Noobie quests on Calypso. Part 10. Twin Peaks. The Short Cut and The Long March

Noobie quests on Calypso. Part 10. Twin Peaks. The Short Cut and The Long March

We are continuing our quests on Calypso. Are they useful? The question is rhetorical…

For example, a cycle of Noobie quests, which I presented earlier, is very useful, because for many tasks we get not only points skills, but also weapons, ammo, armor and other things. But even so, you can easily go to zero on ammo and remain only suites and gathering. But that’s the essence of Entropia as a game and as a concept in general – you can’t have 100% efficiency. So use the auction and try to win your losses from other players.

Some of the second cycle quests don’t bring us anything other than skill points and map exploration. For example, for the two quests that will be described in this article we get Athletics Skill points and unlock a couple of teleporters. So, let’s get started:

You get quests from NPC Leo Phoenix in Twin Peaks [Calypso, 7777, 76673, 164, Waypoint]. He gives us two quests to visit the Waypoints. But you can only visit two of them to close the quests – East Skylla Mountains [Calypso, 75049, 72629, 177, Waypoint] and Fort Troy [Calypso, 80506, 68300, 161, Waypoint]. The rest of the Waypoints are optional, but if you want to explore them, why not go through them:

  • Strength Keep [Calypso, 78406, 74768, 105, Waypoint]
  • Volcano Outpost [Calypso, 80409, 74584, 105, Waypoint]
  • Osere [Calypso, 81165, 72663, 143, Waypoint]
  • Outpost [Calypso, 80627, 70467, 145, Waypoint]

A popular location among those listed is Osere. Players are constantly gathering here and sweating mobs.

That’s all for now. In future posts we will continue to deal with the quests of the EU and gameplay in general.