Noobie quests on Calypso. Part 2. Passing the Bukin’s spare rifle

Foto: Bukin's spare rifle

The quest is in Camp Icarus [Calypso, 63220, 74374, 132, Waypoint]. Is just for a beginner and can be completed straight away.

After passing, you will be rewarded with Bukin’s spare rifle, which is unlimited.

So, to make the quest available, you need to complete Captain Hayes’ mission, which we already went through in the last article with the Gauntlet.

Quest consists of 3 parts:

  1. In the first part, he sends us off to beat the Caudaterguses [Calypso, 63324, 74526, 140, Waypoint] and the berycleds [Calypso, 63469, 74552, 146, Waypoint].
  2. In the second, Daikiba [Calypso, 63601, 74891, 151, Waypoint].
  3. And in the final stage of the quest requires kill Atrax [Calypso, 63073, 74302, 151, Waypoint] – is a mini boss, but the noobie overpower him problematic, so it is better with someone cooperate. Loot from the mob still divided by the team (this is indicated by a green icon on the strip HP mobs).

After completing all the stages of the quest, we get a rifle, with half HP, but that’s ok, as it is repairable. This rifle can then be improved, which I will tell you about in future posts.