The weapons and items obtained in the initial quests are limited and can not be sold and repaired. What does it mean?

It means, what are weapons and objects, having an index in its name (L), as well as the label «This item cannot be traded»: cannot be simply handed over to the trading terminal in order to receive money, and that means, that you can’t use them for enrichment due to Entropia Universe.

Some such items are generally impossible to pass in TT. Received weapons or items cannot be repaired.

After that, like TT, eg, weapons reached state 3% from full TT cost, it stops working. After that, how did it happen, weapons must be handed over to the trading terminal, but no refund for 3% the participant cannot receive the balance of its value in TT.

It’s recommended to hand over such items in TT just to, not to litter inventory.