Entropia Universe service is provided to all participants for free.

But, with all the free service itself, which could rather be called a database storage and regulated distribution service, in Entropia Universe it is impossible to carry out even cost-free activities without taxation.

Generally any, even cost-free activities at Entropia Universe are fully sponsored by EU members, which will be discussed separately below after covering the most important aspects of a simple, but at first glance the Entroipa Universe’s confusing tax system. And of course, for any activity in Entropia Universe, and especially when planning business, tax knowledge is very important.

Entropia Universe has several types of taxes.

Loot tax

This is the most serious tax, which is levied on all activities, carried out by participants. We just called it for you — «loot tax». By activity we mean: the hunt, resource search and production.

This tax provides ~87-93% refund for each PED spent on active activities. Make a reservation right away, that these numbers are deduced by a significant number of players with a substantial experience, and this figure can only be applied to very large turnover values ​​of any of the EU members.

In our opinion, a turnover of 10,000 PED is completely insufficient to calculate this value or to approach it, although perhaps, a turnover of 100,000 PED may already be enough, in order to somehow get closer to this value of the percentage of return. With a small sample of results, the figure can vary significantly, as less, so and up. This tax is the main way to profit by the owners of the service Entropia Universe.

Rounding, it turns out, that the loot tax is about 10% and provides the participant with a return of 90 PED from every 100, spent by the participant on activities. Of course, we mean TT cost of returned items and resources in PED, which the participant can receive, surrendering loot, for example from hunting, to the trading terminal.

The tax includes as an incomplete refund from the mobs killed by the participant, other expenses, such as weapons and armor wear.

Some experienced participants consider, what wear, eg, bookings and first-aid kits are not included in the general tax on loot, and using armor and a first aid kit, the participant assumes these costs on his own free will, and thus additionally increases this tax. 100% no confirmation of this. It is not partly also because, that loot tax calculation is intentionally complicated by developers. They created a very complex system of distribution and return on any activity in the Entropia Universe.

At the same time, the developers themselves, around 2012 brought the loot system to such a state, which allowed to reduce the data sampling volumes for a more accurate calculation of the tax value, due to the binding of unit returns to the EU member’s cash flow.

Let’s figure it out, how does this tax actually work. We apologize in advance, that simplified this example, it is needed only to illustrate a complex return system, because we did not take into account many other factors, such as: critical hit count, misses and t.P. Repeat, this example is only needed to illustrate, how does loot tax work.

We will assume, what are you a hunter, since it is this activity that attracts the majority of Entropia Universe participants. For simplicity, don’t have armor and a first aid kit, and there will only be a gun from the trading terminal and cartridges for it in the amount of 100 PED. Are you going to hunt mob Carabok. You break your 100 PED rounds into 10 runs, and hunt strictly 1 entry per day in the evenings. You will see, that the final result of calls is always different with about the same amount of spent cartridges and weapon wear.

The result of the first call you get 6.5 PED Loot (meaning its TT cost) of 10 PED spent ammo and 0.5 PED weapon wear.

According to the results of the second call the next day you get 8.2 PED loot at the same cost 10.5 PED.

After the third call you get 5.5 PED Loot, after the fourth — 7.2 PED, and suddenly in the fifth run, suddenly one of the mobs gives you 10 PED loot right away. This is called global. Fifth run result — 16.3 PED Loot. You get loot, far exceeding your costs, to kill the mob and exits, that your fifth call partially offset the losses of previous calls.

10 days after 10 calls, you can count, that the gun is worn say at 5 PED, 100 PED rounds spent. The amount of loot received was 92 PED. If you transfer all the loot to the trading terminal, you will receive a loss of 13 PED.

This amount is the same tax on loot, which you paid for 10 days, hunting in the Entropia Universe.

Using such a system of nonlinear returns Entropia Universe disguises the real % return for a participant, and if the participant does not keep a permanent record of his activities, then calculate this % extremely difficult, because it will require processing calculations of a very, very large array of accumulated data.

In reality, the return from a single approach may have a spread of 40% from costs to about 300% from costs, or even more.

If you count, then under similar conditions of return in the following days, per month participant, hunter, will pay approximately 40 ped tax, wrapping the amount of 420 ped. Of course, we presented the perfect option, because we brought the numbers to the result, which in reality is possible only when calculating a similar return, for example, for a period of six months to a year.

Now you, probably, it became clear, why beginners who don’t know about this tax run out of money very quickly. Because loot tax is levied on their activities with inexorable constancy. On the first day from 100 PED, from which the activity was started and at their full turnover, Only 90 PED left, the next from 90 PED will remain 81, then from 81 there will remain 72.9 and so on.

Those rare cases, when a beginner suddenly gets $ 100 or $ 300, investing in total $10-20, we do not even want to consider, as examples refuting the described facts, since in our opinion, it’s just an ad, randomly distributed by developers «win», to create confidence among participants that they can get more money from Entropia Universe, what was invested.

Get in the long run from the Entropia Universe service more funds in TT terms, what was translated by you into the Entropia Universe — almost impossible. If you accidentally succeeded, then you need to stop immediately and decide, is it worth it to withdraw the funds received, otherwise «loot tax», and not only he, will inevitably take away all these extra money from you.

There are ways to compensate for loot tax.

Easiest one, and most commonly used — this is your wallet, i.e. deposit. Your right is to pay for your entertainment at Entropia Universe, and all taxes will be paid from your wallet in real life. This will require ongoing deposits at Entropia Universe, and further, quite possible, will lead to your disappointment.

Another way, which is used by most participants — activity search, which gives you the opportunity to regularly receive some items or resources with a high or very high markup.

Marcup — extra charge for any item or resource in Entropia Universe, this is the added value to the TT value, which participants are willing to pay for the right to possess them.

This item can be anything, if only after the sale of items or resources received in loot, the total margin you received on them covered the total amount of tax on loot. When, if you found a similar source of markup loot, loot tax you certainly will not stop paying, but you can pay with the money of other participants.

The third method is similar to using your wallet. You can be a trader and at the same time spend only that money on active activity in Entropia Universe, who earned as a result of their trading operations. In this case, You will also pay tax with the money of other participants.

And finally, You can invest in Entropia Universe stocks, such as CLD or AUD, and spend on active activities in the EU only received dividends.

Today, EU members have enough opportunities to cover the tax on loot. All cases of ruin of participants, their disappointment or departure is associated only with their own chaotic and reckless activities.

Sales tax, purchase orders, or auction orders and store sales tax

Second, as we consider, Entropia Universe is subject to auction sales tax.

Auctioneer (on the planet Calypso) or auction terminal (on other planets) allows a participant to put up items and resources at his disposal at a planetary auction.

We will not go into details here, but the auction allows the participant to put up any item for sale for a period of 1 to 7 calendar days on that planet, where this member is located.

For each item (lot), auctioned, he pays the auction fee, t.e. tax, which is determined based on its initial price and margin, which he installed. Payment for putting a lot up for auction is made immediately, lot tax is calculated from the initial price.

When, if the lot is not sold, but the auction time is up, money, which were paid for the fact of exhibiting a product or resource, the party will not be returned.

When, if the item was sold at a price, exceeding the minimum bid set by the participant, for example at a buyback price, tax is automatically increased and is calculated based on the amount, received by the participant.

The difference between the tax already paid and the actual tax is deducted from the amount, which the participant receives on his account. Sales tax cannot be less than 0.5 PED for any items and resources, and cannot be more than 100 PED, whatever the cost (at least 1.000.000 PED) the participant did not install.

Tenancy tax (Deed) the auction is also from a minimum of 0.5 to a maximum of 10 PED, which is 10 times less, than selling items or resources.

Order Tax, placed by participants in the auction will be charged in accordance with the number of days, for which the order is placed. If you want to purchase a certain item at auction, then you can place an order for this item, and in case, if such an item or items appear at auction, and the asking price will be lower, than suggested by you, then the auction will automatically bid on this item or redeem it.

Entropia Universe manufacturers often use this convenient service, placing orders for the resources they need at auction. For each order placed, an EU Member pays, in addition to funds to cover their own order and the proposed margin, payment for its placement, in the amount of 1 PED for each day of accommodation. So, order, placed for 1 day costs the participant 1 PED, for 7 days — already 7 PED. This is a tax for using the auction ordering service. Auction sales tax when using the order service pays, as before, lot seller.

In-store sales tax is levied on the buyer. For all goods, posted by store owners, after telling them the price, rate tax is calculated, operating in a shopping center or locality, where is this store located and added to the price, designated by the seller. Usually, it’s 2.5%.

This tax is not charged to the store owner, but charged by the buyer, and only at the time of purchase, what he is informed about when trying to buy any item there.

Minimum tax rate — 1 PED. The tax is only levied on the owner of the store if he uses car dealers, or Shop Keeper, every time you buy any item from Shop Keeper, car dealer wear is 0.1 PED, which is an additional tax from the seller when selling goods in the store, in addition to tax from the buyer.

Processing tax

In our opinion, this is the third most important tax, and maybe even a second. When mining, eg, resources in mining, participant receives stones and fluids, which for further use in production must be processed into ingots or substances. A part of the hunter’s loot also requires processing for its use in production. The appliance is used for processing — Refiner.

Such devices exist in several varieties, differing only in their efficiency, which means the amount of tax, which participant pays when using this device for loot processing. The more economical the device — the more expensive it is, and the less processing tax you will pay when using it. Almost all EU members process loot and resources received for sale, and the amount of processing tax is truly huge.

Advertising Tax

Owners of land plots or shops have the opportunity to advertise on the interplanetary network through Ad Terminal terminals. To advertise, just be the owner of any property. CLD, AUD real estate not considered.

Ads posted by property owners are broadcast on the ad network during the period chosen by the owner, from 1 to 30 days, that any participant can watch, being in places, where are the advertising screens installed, these are service centers, retail space and t.P.

The minimum tax for advertising on the planetary network is 30 PED. The upper bar is not limited. At the same time, the participant receives a dynamically variable number of impressions in the ad network for 30 seconds, the number of impressions depends on the investment in the campaign and the amount of advertising, posted by other participants.

Transport tax

In the case of vehicles in Entropia Universe, each participant pays for fuel, and, in some cases, vehicle wear occurs when it is moving. In fact, this can be considered a transport tax.

The amount of tax depends on the vehicle used by the participant, as each vehicle has a different fuel consumption as in the active, so in passive mode.

If the vehicle is damaged, it requires repair, or complete restoration using repair tools and related supplies. This can also be considered a vehicle operating tax, whoever paid it.

Teleportation within one planet is free, although recently the owner of the planet Rocktropia proposed the idea of ​​charging for teleporters, which provoked the indignation of so many participants. This idea, Entropia Universe owners first interested, nevertheless was rejected by them, and an additional tax on the use of teleporters in the EU has not been introduced.

Space Flight Tax

When traveling to Space, the participant needs to pay not only fuel for moving in space.

To enter Space from the planet on their own Sleipnir or Quad-Wing Interceptor, the participant must put a Space Thruster on it, which wears out every time it leaves the atmosphere and every time it enters the planet’s atmosphere. In addition to wear, expressed in TT value, any traveler pays the extra cost of the Space Thruster, paid by him to the manufacturer.

Beyond Space Thruster, when entering the atmosphere of any planet, except moon Monria, spacecraft driver must pay 2 PED. Passenger, if available, this tax does not pay. All taxes and fees for space travel are paid by the driver. If an EU member wants to get to the planet from an near-planet space station, he must pay for the use of teleport to the planet already 7 PED.

When flying with a passenger on Mothership and Vega Class Privateer, you pay the owner of the ship for the service, and already he pays all taxes (in t.h. paid for Warp Drive production), except for the tax on the use of teleport to the planet from the space station (7 PED), or tax on entry into the atmosphere on your own ship (2 PED) and wear on it Space Thruster.

Single tax, from which the participant is exempted when flying on Mothership or Vega Class Privateer — this is the wear of the Space Thruster on departure, since when confirming a call (summon) for passengers registered on board, their transfer to the ship is automatic and free.

Freight Tax

Shopping at auction, any EU member wishes, so that they were delivered to him. When shopping at the planet’s auction, where is the participant located, purchases will be delivered to his inventory, or will be moved to the Won section of the auction, where can I pick them up for free.

In case of purchase of a lot, which is on another planet, there is a need to deliver purchases to the planet, where did the participant bet. The transport system offers 3 types of moving won lots for a participant.

The first — transportation to that planet’s planet storage, where was the lot placed. It’s free, but the won item will need to be picked up by yourself.

Second way — standard delivery. Minimum tax — 2 PED, Further tax is calculated by lot weight. After a certain lot weight value, the standard shipping tax begins to increase, and can be a significant amount, e.g. 20 PED. Standard delivery ensures that purchased items are moved to Planet Storage on that planet, where was the purchase made, after 12 hours.

Third way — Express delivery. Minimum tax — 6 PED. Similarly, there is an increase in this amount for lots with a lot of weight. The difference between express delivery and standard delivery is, that after tax, you receive the purchased item immediately.

Dressing tax

Garments wear when worn. Each item of clothing worn is 0.02 PED. When removing clothes, there is no tax and wear.

This unpopular tax was introduced in 2008 for clothes and sets of unlimited armor under the pretext of increased load on the Entropia Universe servers in the process of putting on armor and clothes.

If we are not mistaken with the date, in about 2013 or 2014, the armor tax was abolished, and left on the clothes the same. If you wear or change 5-6 pieces of clothing, the tax on this action will be in each case of changing clothes 0.1-0.12 PED. Worn out fully or partially unlimited clothing can be repaired, using Repair Terminal.

Property tax

Until 2010, all shops and apartments at Entropia Universe were rented. From 1 PED per month, from stores 10 PED per month. It has been canceled for all planets, except the abandoned planet Next Island. On this planet, you must pay the tax on the apartment or store in the same amount, otherwise it will be impossible to enter or make a purchase in the apartment or store, until the owner pays this monthly tax.

Tax on laziness and amenities

Entropia Universe has recently introduced new taxes, which create additional convenience for participants.

A typical example is Autoloot Pills and Portable TT Terminal, as well as any similar devices and consumables. Participants can purchase special tablets in the trading terminal, with the help of which loot from mobs killed by the player taking the pill will be collected automatically within 1 hour. The cost of 1 tablet with a duration of 1 hour — 0.5 PED.

Entropia Universe manufacturers offer portable devices they have made to repair your equipment and weapons, as well as portable trading terminals, using which, you can repair your equipment, or buy cartridges, or samples without a visit to the service center, that is, without loss of time. Your payment of depreciation and consumption of these items is a tax on your laziness and amenities.

Pet tax

Pets and taming — Serious Entropia Universe Member Tax. Pets give their owner some advantages over other participants, pets not using.

Benefits are expressed in various buffs, or by improving a character’s character, or providing an additional premium service. Participants spend significant funds on the upbringing and pumping of their pets, as well as keeping them well-fed and well-groomed.

Pet consumption of food in the form of Nutrio Bar and the need to use brushes for their training is considered by many participants as another tax on activities in the Entropia Universe. Yes, pet taming activities can also be profitable, but in case of passive use by the participant for the sake of buffs or services — it still needs to be considered tax.

Cost-free funding is provided by participants

Since the cost-free activities in the EU are closely tied to the production of some important items in the Entropia Universe, all participants have to pay and her.

for instance, without Welding Wire it will be impossible to repair vehicles, without Mind Essence, teleportation chips cannot be used, and Vibrant Sweat is used to make these two very important supplies.

Members forced to buy and use Vibrant Sweat, as well as many other collected resources of the world of Entropia Universe.

The balance of supply and demand forms market prices for all these free resources, and therefore free resources can also be considered a tax on the activities of most EU members, albeit indirect.


If you summarize what is written, then you can make sure, that any vigorous activity in Entropia Universe is connected with constant taxation while the service is absolutely free. As a result, with the average scope of your activity in Entropia Universe, you can pay much more, than for any subscription in any game.

But how so — you ask, and how to make money with so many taxes in force? Certainly, any of the participants has the opportunity to offset all these taxes. And not only compensate, but also make a profit. Exploring the Entropia Universe, accumulating knowledge, putting them into practice, you will learn how to carry out your activities without loss first, and then make a profit, and considerable.