cthulhu Tower Teleporter – located in a shopping mall.
  3. Cthylla Tower Teleporter – located in a shopping mall.
  4. DSEC Forensics – habitual gathering place for people, there are also a few agents there, including for hunting local mobs.
  5. Monria Hub Teleporter – Starting point for Monria-born locals and for the start of missions, there’s Tobie with a Daily Token for crafting, there’s a Mining Guild Representative with mining Challenges and a few more agents.

    Available to open even for a newbie:

  6. DSEC Mining Camp [Monria, 38753, 19113, 115, DSEC Mining Camp tp] – from TP DSEC Forensics run 1300 m south-southeast [Monria, 38488, 19933, 27, way to another crater]. On the way will meet Shoggoth, at the end will Yog. You can run around Yog the right side of the rocks, there in the gorge will be a platform that will take you to another crater, where 80 m south-southwest is a TP. There is an agent with Daily Token to mining and nearby agent with Daily Token to Yog. Often nearby gather groups for swinging.
  7. DSEC Military Camp [Monria, 36919, 17736, 175, DSEC Military Camp tp] – from TP DSEC Mining Camp run 1500 m southwest [Monria, 37737, 17984, 106, the path of another crater]. On the way there will be a lot of Yog, which can bypass the edge of the crater. There in the gorge will be a platform, which will take you to the other crater, where 90 m to the north and will rip nearby is a pet centre and agent with Daily Token on Cultist and taming Leprechaun.
  8. Cave 2 Tunnel Teleporter [Monria, 36870, 23652, 102, Cave 2 Tunnel Teleporter TP]. From Cave 1 Teleporter run through the cave about 2 km, trying to avoid the many Shoggoth. The easiest way to go in a wide place stick to the edges of the cave. I went along the left edge, jumping on the rocks, the entrance to the cave will be a few large Shoggoth, which you can avoid the left side on the rocks.
  9. Cave 3 Tunnel Teleporter [Monria, 36245, 22285, 176, Cave 3 Tunnel Teleporter TP] – from Cave 2 Tunnel Teleporter run through the cave about 1.5 km, avoiding Yog. The first spider killed by turret on the teleporter, the second to pull the cave wall in more or less a wide place, die, then move along the opposite wall.
  10. Shub Cavern Teleporter [Monria, 35599, 20043, 91, Shub Cavern TP] – from DSEC Military Camp, move along the edge of the crater to the northernmost point of the crater (approximately here [Monria, 36145, 19223, 191, Waypoint]), there press T die on the mob. Agent is next with Daily Token on Shub.
  11. Cave 4 Tunnel Teleporter [Monria, 35037, 21404, 86, Cave 3 Teleporter TP] – with Shub Cavern Teleporter to the right along the cave wall, not letting the mobs close, to the point [Monria, 35812, 20831, 91, Waypoint]. Here go under the mountain and move right, in one place will need to climb higher and run over the cliff (jump down carefully, high, can be a lot of damage, if stuck on the mountain, just press T). Get out from under the mountains at [Monria, 35472, 21026, 86, Waypoint], then right on the water, go on land and move north-northwest, die on the mob.