Passing the mentor – guide and tips

photo: Passing the mentor - guide and tips: Pixie-Musca

The newcomer’s mentoring session is a very necessary stage in the development of a new player.

After completing mentoring, you will receive a full set of armour and a car from the MA as a reward. Depending on the planet on which you complete the mentor, you will receive an advanced version of the Pixie armour (if you complete the mentor on Calypso) or an advanced version of the Musca armour (if you complete the mentor on Arcadia). The value of these items fluctuates greatly and depends on many reasons. More valuable and better selling is Musca. The approximate cost of a complete set is around 100 peds.

Now that we know why you need a mentor, let’s figure out how to apply to be a mentor and ask to be an apprentice. Right-click on yourself, find System in the drop-down menu, then Mentor Register. In the opened window in the search line type the nickname of the mentor and send the request accordingly. If the mentor is online and you have talked to them about mentoring beforehand, you will be accepted. Keep in mind, a mentor can only take 20 students at a time. So try not to take too long to complete the mentoring.

There are two things you need to do to pass the mentor. The first is to get all the assignments, the second is to fill the mentor’s progress bar to 100%.

There are only 3 tasks:

  1. This is a joint hunt with the mentor (for this you need to be with the mentor in the same group and kill 1 mob).
  2. You need to dig up 1 of any claim-marker.
  3. Do any crafting of 1 item.

The first item should preferably be done right away, unless the mentor is busy. Keep in mind that an invitation to the group can be thrown even from another planet, and this is the only task in which you are dependent on someone. So try to do it right away, because the mentor can disappear, and without it you won’t pass the mentor.

Next you will need to fill the mentoring progress bar to 100%. To fill the scale you only need your character to gain 3 skills:

  1. Anatomy (pumped up when hunting mobs).
  2. Geology – gets pumped when mining.
  3. Engineering – pumped when creating things (crafting).

Passing the mentor - guide and tips: Skill-Progress

To see your progress and completed tasks, right click on yourself, select System from the drop down menu, then select Mentoring. In the progress tab the information you need, also look at the Mentor info tab, this is information about your mentor. In this tab you can also delete a mentor if you are not happy with it.

Once the progress bar is 100% full you will be rewarded and you will be asked to rate the mentor. If you think the mentor didn’t help you in learning, was rude to you and generally was a creep, you can safely put 1 star in the box below. As you understand, this is your evaluation of the mentor.

If you are satisfied with the mentor, give it 5 stars.

Passing the mentor - guide and tips

There are many options for passing the mentor and there is even a guide on passing the mentor without a deposit.

You may ask, what does the mentor get for your training?

A mentor gets between 2 and 10 peds for passing your mentor, and that’s if you’re lucky. You may drop a pill that costs 1 peck. Therefore, value your mentor’s time and try not to annoy you as this may end up with a kick. Just remember Mentor doesn’t owe you anything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions or ask for help!