Before, how do you decide to register as a member of Entropia Universe, You should familiarize yourself with the features of this process.

We recommend that you take the registration process carefully, so that you do not have any problems in the future.

Before registering you should read EULA and ToU (License Agreement and Terms of Use).

  1. There is a rule: one individual – one EU character. It means, that you can only register one character and one EU account for your last name and first name. If you register a second or several characters with the same name and surname, this will be considered a serious violation and may lead to the blocking of all your accounts, inability to withdraw funds or at least unpleasant communication with the support service. To avoid such cases, do not personally register multiple characters. If you really need to get some characters, get a second wife, third for son, moms, uncles or aunts and t.P. Not so important for support, who controls all these characters, including from one IP address (addresses are tracked!), if you can prove, that all these are real living people. When, if you registered two characters on yourself by mistake, report this in support, creating a support case, explain your problem, and they will delete one of the characters at your request.
  2. Registering a character, register it by email address, which you are going to use in the future and will not lose, because changing this address is very problematic. Try not to use the box, which is known to all or box, which can be hacked.
  3. By registering, write your real last name and first name in the same way, as indicated on your VISA or Master Card . It will save you trouble, if in the future you plan to deposit and withdraw funds from the EU. When withdrawing funds, a mismatch in the transcriptions of the spelling of your last name in the payment transaction may lead to a refund of your bank’s payment to MindArk, which means a waste of time, and money (for processing payment and commission), which you paid for the withdrawal. Indication of a fictitious or fictitious name and surname during registration will deprive you of the opportunity to enter significant funds and further withdraw them from Entropia Universe.
  4. Date of birth, too, write correctly, not 01-01-1900 for the same reasons, which were set out in paragraph.3.
  5. Address and telephone number are recommended to write your, although these fields are easy to change on your own in the future. You can fill in these fields as you like, correctly specify only the city. The fact, that your IP address will still give, In which town are you, and the discrepancy between the city and reality may cause unnecessary support questions in case of withdrawal of funds.
  6. The character name should be selected with great care. We are not sure, that you can have a serious business in the EU with other members and quickly gain their trust, when, if your character’s nickname sounds like Jopa Govno Ssanyo or Crazy Damned Fucker. Think about it. The character name in the EU can not be changed in the future. The last opportunity to change the character’s name is provided before leaving the zone of primary education, after that, how did you shape your character. Exceptions are possible, their two. You can change the name after entering the planet, by writing Support Case, only if obviously abusive or indecent words are used in it, or in case, if it repeats your first and last name. In all other cases, you will be refused.

We admit, what are you reading all this, already having a registered character in the EU. If you made mistakes during registration, don’t be scared, write Support Case in support. Probably, you will be asked to send a scan of your ID (EU identity card) with photo. As an ID from Russian documents fit: rights, foreign passport and generally any document with a photograph, where is your name and surname written in Russian and in English, in transcription, coinciding with the spelling of the name and surname in the account you registered.

If you are all aware and ready, then …

To register your new character and account in Entropia Universe, click here.

Registration page will open in a new window, and you can register, reading our instructions.

On the first page of registration you will be asked to enter your email address. We recommend that you have a separate box for the Entropia Universe, for, to protect him from breaking, and do not share this email address with anyone. If you have the opportunity to use your own domain – This is even better. This box is directly linked to the security of your account in Entropia Universe. You will use the email address from the moment you register as your username when entering Entropia Universe.

Password is better to use complex, known only to you. Still, an account in the Entropia Universe – this is your bank account! After that, how do you enter your email address and password, you will be redirected to the client download page.

On this page, you can download the Entropia Universe client, as well as purchase a starter pack. It’s better to start downloading and installing the client right away, and then continue to register, and (optional) buy starter pack.

What gives the Starter Pack?

Primarily, it allows advanced customization of the character’s appearance. You will have much more options for customizing the appearance, what is available with free registration. If you decide to purchase the Starter Pack later, after character creation, extended customization of the character’s appearance will no longer be available.

In addition to customizing the appearance, different Starter Pack give you the opportunity to choose a starter kit, to try active activities in the world of Entropia Universe. Only two types of Starter Pack are recommended for purchase – Gold or Platinum. In the rest of the Starter Pack you won’t get:

  • set of armor with an increase in run speed by 8%, very useful at the initial stage and in the future
  • Amplifier for laser weapons ZX Sinkadus
  • Transport LV Lupus 4×4 and fuel to it

These items are not present in the Bronze and Silver Starter Pack, and armor, Junior Suite, does not have a bonus of 8%, although it looks the same.

Optimal acquisition is considered Starter Pack Gold. You will receive, including money, and some more, in our opinion, pretty useless items, but they will allow you to make acquaintance with the Entropia Universe easier.

Also in the Starter Pack Gold you will get 20 pills for 50% boost growth skills, they will come in handy, if you need development to be active in Entropia Universe. There are only 8 of them in Silver, and in Bronze – 2.

Same, who is going to engage only in trade, we do not recommend purchasing a starter pack at all.

Back to the registration procedure.

After that, how do you get to the page, which we described above, you should check your inbox. There you will find a letter from Entropia Universe.
You should open the link in the letter and confirm your email address.
After that, how did you verify your email address, you should enter reliable data about yourself in changing My Account.

After that, how you entered all the data in this form, you should click Update. After entering data in the form, change first and last name, as well as the email address may no longer work, even through support. The account will already be tied personally to you. Generally, of course, change the name and surname the opportunity is, but documents may be required of you, with which you can confirm the change of first and last name, indicated at registration. All this is very important, if you intend to withdraw money from Entropia Universe to a bank account.

Install Entropia Universe Client. It will be installed for quite some time, since the amount of downloaded data exceeds 10 GB.

Completing this procedure, you can log in to the client, using email address as username. enter password, specified by you at registration.

Congratulations! You – Entropia Universe member.