Mentor and Training

We consider it necessary to explain, what is a mentor in Entropia Universe and do you personally need it. This material reflects the views of many Entropia Universe members, however, is not the ultimate truth.

Mentor (Mentor) — translated from English mentor, teacher.

The institute of mentoring in the Entropia Universe arose a long time ago, it was modified several times in the history of the project and was originally created to, so that novice participants receive all the necessary knowledge from more experienced participants.

It originally looked like this: an experienced participant could take you to his students, you have been trained to a certain level in one of the three main professions, after which the mentor received a reward.

Usually it was some nonsense, for example a simple gun Frean Alpha BLP Pistol Mentor Edition, which cost about 1 dollar. But there was a chance to get something more substantial, e.g. serious weapons Doa Loudmouth Mentor Edition or Meckel&Loch ML-35 Mentor Edition, which could be sold in 2007-2008 for very substantial money — more than 1-2 thousand dollars. For the sake of, to get a chance to become the owner of such a prize for training, Experienced participants not only willingly took students, but even offered money as a reward to the student upon successful completion of training.

Now, after years, institute of mentoring has undergone major changes. The most important difference is, that now a successfully trained participant began to receive prizes. Mentor prizes preserved, but have undergone significant changes for the worse.

What prizes does one get, who was trained

  • On the planet Calypso and any planet, except the planet Arkadia — Adjusted Pixie Armor Kit and Mk1 Explorer Vehicle (L).
  • On the planet Arkadia — Adjusted Musca Armor Kit and Mk1 Explorer Vehicle (L).

The total market value of these kits can range from 4 to 6 dollars, depending on demand and market conditions. Note, that a more significant amount may be spent on training by a novice participant, from 15-20 dollars and more.

And what prizes does the mentor get now?

In most cases, this is an arbitrary part of the armor of seven, Hunter Mentor Edition (usually gloves, Thigh Guards or Mask). Or it could be a character pill, giving skills growth for several hours.

Of course, changing the system of rewards for the mentor for the conducted training could not but affect the desire of experienced players to take on beginner training. If you look at the current average cost of prizes for a mentor, it will turn out, that the reward will be less than $ 1. If very lucky, then the reward will be 15 dollars (if the mentor receives one of the rare parts of the Hunter Mentor Edition as a prize).

We are not aware of any prizes with a market value of over $ 15-20 over the past two to three years. The interest of experienced participants in mentoring as a means of obtaining prizes was almost completely lost, and now many take students mainly for their own sake, if students want prizes for completing the course.

Since this is done for students, with almost no interest in this mentor, then mentors often ignore students, not answering even the simplest questions. They do only the essentials, for the student to complete his studies and receive his prizes, nor did it prevent the mentor from engaging in habitual activities in the Entropia Universe.

Does a novice participant need a mentor?

If a beginner is interested in prizes (which can subsequently be sold), he needs a mentor. And the faster — all the better. If at the same time the novice participant intends to engage in cost-free activities, Becoming a Vibrant Sweat Collector, or fruit with stones, then his chances of becoming a student are generally minimal.

This is due to, that training can drag on for months, or even for a year, and such a vague prospect to get at least some benefit for yourself, and at the same time, the mentor does not like to have a student’s place. If the student at the same time will pester the mentor with stupid questions, almost no progress in training, then he has every chance of being kicked by a mentor for a week or two.

Participant’s normal duration of training, who made a minimum deposit, or purchased a starter kit in the Web Shop, and which enters the Entropia Universe for two to three hours a day or more, ranges from 1 to 3 weeks.

Does an experienced participant need a student?

The answer to this is not entirely clear. Generally, one mentor can take up to 20 students at a time, which many do, if there is no concern at all from the students.

If a novice participant promises to become part of the Entropia Universe community, while doing specific, very significant steps, such as a significant deposit (from 100 dollars or more), then the mentor can engage in personal training for such a participant, counting on, that he can become his companion or friend.

Unfortunately, more than 90% new members, suggesting, what is entropia universe — it’s just a game, and further understood, what they were wrong, leave EU in the first week. The opinion of some experienced players is connected with this, that it’s not worth taking everyone in a row and a critical attitude towards candidates.

So is it worth it to look for a mentor?

In our opinion, if you come just try EU, you don’t need any mentor at all. You should look around at least a week or two. Complete missions, learn the interface, read a lot. If you stay in the EU for more than 2-3 weeks, or make your first deposit of $ 50 or more, we recommend you find a mentor, who will be ready to answer all your questions.

It will not be easy, but it is possible, if the participant, whom you ask to become a mentor, believe in you and then, that you deserve the time spent on you. Remember however, that the mentor owes you nothing personally, that he spends a very valuable resource on you — its time, and that in any case, you will receive much more from training, than he. If you take this into account, it will be much easier for you to find a teacher in Entropia Universe.

How to find a mentor through the Mentor Register?

  1. Press y. In the Action Library window that opens, type the phrase in the search bar: mentor register
  2. The page will open, containing the desired button. Click on the Mentor Register button.
  3. A list of all mentors opens, who are registered in the Entropia Universe.

It’s best to sort your mentors by the Online Status field, and study the presentation of your potential teacher, which opens at the bottom of the list when selecting a participant. Pay attention to the contents of the presentation, and on the assessment of the mentor in conjunction with the number of participants who completed his training.

If you are not fluent in English, you should look for a mentor, native speaker.

If you think, that the mentor suits you, select it from the list and click on the Request button.

Of course, a mentor is completely optional, and you don’t have to waste time at all, if you think, that do without a teacher.