Viceroy Armor Ingredients

Viceroy armor

If you decide to become the owner of the Viceroy armor kit from the planet Arkadia, you should contact NPC Bill, which you can find in the Quarry Manager house, located near the Celeste Quarry TP.

Turning to Bill, You will consistently get 7 missions, whose purpose — deliver Bill ingredients for making parts of this armor.

Below is a list of ingredients, required by Bill for each part of the armor.

Missions issued sequentially. Received parts of the armor cannot be sold to other players! They are tied to your account. You can only turn them back at TT cost, for, so that you can get a mission from Bill again, for armor with good TIR.

Arm Guards (Mission 1)

2000 Corria Veneer
100 Soft Leather
400 Paint Can (Yellow)
100 Electronic Stabilizing Component
800 Animal Oil Residue

Foot Guards (Mission 2)

2000 Miluca Veneer
300 Socket II Component
100 Paint Can (Brown)
900 Animal Oil Residue
1000 Blazar Fragment

Gloves (Mission 3)

2000 Miluca Veneer
200 Socket I Component
100 Paint Can (Green)
1000 Nova Fragments
700 Animal Oil Residue

Harness (Mission 4)

3000 Hekia Veneer
1100 Generic Leather
3000 Paint Can (Orange)
1000 Animal Muscle Oil
2100 Animal Oil Residue

Shin Guards (Mission 5)

2000 Arkace Veneer
40 Wool Thread
200 Animal Thyroid
Oil 700
Animal Oil Residue
70000 Explosive Projectiles

Thigh Guards (Mission 6)

2000 Corria Veneer
50 Wool Cloth
100 Animal Adrenal Oil
700 Animal Oil Residue
70000 Explosive Projectiles

Helmet (Mission 7)

2200 Arkace Veneer
220 Socket III Component
440 Animal Eye Oil
800 Animal Oil Residue
40 Tier I Component