Mechs planet concept

Would a MECH based planet concept be something people playing this would enjoy? What are the costs of doing the planet partners thing?

Back when that info was public on Mindark’s site, the “PP thing” was 2 mil USD: 1 mil goes to MA for the job (all coding is done by MA, PP creates only the content), and you must provide guarantees that you possess another 1 mil to maintain the dev team and other expenses.

Mechas was the original concept of Planet Cyrene before it was released in 2012, then they teased more of that, but ultimately failed to provide because MA said that they can’t develop the needed mechanics:

It would take a substantial coding effort to create vehicles with anything other than no wheels or 4+ wheels. Looking at what other things we have on our road map I think its safe to say that mechs wont be introduced anytime soon. — Kim|MindArk

This was Cyrene’s original idea. I think PP’s are minimum 2 million. More like 9 million to actually get MindARKs coders off their ass to put in the features required. Sadly, I think that pricetag would be about the same for fishing or cooking professions.

$50k would only buy you 2 decent land areas on Calypso (100-300k ped, depending on location and upgrades). Even Monria moon was originally sold for $150k and it’s not even a planet/PP, merely a glorified land area with next to no control over the content for the owner. The owner of Crystal Palace space station (another glorified land area with just 2 kinds of mobs and zero control) recently sold it to players in the form of shares for $500k.

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