Mining – basic knowledge

In Entropia Universe, the vast majority of items that any player needs: weapons, armor, tools, transport is carried out by the players themselves. Production workers are doing this — crafters.

And for the production of all these necessary things, crafters need resources, mined from the bowels of the planets — ore, minerals, energy carriers. A virtual economy requires raw materials for its growth and development, how is the economy in the real world. That is why minerals, which miners mine, always in constant demand. what, naturally, provides high popularity of this profession among players. Say more, with the right approach, resource extraction allows players to consistently earn money and not think about injecting real money into the game.

Entropia Universe has tons of resources, and oil — far from the most popular. An explosive increase in demand and prices for a particular raw material occurs in the Entropia Universe then, when new technologies are introduced into the game, requiring certain resources.

It happens like this: with the next update of the game in loot, crafters begin to drop new drawings, requiring a particular mineral or ore for production.

If crafters consider, that it is profitable for them to produce items according to new drawings, they begin to buy the resources they need in the market, creating increased demand, and their price starts to rise. Experienced miners track these changes in demand and search for, what is currently in demand, and make good profit on it.

Professional growth

At first, when you get acquainted with mining, it seems to beginners, that this activity is expensive, than hunting. It is peculiar «optical illusion», related to, that the cost of one attempt to search for a resource is much more expensive, than the cost of cartridges, necessary for that, to kill a weak monster. In fact, the cost of 1 hour lane is comparable to the cost of 1 hour of hunting for mid-level mobs, and hunting for high-level mobs is much more expensive, than mine.

In addition, to effectively search for most resources, including rare ones, It will be enough for you to develop your mining skills up to level 15-20 in Prospector (to search for ores) and surveyor (for searching Enmatters).

mining professions
At the moment, only the most powerful tools for finding resources require a miner with a level in the profession above 60 for effective use.

Compare with top weapons, which require a hunter 100 level of professional development. truth, should say, that grow to level 60 in the profession of a miner, perhaps, not any easier, than pump to 100 in hunt. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to think about «pouring» in your avatar of mining skills, to use higher level equipment, allowing you to search for rarer and more expensive resources.

Resource types, mined in mining

All resources, minerals, mined on the planets Entropia Universe, are divided into three types, two of which — Ores and Energy matters — mined on all planets, and one – Treasures, — can only be found on the planet Arkadia.

Periodic Table
Ores – this group includes all kinds of metal ores and minerals: zinc — zinc, copper – copper, and many unknown terrestrial geology elements, eg, Nicsarium or Ignisium.

Energy matters, or short Enmaters – energy carriers, flammable substances. They may be in liquid, powder or crystalline form, no matter what, besides variety in names, it does not affect.

Treasures – unique resources, mined on Arkadia. The plot is not natural resources, and traces of the vital activity of an ancient deceased civilization hidden beneath the surface of the planet. So strictly speaking, search treasures – not miner, and archaeological activity. But from the point of view of the process, it is no different from the search for ore and energy.

Resource Type Selection, which you are going to search, determined by your settings — device for launching special sounding samples and analysis of the results of their work. You can configure the crawler to search for any of the three types of resources.

The ability to enable Treasures search is blocked on all planets, except Arkadia. If you want to simultaneously search for two or all three types of resources, You just mark them on the screen, and the next time you run the samples, the crawler will look for everything, what have you chosen.

An important point to be made here. One Enmatters search attempt costs 0.5 PED, one attempt to search ores – 1 PED, and one attempt to search for Treasures will be the most expensive — 1,5 PED.

If you, eg, decided to search for both Ores and Enmatters, one cast of sample will cost you 1,5 PED. Therefore choose simultaneous search only then, when do you understand, what are you doing. for instance, such a search is justified when exploring a new area for you, when you want to quickly check, what resources are found in this location, or, vice versa, You know exactly, what’s in the zone, where are you going to mine, there are deposits of the best-selling Ores and Enmatters.

Lane equipment

To search for resources, You will need several tools and a supply of mining «samples», which are, as described above, expended on every roll. Samples — analogue cartridges in hunt.

so, You will need:

  1. Finder — device for starting samples and analyzing results.
  2. Excavator — portable drilling rig, allowing to extract the found resource from underground to the surface.
  3. Refiner — portable device, allowing to clean the extracted resource from impurities.

When searching for resources Refiner, basically», not needed. But it is highly recommended that you still have it at hand. Firstly, because, that the sale of raw resources, usually, will bring you less profit, the price of a cleaned resource is almost always higher than the price of a raw, and the cost of cleaning is low. Secondly, when cleaning, the resource becomes twice as easy. Overloading your avatar prevents him from running, and cleaning up extracted resources helps restore movement speed.

Another little nuance, which I would like to say, speaking of resource cleaning.

Most raw and cleaned resource names match. That is, if you found Iron Ore (iron ore), then, when cleaned, it will turn into Iron Ingots (iron bullion). But some types of resources when cleaning completely change the name.

for instance, Lumis Leach turns into Light Liquid when cleaning. I wrote about it to, what if you saw, that there is a demand for Light Liquid, and you decided to search for him, then look for information about, where can I find this resource, need according to the word Lumis Leach.

If you do not already have experience in the lane, and your profession level is 0, You will need to purchase a seeker, digger and stock of miner samples at Trading Teminal (TT).

Trade Terminal
Trade Terminal

Find a TT, open the mining category.

You need: Omegatron Detectonator MD-1 (L), digger Genesis Star Basic Excavator (L) and stock Survey Probe. For starters, you can buy samples in the amount of 30-50 PED. For an hour and a half continuous mine, samples are usually consumed in the amount of 100-200 PED, depending on, what type of resource did you choose.

Regarding the refiner, then you should not buy it in TT, as that model, which is sold there, very uneconomical. Find the Imperium Resource Refiner B1 at auction. This one-time investment will allow you to save on cleaning, which will have a positive effect on financial results. At first glance it may seem, that this savings is small, but it is precisely from such trifles that profit or loss.

Experienced miners often use amplifiers to increase the average amount of found resources (Mining amplifiers). If you are just starting to mine, should not be doing that. Of course, with proper use, amplifiers can significantly increase your profit, but use them with great care. Amplifiers are made by players and sold on the market at a premium. And this margin can be significant. In the process of finding resources, amps are quickly consumed, and if you do not understand, in what places and for finding what resources it is useful to use, instead of profits, you get serious losses. You can think about using younger models of amplifiers after reaching level 10 in the professions of Prospector (to search for ores) or surveyor (for searching Enmatters).

Where to look?

First it’s worth saying, where you should not look, at least at the initial stage of a mining career. There are land plots in the EU — Land Areas, owned by other players. And the owners set taxes in the controlled territories, which are automatically held since, who hunts or obtains resources there. For us it means, that our costs will remain the same, and the amount found in the Land Area, all other things being equal, will be reduced by the percentage of tax. You need it? If not, avoid mining in land areas, if, of course, their owner did not set a zero tax.

On the map, such zones are marked in green. When you enter private land you will receive a message saying, that there is a tax in this area. If the tax is greater than zero, think, do you really want to mine there. This is permissible only then, when there is really something of value with a high market price on private land, significantly exceeding all costs of search and production, including tax.

You will not be able to mine near teleports, in settlements, at outposts, deep under water. If you mine along the water’s edge, perhaps, what you will find resource klima under water, but if you try to quit «sample» a little further from the coast, you won’t succeed. It is also impossible to mine in some places with steep terrain — in the mountains and on the rocks.

You will not find ore deposits on the planets Entropia Universe that are visible to the eye, minerals or energy. All resources are hidden in the depths of the planets, and you never know for sure, where and what exactly will you find. So EU mining is more like finding a treasure. However, approximate zones of occurrence of various resources are identified by players empirically. Based on territory studies, players draw up geological maps, which show, what resources can be found in a particular zone.

Knowledge of resource zones — fixed capital of a professional miner. It allows with a certain probability to find exactly those resources, which you want to find. Therefore before, how to go in search, It is necessary, by interviewing more knowledgeable familiar miners or by studying the information available in the public domain, to establish guidelines, where what lies.

You will determine more exact boundaries of the zones of occurrence of various resources after repeated passes through the same territories. Need to say, that no one guarantees, that after some time, developers will not change the place and depth of resources. for instance, major changes were made after switching to CryEngine2. Then the landscape has seriously changed, and at the same time the resource map was seriously shuffled. But in general we can say, that resource areas remain relatively constant over time. But significant fluctuations constantly occur in relation to, what do you find in the same zone.

for instance, You know, what’s in the area, where are you going to mine, three types of Ores occur: Belkar, Gazzurite and Durulium. So here, As a result of one visit, you can get in the total amount found 40% Belkar, 30% Gazzurite and 30% Durulium. And in the next call to get 70% Belkar, 30% Gazzurite and not find Durulium at all. If you want to search for Durulium, then you need to look along the way, how are things going with him.

It should be said that resources are distributed not only across the planet, but also in depth. Some resources can only be found, starting at some depth.

In the example, described above, Belkar has the smallest average depth, Gazzurite — a little bigger, and Duruium lies most deeply. Depending on your level and the used seeker, you can shoot at some depth. Less this depth, the less likely you are to find Durulium.

But even if you have a powerful seeker in your hands, capable of probing at a depth of 800-1000 m, and you have enough skills to use it fully, it doesn’t mean at all, what you will find only Durulium. However, the probability of its finding will be significantly higher.

AND, probably, You can even find some pieces of Kanerium, which the, as it turns out, also lies in this territory at great depths, just with low-power distortions you didn’t reach him.

The process of finding and extracting resources

When you have everything you need for mining equipment and a stock of samples, and you have identified an approximate search area, head to the place. Remove from inventory and pick up «seeker».

This green screen will appear:

Mining tool screen
Mining tool screen

In cursor mode, select a resource type, which you are going to search (three icons under the radar, from left to right: Ores — stone icon, Enmatters — atom icon, Treasures — inactive on all planets, except Arkadia.

Let’s say, we decided to look for ore. Left-click on a stone. When activated, it will highlight. In this case, 20 samples will be consumed with each activation. In this way, in one attempt to search for ore, we will spend 1 PED. If we turn off Ores and turn on Enmatters, we will spend on 0.5 PED per shot and search for energy.

If both icons are activated, the seeker will search and then, and other, at the same time, the cost of a search attempt will increase to 1,5 PED. Therefore, before starting, check, what is your seeker configured.

Switch to sight mode. Choose a place, where you will start mine. Left click to activate the seeker. After a few seconds, the probe will detonate, and the seeker will give out information about, is there anything within its radius of action.

Not every search attempt succeeds. If you did not find anything, the seeker will give you a message «No resourses found». Sadness, run on. We need to run about 100 meters from the launch site, so that the search area does not intersect with the area at the next shot of the sample, where we were already looking.

If a resource is found, information on the found resource and an arrow will appear on the screen, showing direction to the found clime (Claim marker). Clime — it’s a lighthouse, appearing in place, where will he find the resource. Iskalka will begin to make an intermittent squeak, the closer you get to the clime, the more often the appliance will beep.

Resourse deed in loot window
Resourse deed in loot window

Besides, a loot window will open, which will show Resource Deed – document with information about the found (what is found, size of found deposit, occurrence depth, coordinates, Klima lifetime). To view all the information, left click on Resurse Deed.

If the loot window is bothering you, you can move it beyond the edge of the screen or disable its appearance in the game settings. Resource Deed will be in your inventory anyway, moment, until you dig the clime, or until that moment, until the clime disappears. You cannot sell or transfer Resourse Deed to anyone. The found belongs to you and can only be excavated by you.

However, each clime has a life span, and you need to have time to dig it before this line expires. Smaller size, the shorter its life. Time before the disappearance of the Klima can be clarified, Having studied Resourse Deed. She lies in the inventory next to the PED card. Some people prefer to first find a lot of climes and then dig them out in turn. Player experience shows, that it’s better to dig out, with the exception of, may be, large enough.

Mining claim
Mining claim

If you dug big enough and, respectively, long living, which will stand for several hours, and you are sure, that you have time to dig it later, and if at the same time you understand, that the return in mine is very good here and now, keep searching, and you’ll come back to the excavation of the big clime later.

If you are lucky, and you will find a clime worth over 4000 PED, instead of a klima, a tower will appear at the location of the find — tower, which digs up a find in automatic mode for you. She has no life span and will not disappear, until you take everything you’ve extracted from it.

Mining tower
Mining tower

But we distracted from the found klima. To the joyful squeak we run towards the Klima. As soon as we saw him, you can remove the seeker in inventory.

We pick up our portable excavator for digging natural resources from the bowels. We come close to the sky, send a digger to it and activate with the left mouse button. Digging up a certain amount of resource. Repeat the procedure until, until Claim Marker disappears. It will mean, that you dug everything to the end.

If you are lucky to find a large deposit, and have to dig for a long time, use the wonderful button «Toggle auto-use tool», allowing you to use the digger in automatic mode. You have already displayed this action on a button or icon? If not, then do it urgently.

In the process, the digger gradually wears out, if her condition is not monitored, You may at the most uncomfortable moment face the Klima with a non-working tool, and have to run to repair it or buy a new one. Therefore, it is better to have a spare shovel just in case.

There are situations, when you need to quickly dig up what you’ve found, even despite a slight increase in the cost of digging. for instance, Klima found among a flock of aggressively aggressive animals, and they can attack at any moment. Or you dig in the PvP zone, where you can be shot and taken away by all, what did you find here. In this case, you will need a seeker with increased speed. Their economy is worse, but they dig faster. But by the way, better not dig in dangerous places, until you master the lanes perfectly.

There is also a trick for, to quickly forward the resources you dug to your warehouse (Storage). To do this, you will need to purchase a vehicle with a spacious cargo compartment. Take the vehicle out of inventory and put it on the ground. Immerse dug resources in the cargo bay, then open the Recall all vechicles icon in the action library. Your transport with cargo will instantly teleport to your warehouse and will be waiting for you there.

Mining skills

To be able to search for the rarest and most expensive resources, which lie deep, miner needs top-end seekers, allowing to conduct sounding at great depths. And to use them you need an appropriate professional level. You can see, what level does this or that device require from you, by right-clicking on it and choosing Item Info in the drop-down menu.

Mining tool info window
Mining tool info window

It should be noted, that the same distortion, whichever, what type of resource are you looking for, requires you to be qualified in various professions. To search for Ores, you must reach a certain level in the profession of Prospector, for searching Enmaters — in profession Surveyor, for searching Treasures – in the profession Treasure Hunter. In the information window of the device you can find out, Do you have a sufficient level to search for each type of resource?, and to what depth can he get at your level of development. Do not use the device, which you cannot use effectively.

Filling profile skills will also help to quickly reach the level, profitable.

Core skills, influencing the level of professions: Surveying (for searching Enmatters), Prospecting (to search for ores), Treasure sense (for searching treasures). And a few universal, affecting the level of all mining professions: Geology, Ground Assessment, Mineral sense. The last two skills are hidden at the beginning of the game. For, so that they open and begin to grow, you need to reach the 12th and 30th level in one of the mining professions.

Choosing a seeker

The main rule when choosing a tool for finding resources is similar to the main rule when choosing a weapon — need to pick up the device, appropriate to your current level of development in the profession. For lane it means, what do you need a seeker, allowing you to search with the current skills at the maximum possible depth.

To finally determine, which seeker to use, you need to find all the distortions at the auction, which you picked up and see, which one hits the maximum depth.

The beauty is, what, Firstly, for, to find out, You do not need to buy all these distortions at auction, and secondly, that the information window of the device will produce relevant information, taking into account your current level of professional development.

However worth saying, that for boosting your mining skills it makes sense to start using limit seekers with Skill Increase Bonus until the maximum efficiency. Remember, what is your task — reach the level of development as soon as possible, allowing you to search at great depths. And if you decide, what’s your priority — rapid growth of skills and professional level, choose an open SIB seeker even if it hits a shallower depth, than that, on which there is no SIB.

Mine for extreme: F.O.M.A (Planet Calypso) and hell (Rocktropia)

There is nothing for beginners to do in these two zones. Explicitly prohibit! In these mine locations, like anywhere else, it looks like roulette in a casino. Experienced miners fly there hoping for a big win or to tickle their nerves. Lane results on F.O.M.A or HELL is hard to predict. You can hit the jackpot, and you can drain a serious amount of money into the void in a matter of minutes.

The radius of coverage of the distortion is reduced here by half — instead of the usual 55 meters — 22m. The average size of the found klima here is about 4 times higher, but the problem is, that the probability of finding something at the same time drops at times. If even in normal areas with normal returns there are cases, when in 15-20 attempts you find nothing, imagine, what can happen to you in these truly extreme zones.

Mining tactics in Entropia Universe

Direct mining

You can use this tactic when exploring new areas for you.

You align your position on the radar so, to look strictly to one side of the world, eg, to the north. Press the P button, in the chat you are shown the current coordinates. Align your position so, so that the coordinates are with round numbers at the end, e.g. 34200, 23100. Throw the first test, then run straight north, checking the coordinates from time to time, so as not to deviate from the selected direction. When you are at the point with coordinates 34200, 23200, throw the next sample.

If a clime is found, remember the coordinates of the last throw, dig found, then run to a point 100 m north of the last throw and make another attempt. And so run, until you get tired, or until you come across an insurmountable obstacle in the form of a mountain range, shores of the ocean or herds of aggressive animals. After that, turn in any direction 90 degrees, and continue the race, but now your second coordinate remains constant, and the first changes in increments of 100 from one throw point to another.

Tip: Be sure to display the coordinate determination button on a button convenient for you, so that there are no problems, to press it repeatedly, when you need it.
When reconnaissance is possible, basically, increase the distance between throws up to 150-200 meters, if your task — explore as much space as possible.

Mine Square

When you have already explored a certain territory, and you know, what resources are found on it, you have the task of bombing it as productively as possible, scattering the maximum number of samples over this location, but do it this way, so that the search radii do not overlap when throwing. To do this, use the same technique, as in the previous version, but moving around «a snake». Having reached the conditional edge of the site, rotate 90 degrees, we run 100m and, throwing another test, turn around and move towards the opposite edge of the site.

Imagine a chessboard, on the leftmost cell is a miner figure. May it be king lane. He can only move one cell, and in each cell throws a sample. How is he the fastest to go through all the cells of the board? It should move straight up to the last cell, then you need to move it to the right one cell and go down to the edge, where he will again shift one cell to the right and again go up. Etc, until he passes all 64 cells of the board and is in the right lower cell.

The use of aircraft in mining

Many professional miners use economical aircraft like Sleipnir MkI when traveling (L). These turbo-bombs are not only the perfect vehicle in the game, but also prove to be very useful, when you need to get to a remote area, or when you have to mine in the territory, where a lot of aggressive mobs.

Sleipnir MkI (L)
Sleipnir MkI (L)

The aircraft allows in case, if you are attacked by a mob, quickly take off and «come off» from «tail». It also has a cargo bay, in which you can keep a stock of samples or add extracted resources there. Some miners even mine using turbojets, moving hundred meter «jumping» from one throw point «samples» to another.