The Enigma Keys: Stage 3

The Enigma Keys: Stage 3

So, the third part of the quest, like the previous two, is passed by collecting fragments of the next key [ED-5 Grade 3 Key].

ED-5 Grade 3 Key
ED-5 Grade 3 Key

The first part of the quest can be found here – CLICK.

The second part of the quest can be found here – CLICK.

Quest get all the same there, from our friend Karona Cinquanto, tasks will be as always on the hunting and mining. Let me remind you that if you do not want to pass the mission hunt, you can refuse them until the fall out mining!

So, after we collect all 8 fragments of the key, we will get access to the dunge Enigma /wp [Calypso, 76413, 75918, 103, Enigma]. Here we need to go through several levels and lose a minimum of HP, as there is no regeneration.

The Enigma Keys: Stage 3

When you manage to pass this dungeon, go back to Port Atlantis, where Karona Cinquanto will give us the coordinates of the last task in this chain The Matrix /wp [Calypso, 79773, 74643, 104, The Matrix]. Here there will be no more difficulties, just run through, kill robots and at the end of open the box with the reward. Important! Take with you at once ammo for 20-25 Ped, as all the loot from the mobs we get only after killing the boss!

The Enigma Keys: Stage 3

The Matrix is played several times until the item we want – the Easter Egg – falls out. After each pass the chance of falling out the Easter Egg increases! This quest can be completed once every 16 hours!

At some attempt we manage to find the Easter egg, and now we can run to Karona Cinquanto for the final reward! And this, in addition to the already familiar to us from the previous parts of the quest:

  • [Karona’s Extender P20 (L)] (reduces the wear and tear of weapons, best suited for laser weapons);
  • [Neurobiotic Booster A5 1mg] (experience booster);
  • [H-DNA](resurrector).

And the main reward of the mission is [Karona’s Velocity Jumpsuit (F)], a suit that adds 10% to your running speed!

Karona's Velocity Jumpsuit (F)

This concludes the mission of The Enigma Keys.