If you play Entropia Universe, then you have to trade with other players. This allows you to get more money, what does the trade terminal offer (TT).

Trade scares many due to lack of knowledge of English and lack of skills, for some, the trading process seems complicated. Do not be afraid of trade and drain all resources and loot in TT. Draining everything in TT, you will constantly lose. It is necessary to try everything extracted with blood and then sell at a premium. In this game, earn on other players, not on the system.

Entropia Universe sells items in three ways: on the auction, in your own store and from hand to hand (in chat trading channels).

Own shop — this is a very expensive purchase in the game. Estimated cost — about 20,000 — 40 000 ped, depending on size and location.

Auction — it is the largest marketplace in the Entropia Universe. There you can buy and sell almost everything. And the largest auction on the planet Calypso.

The main advantage of the auction is, that a huge number of players are viewing it around the clock. Trading Chat Buy or Sell Ads, like a sale in a store or shop, they cannot be compared with an auction in terms of the number of views and trading operations. And unlike ads in the chat trading channel, the auction will sell your product without your presence in the game. Also, at auction you can place an order (order) to automatically purchase the goods you need.

A small crib at auction

  1. List of categories of lots in the form of a tree. When you select a category, a subcategory will open, if any. Used to display the required lots.
  2. Main sections of the auction: OFFERS – offers of lots for sale, ORDERS — purchase orders.
  3. BROWSE — viewing offers in the selected category (according to.1). WON – list of won or unsold lots. MY OFFERS — list of lots, put up for sale by you. MY BIDS – list of lots, in which you made a bet.
  4. Elements for restricting the display of lots according to certain criteria:
    Enter search string – line to search for lots.
    Checkbox Buyouts only – to display only lots, in which the buyback price is set (buyout).
    Any Genger – selection of lots with goods, having sex (options: Any Genger – for any gender; Male – for male avatars; Female – for female avatars).
    Limited and U… — item type selection (options: Limited and Unlimited – limit and unlimited; Only Limited – only limit; Only Unlimited – unlimited only).
    Calypso – planet choice (and locations on the planet), on which lots are displayed.
  5. Columns to sort the list of lots in the selected category or in the search query:
    Item – lot name (subject, things, resource, material, etc.).
    Quantity – number of items per lot.
    Value — TT value of the total number of items in the lot.
    Bid — initial lot price (if the price is in brackets — no bids yet) or current lot price (t. e. already made bets).
    Markup — initial or current markup on items in the lot.
    Buyout – buyback margin (maximum price).
    Bids — number of bets.
    Time left – remaining sale time of the lot (in the format of the day:clock:minutes).
    Created — elapsed time since the creation of the lot (in the format of the day:clock:minutes).

To auction a lot, you have to pay tax. For each lot, 0 will be debited from your account.50 ped + markup tax (margins). If the buyback price of the lot is higher than the starting, then in case of sale they will withhold additional tax from the markup based on the results of bidding. The tax is not refundable if the item is not sold. If there is no necessary amount in the account for writing off taxes, you won’t be able to auction the item.

You can withdraw your lot from the auction until, until bets have been made. As soon as someone bets on your lot, take it off. We’ll have to wait for the end of the auction or redemption of the lot. If you remove the lot, then taxes will not be refunded.

Each planet has its own auction, However, you can view auctions of any planet, place bets or buy items instantly. Purchased items will remain at the auction of the planet, on which they were exhibited. You can order delivery of items to the planet of your current location for an additional fee. It is impossible to put up a lot for sale at auction on another planet, you need to be on this planet.

Hand to Hand Trading (in chat trading channels) — tedious occupation, but allows you to save on taxes.

You can find a buyer or seller in the chat trading channels. There is a system trading channel [Trade] — only players see messages in it, nearby. Usually, this channel is used in crowded places (Twin peaks, Camp Icarus and in the group gathering places). Besides, there are still global public channels. They can be seen from almost anywhere in the game, but you need to connect to them (they are not available by default).

  • Global Trade Channel [#trade] — connection /j #trade
  • Trade channel of the planet Calypso [#calytrade] — connection /j #calytrade
  • Trade channel of the planet Arcadia [#arktrade] — connection /j #arktrade
  • Trade channel of the planet Cyrene [#cyrenetrade] — connection /j #cyrenetrade and [#cyrene-trade] — connection /j #cyrene-trade
  • Trade channel of the planet Roctropia [#rocktrading] — connection /j #rocktrading
  • Trade Channel of the Moon Monria [#monriatrade] — connection /j #monriatrade
  • View all trading channels in the game — /listchannels trade