It is very important to know the basic terminology of the project when communicating and in relations with other participants of the Entropia Universe.

In this material we give some very often used terms with explanations of their meanings. Here are just some basic terms, the value of the rest, no less important terms, can be found in other basic knowledge of the Entropia Universe service.

Action Library

Action Library — set of all character control commands, interactions with objects and surroundings, except communication channel management teams. Called by pressing the Y button on the keyboard, or by pressing the OSD key. The team needed by the participant can be found in the corresponding section or by entering its name, or part of the name in the search bar. Buttons from the Action Library can be used to assign keyboard buttons, drag and drop them in setup mode, or create OSD buttons.


Ammunition — cartridges, used by weapons in firing. Any type of ammunition does not require direct loading into weapons, quite enough, so that purchased cartridges are in the character’s inventory and are suitable for use with the chosen type of weapon. All main types of cartridges, except Explosive Projectiles and Univesal Ammo, are sold in the trading terminal.


Amplifier, amplifier, amp — view of virtual devices, used by hunters and miners in the Entropia Universe. In general, the main purpose of the amplifier is, that it increases the cost of each shot or attempt to search for resources. In the case of hunting, this makes it possible to increase the turnover of PED per hour, due to faster killing of mobs. In the case of mining — increases the cost of each search attempt, thereby proportionally increasing the size of deposits found.


Armor, armor, armor — protective armor to reduce the attack power of mobs or characters of other EU members. The set of armor consists of 7 parts, protecting different parts of the character’s body. All 7 of these can be purchased individually. Different types of armor have different characteristics, including by type of damage. The armor can be further enhanced by boards to improve performance or create the right combination, the use of one additional fee per part of the reservation is allowed.

Arrival Safe

Arrival Safe — safe mode for your character to appear in Entropia Universe after entering the EU, after teleportation, or when recovering from Revival Terminal. While this mode is in effect, at mobs, if they are suddenly nearby, there is no agra in relation to your character. The mode fails at the beginning of your movement or automatically after about 10 seconds.

Auction House

AH, auction — indication of the auction in the Entropia Universe, AH in this case is an abbreviation for Auction House. Auction on different planets may look different. On some, this is a terminal, which is called Auction Terminal, which is located in service centers or in squares, in places, usually close to teleport. On the planet Calypso, on next island, and there are no terminals on the moon of Monria, and there are NPC characters auctioneers. For, to open an auction, need to go to the terminal or auctioneer, and activate it by double-clicking the left mouse button.


Blueprint, BP, drawing — virtual document, containing a list of components or resources, and at the same time being the right of the owner of the drawing to produce an object, indicated in the drawing. To use the drawing, it can be located in Planet Storge, in character inventory or in containers, in the same places. Blueprints, characters placed in apartments cannot be used for production, t.to. they are not visible in the production interface.

Claim Marker

Claim Marker, klim — marker, marking the location of the found resource (deposit). If the resource is found by you, then in your inventory you can see the corresponding Resource Deed, which gives you the right to retrieve the found resource.

If Claim Marker is a stranger, then you don’t have such a Resource Deed, and you cannot extract the resource.

To retrieve the found resource, you will need an additional digging device, or Resource Extractor. Your character must pick it up, then you need to highlight Claim Marker, and activate the extractor on it. If the extractor is already in the character’s hands, just click 2 times on Claim Marker, so that the character comes up to him and begins his extraction.

If the resource cannot be retrieved in one attempt, then you need to use the extractor again. To extract significant deposits, use the Toggle Auto-Use Tool command from the Action library.

Critical Hit

Critical Hit — damage done or received, Exceeding Normal Damage for Weapons Used (for damage done) or compared to normal mob damage (for damage taken). The probability of causing or receiving such damage is calculated by the Entropia Universe system based on the character’s professional levels, mob characteristics and available buffs included. Armor does not prevent such damage, she only slightly reduces it.


Deed, as well as stock — virtual document, proof of ownership. Submitted by a range of different title deeds, from Land Area Deed, Estate Deed to Resource Deed or e.g. Calypso Land Deed (CLD). Land Deed or Estate Deed let you manage your land, apartment or shop.

The rights to receive payments to additional accounts at Ped Flow Center are inextricably linked to rights to a Land Area Deed or Estate Deed to a store, when transferring tax to a participant, established by him in the Land Area or after the sale of goods. Dida, such as CLD or AUD (Arkadia Underground Deed) give rights to receive dividend payments from the income of the planet Calypso and, accordingly, the transfer of tax payments, installed in Arkadia Underground. Dida, such as Mineral Resource Deed are related to your right to receive the found resource in the amount of, specified in dida, in the implementation of mining activities. There are also deeds for ownership of the Motership and Vega Class Privateer spaceship, Didi on banks and malls, as well as Plot Deed on plots of land for gardening and construction. Dida, related to land and buildings, also allow the owner to advertise on the planetary ad network, certainly not free.


Eco — indicator of the effectiveness of a weapon or device, on which the player’s expenses in the long run may depend. Entropia Universe has many different items, used in vigorous activity, each of which has its own eco indicators. for instance, there are appliances, which wear out at a single use by a smaller amount, than others, with the same work performed and the same result. Therefore they say, what’s on that appliance, which wears less with the same result — «eco» higher (or better). Productivity Indicators, weapons and more, can be compared in the encyclopedia Entropedia. Eco parameter determines, more or less money you give to the Entropia Universe tax system.


ESI — short for Empty Skill Implant, disposable, within its TT value, container for draining and storing character skills. Can be filled with any character skill, except skill Sweet Gathering. ESI’s minimum TT value is 10 PED, so, if after using the ESI participant to drain skills only partially, not the whole ESI, and after discharge the ESI residue, which returns after the process, less than 10 PED, then the participant will receive no ESI, but only money, equivalent TT balance.


Finder — miner search detector. Used in mining resources. To search for resources in Entropia Universe, you need a detector and supplies for it — Survey Probe. The number of samples consumed per attempt is different, depends on detector type and resource type, selected for search. Samples in the detector do not need to be charged, enough of that, so that they are in inventory.

In the detector, you can select to search for one at a time, two or three (only on the planet Arcadia) resource types. Information on the type and parameters of the detector can be viewed, calling the window of its properties Item Info. Important, that the detector can only be used to search for resources, another device is used to extract the found — Resource Extractor.


Global — feature of the loot distribution system in the Entropia Universe system. At 99.99% cases is a compensating return, aimed at equalizing the overall % returning the participant and bringing her closer to 90% in the long run. In rare cases, the global is a MA promotion, aimed at creating the illusion of receiving returns over 100% from funds invested in the EU, mostly for beginners. Upon receiving such a return, player name is published in the Global channel line, what additionally causes psychological motivation for the activity of other participants.


HoF, ATH — member global, which falls into the table of the hall of fame (Hall of Fame). The table is called by pressing F.

Entropia Universe has several types of Hall of Fame, which are, in turn, divided into 24-hour hall of fame and ATH (All Time High). The 24-hour Hall of Fame displays the maximum compensating returns for the past 24 hours, and ATH — for the entire existence of the Entropia Universe.

Hall of Fame is divided into several types of results, such as: hunting, mining activities, production, rare items found, the number of enemies killed in PvP and t.P.

The Hall of Fame very seriously motivates participants to take an active part in the Entropia Universe.


Instance — separate, usually a small area of ​​the planet, in which the missions, and entry to which is often limited by certain conditions. Often, an instance can contain special mobs or a special loot. To enter the instance, you may need to complete missions, or any items, being the key. When using keys, they are consumed and withdrawn upon entering the instance. In most instances, after that, how the mission in the instance is completed, participant moves back to the planet. Some instances allow constant hunting.

Item Info

Item Info, info tab, the properties — information tab, that any virtual item in Entropia Universe has, and which can be caused by right-clicking on an item, and select Item Info from the menu that appears. The information tab contains detailed information about the properties of the item, for example, weapons have its properties, type and quantity of cartridges used per 1 shot, range of defeat, recommended level (for SIB weapons) and the possibilities of its use with existing character skills, and other important parameters. Item, item Item, item — colloquial colloquial term, can mean any item in the Entropia Universe.


(L), limited — subject, having in its name (L) and not repairable in the repair terminal (Repair Terminal). Any item in the Entropia Universe, non consumable, can be limit or unlimited.

Limit items, produced by the participant, bought by him from other participants, in the trading terminal, received in loot or as a gift from EU owners, cannot be repaired. Upon reaching their value of 3% from the maximum value of TT, the participant receives a message about, that the item is damaged and can no longer be used. In this case, the item must be delivered to the trading terminal, to return the remaining 3% from its TT value, or left as a keepsake. Not all items can be returned with the remaining 3%, in particular, it is impossible to get any funds from selling them to the trading terminal from the vast majority of limit gifts in the EU.

Similar, UL — subject, which can be repaired, putting it in the repair terminal. Such an item can be used repeatedly.


Loot — Entropia Unverse refund, active. Depending on the activity, may be expressed in obtaining resources, items, ownership rights, and t.P. Loot can be sold to other players, delivered to the trading terminal, or be used in further activities.

MA, MindArk

MA, MindArk — MindArk company, Developer and owner of Entropia Universe. The company’s head office is located in Sweden, in the city of Gothenburg.


MU — means extra charge, formed by the balance of supply and demand for any item in Entropia Universe, which participants are willing to pay in addition to the TT value of the item, to possess it. This is value added.

Markup can be expressed in % value of an item or resource. Very important, what is the meaning of markup if indicated in % indicated with the included value of TT, e.g. markup 105% means added value of only 5%. This kind of display of markup is characteristic for various resources, as well as limit items.

Markup can also be expressed as a separate amount, added value to TT, and in trade channels, or at auction look like TT+50 PED. This type of display of the markup is typical mainly for unlimited items and ownership (Deed).

For almost every subject, which you can find in the Entropia Universe, on the menu, right click, can find the history of markup. For, to open the story of markup, you need to right-click on an item and select Market Value, and then see the sales history.


Mentor, teacher — mentor for new entropia members, engaged in their training.


Newbie — Novice Entropia Universe.

Oil Rig

Oil Rig — sources of free resources (Crude Oil, Motorhead Keg, Nava), which players can collect and then use or sell to other players. Like any freebie, are subject to conflicts and clashes between players. Players and groups of players try to establish control over such sources and use them for personal enrichment. As a result, they have to spend on capturing and defending these sources from other Entropia Universe members. All Oil Rig are «yellow» PvP zones.

PCF, planetcalypsoforum

PCF, planetcalypsoforum — Largest Entropia Universe Member Forum, exists since about 2004. The accumulated and published information allows you to gather a lot of information about the world of Entropia Universe. Recommended for regular reading. Forum in English.

PED Card

PED Card — virtual card, which is always in the character’s inventory, in the Money and Deeds section. Serves as a means of settlement, withdrawal «cash» money for settlements in private trading sessions, crediting cash received from other participants, as well as to call Ped Flow Center.

To retrieve «cash» funds in PED and PEC from the PED card is the menu item Extract PED/PEC. To deposit cash, you just need to drag them from inventory to the PED card, holding the left mouse button.

Ped Flow Center

Ped Flow Center — subsection of PED cards, in which the participant can control and make transfers to the PED card of incoming dividend payments, property taxes, or funds, received from the sale of goods in the store.

By default, a new player does not have PED Flow Center sections, but they appear after the first payment of the relevant payments. for instance, for AUD or land, a section called Land Area Income. For dividends, paid with CLD — Calypso shares. For the store — Playershop income.


Domestic Currency Entropia Universe, which a player can receive by exchanging real money for it. Currency has a fixed rate of 10 PED = 1 USD, which has not changed in the entire history of the project. The names stand for Planet Entropia Dollar and Planet Entropia Cent, originating from the former name of the virtual world — Project Entropia. At the request of the participant, the domestic currency can be converted back into real money at the same fixed rate and transferred to the participant’s bank account.

PvP zone

Zone on the planet, as well as almost all of space (Space), in which a participant can be killed with impunity, and in some cases also robbed by another member of the Entropia Universe.

There are two kinds of zones on the planets, ordinary, or «yellow» PvP zone and toxic (Toxic), or «red» PvP Zone.

AT «yellow» PvP zone participant can be simply killed, and he will not lose any items from the inventory, that is, it cannot be robbed.

AT «red» PvP zone in addition, that the participant will be killed, he will also be robbed and lose all resources and materials, which he kept in his inventory, but only in the Materials and Mined Resources sections. He will also be robbed of any supplies, which are not consumed by instruments or weapons, these include H-DNA and some boosters. Items cannot be taken, which cannot be sold, e.g. boosters, causing accelerated growth of skills, as well as weapons, armor, cartridges and t.P.

Important! To enter Toxic PvP, a participant must purchase Toxic Shot (the vaccine) in the trading terminal, which will allow him to enter «red» PvP Zone.

Without a Toxic Shot, entering the red zone will lead to almost immediate death of the character. If in «red» the zone the character was killed by another member, his vaccination is lost. If he was killed by a mob, then vaccination is not lost. Outer space is almost entirely «red» zone, where a participant can not only be killed, but also rob the same way, how in «red» PvP Zone, moreover, Toxic Shot is not required to enter Space.

Resource Extractor

A device for extracting found deposits of minerals or substances. If you have found deposits, tagged with Claim Marker, Resource Extractor can be activated on Claim Marker to extract a resource. If one activation is not enough, for repeated activation, it is recommended to use the Toggle Auto-Use Tool option from the Action Library.


Slang colloquial term, can mean any resource or resources, mostly mining.

Shared Loot

The system for distributing loot from a mob when hunting several participants without creating a team. Each member, who hunted a mob, tagged Shared Loot, gets the amount of loot, proportional to the damage.

An important feature is, that only members get loot, who were online at the time of receipt of the loot. If a participant was for some reason thrown out of the game, and at the time of getting the loot, his character was offline, he won’t get any loot, despite, that this member has damaged the mob. Shared Loot mobs are marked with a green circle around next to their name.


Type of loot, obtained in hunting activity from dead mobs, which has a fixed exchange rate on the Universal Ammo 100:101, and can be converted to a special kind of ammo, used in most types of weapons, and can also be used by search detectors instead of Survey Probe.

For every 100 shrapnel units, a participant can receive 101 Universal Ammo units. To convert, right-click on shrapnel in the inventory and select the menu item Convert to Ammo. note, that the process is irreversible, and Universal Ammo cartridges cannot be sold to other participants or delivered to the trading terminal. Instead, shrapnel can be sold to other members at a premium of approximately 100.5%

Skill Increase Bonus, SIB

Increased character skills due to the use of weapons, devices and chips, which can give this bonus to a member, when using them in an insufficient professional level.

An insufficient level is considered such a minimum level, which already allows you to use the item, but does not provide maximum item characteristics. Information on the possibility of obtaining SIB can be found on the Item Info tab of each Entropia Universe.

SIB decryption: If in the SIB line of the weapon, eg, worth Not Anymore — then the bonus cannot be received. If there is Not Yet, then that means, that your professional skills not only do not allow you to use the bonus, but also insufficient to start using the item, and you cannot use it fully. If there is Yes, then the item can be used and you will have increased skill growth when using this device, all the way to your skills reaching the limit of item characteristics.


Skills, received by the character of an Entropia Universe member as a result of any vigorous activity in the EU, at which there is a expense of funds, as well as when collecting Vibrant Sweat. Skill growth can be considered part compensation «loot tax», as any skill gained in the process of activity can be merged and sold to other participants.

The professional development of the character of the participant and, ultimately, his levels in various professions depends on the growth of skills. Skills can relate to one or more professions at the same time, and, in the latter case, cause the simultaneous growth of several professional levels at once. Skills can be bought and uploaded to the character, as well as merged for subsequent sale. When draining skills in ESI, 10% merged skills is lost, and as a result of backfilling, the character will receive 10% less skills, what was merged.

Sleipnir, Quad-Wing Interceptor

Vehicles, which have the ability to not only fly above the surface of the planets, but also access to outer space and flights between planets. Sleipnir Slower Quad, but consumes less fuel. To enter outer space, any of them will require an additional device — Space Thruster, and a repair kit is highly desirable: Vehicle RK-5 + Welding Wire for repairing ships after pirate attacks.


An officially registered Entropia Universe member character group, usually, united by a common goal.

Can be created at Society Terminal by any Entropia Universe member, not included in any society. After creation to the participant, created society, you will need to collect at least 4 additional characters, for, so that the newly created society is not dissolved, as too small, 30 days after creation.

After accepting 4 characters and completing the qualification process inside the Entropia Universe, society in the future may contain fewer participants, after, eg, their care. From the available opportunities of society — only a separate channel for communication Society, and receiving part of the income from a piece of land on the planet Calypso, captured in a Land Grab PvP event.

StorageEntropia Universe Item Storage System. Can be used to store up to 500 items on each planet, moons or instances (for those, where storage is). Planetary vaults can only be used within that planet, to which they relate. An item in storage at Planet Arkadia cannot be taken or used at Planet Calypso and vice versa. The same applies to the initial area, where the character is trained before moving to the planet. Moving to the planet, you cannot get items forgotten in the initial area. To move items to the vault and retrieve them from the vault, you must find Storage or Storage Terminal, and use it.


Group of players, teamed up to conduct joint hunting or fighting. Used mainly for, so that loot from the killed mob is distributed according to certain rules, which the participant sets, created tim, and for that, so that the leader of tim can put target marks for the whole tim. Also, if there is a medic in the team, You can set an immediate payment for his services in % from received loot from each killed mob.


Virtual token, given to the participant for the successful completion or completion of certain missions. Tokens differ in mission type, so from planet to planet. Received and accumulated tokens can be exchanged for rewards in the form of various items in special reward stores. Not all tokens, received for completing missions, can be sold, for example tokens, causing attribute growth, cannot be sold and can only be exchanged for attributes.


Teleportation portal, allowing to overcome significant intra-planetary, and in some cases space distances in the Entropia Universe. The same TPs are used to enter instances and adjacent planetary areas, such as, eg, Arkadia Underground. On planets, the TP system is used for free.

New members after registering an account and moving after basic training to the selected planet, most teleports are not mapped, and maybe «is open» only after visiting the place of their immediate location.

Traveling to map teleports is a very important part of a new member’s activities, since in the future it allows him to conduct his activities as widely as possible, no time limits for moving to the right place on the planet. Such trips require either temporary, or financial costs, such, in particular, like buying flying vehicles and fuel to it.

Teleporters, allowing to overcome space distances, placed at near-planetary stations, on F.O.M.A. — Fortuna, at Crystal Palace and at Monria. The cost of using teleporters from space and from the above places to planets — 7 PED. All teleporters, located on space objects, are single-acting teleporters and do not allow to get from the planet, eg, to the space station.

TT, TT value

Mean TT value of any virtual item, this reduction, formed from the phrase Trade Terminal (trading terminal). In EU slang, depending on context, can mean both the trading terminal itself, but much more often the reduction is used in a conversation as an indication of the cost of the subject, equal to its value, specified in Item Info, i.e. amounts, which can be obtained, handing over this item to the trading terminal. TT the cost of the item under the terms of the offer agreement with MindArk is subject to compensation to the participant in the event of any force majeure, in particular, when the account is liquidated in the absence of a participant’s activity.

Universal Ammo, UA

Type of ammunition, or cartridges, which the participant can receive after completing some missions, get as part of WebShop sets, or when converting shrapnel. Can be used by almost any weapon, except for a few of its exotic species, and mining detectors instead of Survey Probe. UA cartridges cannot be sold to other players or delivered to the trading terminal for exchange for PED, they can only be spent in active gaming.

Vibrant Sweat

Essence, which can be mined from most (but not of all) mobs on the planets Entropia Universe. VSE Mk1 is used for mining, which is issued upon registration of an account for all characters in the Entropia Universe. This appliance does not break, cannot be sold or discarded. You can find it in your inventory in the Tools section.

To start collecting pot, the participant’s character must activate VSE Mk1 on the selected mob and thereby attempt to collect pot. In this case, the mob begins to attack the participant, trying to kill him. Not every sweat attempt will succeed, but as a result of a successful attempt, the participant will receive from 1 to 4 bottles of Vibrant Sweat.

Collected sweat can be used for processing into consumables or can be used in more complex production processes.


Moving spaceships in Space from planet to planet in the shortest time using the Warp Drive engine. Warp Drive can only be used with the following types of ships: Mothership, Vega Class Privateer, Quad-Wing Equus (the latter has a special Warp Drive for this). Warp Drive cannot be installed on all other vehicles.