Own shop

If you are planning to purchase a store at Entropia Universe, then you should not have haste or desire to play.

Score — serious acquisition, and buy it just for that, to put some part of your warehouse there, will be your big mistake and will bring almost no income, and you, most likely you will be disappointed with the purchase. None, well, or almost no one will buy your junk, which you posted there.

The acquisition of the store involves, what do you realize, that you are ready to work in it, and work hard. If for some reason you abandon your store — it will be a fatal event for him, and all your customers, which you managed to make during your work — will leave and are unlikely to return.

Primarily, you need to decide immediately, what exactly will you sell. The amount of your funds depends on this, spent on the store and warehouse, or resources for production. From that, what exactly will you sell, your sales depend, and total investment.

The financial side of the matter plays an important role. The store cannot be purchased with the last money. After purchasing the store you should have enough money left, in many cases many times more, than the cost of the store, on goods or resources for their production.

Types of shops

Let’s start the review with, what will decide, which stores exist in the Entropia Universe:

  1. Shops with trash. In such stores they sell, very haphazard, junk set, moreover, the set is constantly changing. it, usually, hunting loot, skins, butter, the stones, low level drawings, trophies and t.P. It turns out, what their owners, who gave solid money for the trading floor, use this place is very inefficient. In such a store tomorrow you will not find one, what you bought today. You will return to such a place? We are thinking, what not. There are quite a few such stores in Entropia Universe. There are also empty and idle, including for technical reasons, shops.
  2. Shops of auction speculators and buyers. Such stores are not uncommon. They belong mainly to merchants, who lacked the auction. In such stores you can sometimes find very interesting things, but, usually, at very high prices. Buy there or not — you decide. An example is the store at Twin Peaks Mall, owned by Green Drago PL Red Drago PL or Bunny Girls, in which the average multiplier of the usual auction margin on almost any item is at least 3x, and there are 5x and 10x, and even 20x. The owners of such stores are not interested in regular customers — they work for a one-time large profit (Their motto «buyer — moron» and he will always be found).
  3. Specialty Stores, trading in certain groups of goods (from the hunt, with lane or production). Such stores are the best, and they attract the buyer with reasonable prices and constant availability of goods, almost always. Buyer, found such a store, and bought there the thing he needs, may return, when he spends or erases this thing. Entropia Universe stores include these stores: armor stores SF Engineering (armor stores), Kikki Jikki (weapons and armor), enhancer stores from Michael Geats Platzgummer and many others. In such stores there is always a product, as they are maintained by their owners. Multiple returns to these stores are most likely.

Types of buyers

Now let’s take a look, What are the buyers at Entropia Universe?:

  1. Lazy. These are the buyers, who don’t go shopping at all, and sometimes they don’t even suspect their existence. Maybe also, that they value their time more, than money. They want to use the auction, that’s enough for them. Their laziness is understandable, because in the EU there is no information system about, in which store what goods can be found. We fully understand them, but they may regularly experience complete inability to purchase goods, if at auction this product suddenly ends.
  2. Huckster. These members go shopping for only one purpose — buy goods, which price has risen, and the owner due to natural causes, for example, he was sleeping at that time, did not have time to move their price tags. Then such goods are sold by huckster at an auction with profit. Entropia Universe members should not be regarded as good customers, but they too can bring you profit — periodically.
  3. Calculating participants, who value money above, than time spent. Such buyers are exploring the possibility of acquiring goods at the best prices. They will come to your store again and again, if the prices of goods of their daily demand in your store will suit them.
  4. Randomly passing by. Curious. This is the most unpredictable type. They just walked by and saw your sign. Buy or not — depends on their needs and financial capabilities.

Based on this classification, you need to focus mainly on type 3 buyers.

How much is?

Now about, how much is the store. Naturally, the store seller will try to convince you, that the store you are offering is expensive and makes good profit, because «…. and then there are discussions about traffic, etc.P.». Don’t believe. Is this a normal wiring of you for money or an attempt to return your overpaid, because things did not go, as originally expected.

All stores have a different and always limited number of locations in the basic configuration, from 10 (tent) up to 500 and even 1000 (big store on Rocktopia). The cost of adding 20 seats to any store is 2000 PED. There are limitations, about them — below. That is, 1 place in the store costs 100 PED. This amount must be paid to the owners of the planet, if you are planning to upgrade. It means, what if you are offered a store, in which there are only 40 seats for the amount of 25,000 ped, you should not buy it at all, as it turns out 625 PED for 1 place. Check, how many places in the store, which you liked, just before purchase. Number of Seats Information (Item Points) indicated in the terminal before entering.

The shops, located away from teleporters and in places, which beginners do not have, e.g. Omegaton West Habitat or FOMA, are pretty cheap, no matter who says. Latest shops at FOMA, which were sold at auction, were sold for 1-2 thousand PED, it is besides, what’s the store on FOMA — it is more than 200 places.

It turns out, that in uncomfortable places a store cannot be expensive, since there are no 1 and 4 types of buyers, no one will run past and accidentally buy nothing.

The best are shops in malls or in crowded stores, as well as near teleporters. But many foreign players consider, that the Twin Peaks trading hub has an advantage of location, and shops in Twin Peaks, usually, offered in 2-2.5 times more expensive, than in other places. This is not true. Single place, which we would single out as having the advantage of location — this is Celeste Quarry on Arcadia, tents in which are always always near a large crowd of people.

Previously, the mall in Port Atlantis had the same advantage. Now there are few newcomers to Port Atlantis and buyers of types 1 and 4 may appear except from space, since the mall in Port Atlantis — landing pad for all arriving ships.

Despite the advantages or possible disadvantages of the location, which are described above, Your main advantage as a seller — this is the number of places in the store. The more goods you can place — the better for you, and the more potential buyers you can attract, because you can provide a wider selection of different products. In particular, if you choose between a store in Twin Peaks or in Port Atlantis with 100 seats and a store in Emerald Lakes Mall, but for 300 seats, better to choose a store in Emerald Lakes Mall, even considering, what’s new, which may be buyers, there are few. Because, wherever your store is, you can always make it attractive, at least one customer group. From the above, you can conclude, that the price of a store is determined by several factors, and is determined depending on the location of the store and the convenience of visiting it.

For reference, we give the approximate prices of stores in different places:

  • on FOMA — 10-20 PED per seat
  • On Monria — 20-30 PED per seat
  • On rock — 30-40 PED per seat
  • On Arkadia — 100-120 PED per seat (not in CQ, CQ — 900-1000 PED per seat (base tent with 20 seats))
  • On next island — 25 PED per seat, the price is currently very low, until NI is repaired.

Planet Calypso, based on sales:

  • Omegaton West Habitat — about 60-70 PED per place
  • Genesis Amethera HQ — about 60-70 PED per place
  • Treasure Island — about 70-90 PED per seat
  • Emerald Lakes Mall — about 50-70 PED per place (the best choice for a store on Calypso)
  • Deer Mall — 50-70 PED per seat (New Oxford is on the novice map after visiting Port Atlantis)
  • Port Atlantis— about 100-120 PED per place
  • Twin Peaks — 180 PED per seat

Shop in the apartment

Extremely unsuccessful decision. You have to climb out of your skin, to convince buyers to go to the apartment and rummage through the Shop Keeper installed there. This option was tested by more than one participant in the Entropia Universe, it requires huge advertising costs with minimal return (sales units).

Store purchase

To buy a store you need to buy Estate Deed. It can be obtained from the store owner through a P2P trading session, or buy at auction. We recommend that you check, what is the condition of the store.

Restricted Acces must be in the store terminal — Yes. If this parameter is set to No, then ask the store owner to set it to Yes, there have been cases in the recent past, when, due to bugs, the store could be sold with the access denied option turned off, the new owner could not get ownership of the store, and the old owner continued to use it.

After that, how did you get estate deed (with the name of your store, it is visible when you hover over Deed with the mouse), you must go to the store and, opening the terminal, press the Claim button. The rights to the store will be transferred to you, and you get its entire area, along with things, if the previous owner left or forgot them there. After that, you need to rearrange the access option to the Public state and you can start placing the goods.

Use of places and shop kipers

Places in the store can be used both for product display, and for the placement of accessories.

Hardware takes the same places, as the goods. Basically any hardware item, e.g. counter, takes 1st place. Some screens may take 5 or 15 places, therefore, in their description, before buying, it is worth checking the Item Points parameter.

For example screen, which takes 15 places, eat in your store 15 places out of 40, and it’s no good. Optimal Advertising Screens — these are any of the series XXXXX Sign (PC), they take 1st place.

Car dealers (Shop Keeper) occupy 6 places. Inside the seller you can place up to 20 products. It means, that any car dealer will add only 14 seats to your store for 2000-2200 PED and slightly complicate the process of buying goods by the buyer, because in some places downloading a large number of items in the store to your computer and the buyer’s computer can take a considerable amount of time.

All lamps, racks, and t.P. — these are also occupied places. Plan your furniture carefully, but always remember, that for example, the lack of night light on the planets can also complicate the process of buying goods for your potential customers. For lighting you need at least 1 Nallo Celling Lamp


Any store can be upgraded, namely increase the number of seats, and the planet owners need to pay for it, where did you buy the store. Usually, for this you need to write them an email, look for contacts on official sites, and pay money at a standard rate (minimum quantity of ordered places — 20), 100 PED for 1 place. It turns out, that the minimum upgrade cost is 2,000 PED.

At the same time, there are restrictions on different areas of stores:

  1. The maximum number of seats in the Display Area cannot exceed 15
  2. The maximum number of seats in the Additional Area may not exceed 70
  3. Tents, as having only Additional Area, also limited to a maximum of 70 places.

The number of places inside the store, according to available information, not limited by anything, the store with 1000 places works without problems.

When upgrading a store with 50 seats or more on the planet Arkadia, the owner can order the design of the showcase and walls , as well as the surrounding area to your liking. To do this, send the template of the desired design by e-mail.

Ordered upgrades only apply to affiliate patches, issued 4 times a year. If you are going to upgrade, take an interest, how soon the deadline for depositing funds will come. Acceptance of funds for an upgrade in the next patch stops about 2-3 weeks before the patch is released.

Outdoor and Planetary Network Advertising

There are screens for outdoor advertising, which are already mentioned above. You can use any screen for advertising, placing it within the Display Area or Additional Area.

Designated Screens (PC) in the title allow you to upload pictures to the MA server and then use them as a background in your ad.

There are several tutorials on uploading pictures. When creating each advertising message, any screen decides for the amount, specified in its properties. If the TT screen cost after posting was below 10% from full TT, the message may not be displayed immediately or disappear after shutting down or rebooting MA servers. Be sure to repair the screen to 10% from a full TT after posting a message on it.

Advertising on the planetary network is slightly different from advertising on local screens. You can place any ad on the planetary network, but only on this planet, where are you now, subject to the following condition: in your inventory (not in planetary storage) must lie deed on the store. Images you downloaded for a regular store screen cannot be used in planetary advertising!

Advertising costs at least 1 PED per day, you can place it at least 30 PED for 30 days, the amount of impressions your ad will depend on the amount of money invested, it changes dynamically, depending on the number of messages currently posted and funds invested by players.


Becoming a store owner, need to make a plan, what exactly to sell. Should be considered, that some products may be in high demand, and you can’t leave the planet with the store for a long time, without losing part of your clientele. Increased demand, eg, have amplifiers for miners and enhancers (especially Weapon Damage and Accuracy). If you decide to trade such a product, then you need to calculate, how much product do you need to lay out, to ensure demand for it in your absence, including even for sleep. You can buy up all the goods in just a few hours, eg, during the event, and that means, that the next buyer will leave with nothing. It is not right, try to avoid such situations or immediately lay out a large amount of consumer goods, and if there are not enough places, upgrade the store.

What’s better — upgrade or Shop Keeper? When the buyer sees all the laid out goods without additional tricks — the best option, that is, an upgrade is better. So the buyer will spend less time inspecting the entire range. So try to use Shop Keeper as little as possible. Consider also, that Shop Keeper has a wear at 0.1 PED every time, when is the purchase of goods from the keeper. The shop floor has no decka. Using a keeper is justified only if you sell vehicles, which can not be placed simply in a store on the floor or to place some small things, which the buyer may not notice on the display case or on the tables/counters. note, Shop Keeper itself cannot be sold through any other Keeper, nor just in the store, sale is possible only through a P2P trading session or auction.

What price to put on the goods, higher or lower auction? You will have to answer this question yourself. There are two sales tactics. You can lower the prices below, and then the goods will disperse quickly, providing turnover and profit only due to sales. If you bid, equal to or higher than the auction, don’t count, that while the goods are at auction, someone will come for him. But they will certainly come for him, when this item ends at auction, or it will rise in price. In this way, stands in case of sale of goods, which wear out quickly, put the price below the auction. Those items, which wear out for a long time, and for which the buyer will not return soon, worth selling for the price, equal or higher auction. This also applies to everything, what is not represented at auctions of any of the planets. If this thing is in demand and is nowhere to be found, except your store, a potential buyer will buy it, now or in a month. It all depends on, how much are you ready to wait.