The Enigma Keys. Stage 1. Karona’s mission

The Enigma Keys. Stage 1. Karona's mission

In this article we take a look at The Enigma Keys mission. At the end of which we get an item for running speed +10%. In addition, there will be other intermediate rewards.

Get this quest at Port Atlantis from NPC Karona Cinquanto [Calypso, 61412, 75231, 119, Waypoint]. Quite a long quest and a full breakdown will do gradually. For now, we’re looking at Stage I.

So, as the mission progresses, we need to collect the key pieces. There are three keys in total, each of which opens an entrance to a dungeon. To collect the entire key, you need to find eight pieces, which will fall out randomly depending on the mission Karona gives you. This can either be a hunt or a mine. It is said to be less costly to pass with a mining. To pass the quest solely by mining, simply give up the hunt when it falls out, and an hour later you can try again, and so on until the right task falls out.

Important: We only cancel Karona’s Hunting Task! Not The Enigma Keys!

To abandon a mission, press the ABANDON button on the Mission log menu (accessed by pressing the "J" button)
To abandon a mission, press the ABANDON button on the Mission log menu (accessed by pressing the “J” button)

After completing the quest, run to Carona and turn in the quest. In an hour you can take the next one.

When all eight fragments will be found – we get a key [ED-5 Grade 1 Key]. On the map will appear labeled with the entrance to the dunge. The first is near Camp Icarus [Calypso, 63129, 74766, 147, Waypoint].

The Enigma Keys. Stage 1. Karona's mission

Go inside, there will be a few weak mobs. Kill them… And we see what looks like a chessboard. That’s where it gets tricky. This area must be passed strictly on safe squares, otherwise we explode and die. A lot of players have already passed this stage and, thank you very much, shared the correct passage. The diagram below.

The Enigma Keys. Stage 1. Karona's mission
If the square doesn’t activate when you stand on it, just jump in place – it’s a bug!

The hardest part is over, now run forward, here awaits the 6th level mob, and if you can’t handle it, just run past it. Here you will see the computer, which is activated by pressing the “F” button.

This concludes the dunge, and all we need to do is collect the reward from Carona. Return to Atlantis and retrieve:

  • [Karona’s Extender P20 (L)] – inserted into the weapon (only laser, BLP consumes it quickly) and reduces its decay.
  • [Neurobiotic Booster A5 5mg] – experience booster during hunting. When used, the amount of experience gained is increased by 50% for 5 hours.